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Beyond Past Lives Review: Will Mira Kelley's Book Change Your Life?

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Beyond Past Lives Book Cover

Beyond Past Lives Book Cover

I received Beyond Past Lives for review purposes from Hay House, and I was excited to get it because I have a deep belief in past lives and how they influence our present.

But, even though I have seen many great reviews for this book, I personally did not enjoy it. I found it to be non-credible and a little frustrating.

There were a few interesting concepts here and there, but in the end, I really did not like the book.

It is written by Mira Kelley, a woman who grew up in Bulgaria and experienced a profound regression around the age of 13. While life took her in a different direction for a while, she eventually found her way back to regression, and she is now helping others transform their lives through regression.

As I said, I strongly believe in past lives, and I think that past life regression is possible; however, I had a few problems with this book.

What Is Beyond Past Lives?

In the book, Mira shares a number of lessons that she learned while regressing her clients. Some of these lessons are not likely things that you have heard of too often before, and some you probably have.

The lessons she has learned and shares in the book include:

  • You can heal your present by exploring your past
  • All lives are simultaneous
  • Each choice you make creates a new reality
  • It is possible to talk to your higher self
  • Everything is a direct reflection of you
  • You should forgive everyone, including yourself
  • Time can be played with
  • It is possible to heal your body
  • You should love yourself (and you have the right to)
  • Trust yourself and follow what excites you

These points make up the chapters in the book. She discusses some client's experiences, a few scientific concepts and theories, and her own beliefs to fill in the chapters.

There are some exercises to help the reader implement various lessons. For instance, in the chapter about talking to your higher self, there is an exercise on how to have a dialogue with your higher self.

About The Author Of Beyond Past Lives: This Is Mira Kelley's Story Told By Her

If you watch the video (yes, I know it is very long!), you will see that Mira, the author of Beyond Past Lives, is a very sweet woman. She is passionate about what she does and what she believes.

What I Enjoyed About Beyond Past Lives

There were some client stories that I enjoyed reading. It is hard not to enjoy reading about other people's lives and the insights they gain after something like a regression.

There was one concept in Beyond Past Lives that I liked. I believe in the law of attraction, and while talking about how time is not relevant, she says that what you desire and what you currently have are two separate realities, and that by asking yourself how you are different in that other reality, and becoming that person, you can create that reality for yourself. In other words, she is saying that you can create your own reality. I could resonate with that, and it makes sense to me that if you act like someone you want to be, circumstances will start to manifest and your life will start to change.

What I Disliked About Beyond Past Lives

There were way more things that I disliked about this book than I liked. Following are the biggest issues I had with the book.

Some Of It Was Difficult To Read

I had a heck of a time understanding a lot of it. It wasn't that I didn't understand the words, it was that they were written in such a way that my mind could not wrap itself around the concepts she was trying to make her readers understand.

Lack of Evidence

While Mira talked about various client's experiences and the insights she gained from them, she also talked about many things matter-of-factly, without any evidence. For instance, when talking about how all incarnations exist simultaneously, she says, "An Oversoul creates its fragment souls in order to grow through them, and all of these different souls exist simultaneously." How does she know that?

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Later she says, "To explore specific themes and grow to its fullest potential, an Oversoul may choose a very large span of time as its playground." How does she know that? I suppose that many clients may have told her this, but that is not explained in the book.

She also says in the chapter about playing with time that she can assure us that our souls have created universes in an instant. How can she assure us that?

There are many matter-of-fact statements that have no proof behind them, and while I am one of the most open people when it comes to new beliefs, I had a hard time buying into a lot of what she was saying. I have never questioned an author so much in my life!

She does put in some scientific concepts, but I didn't find they always backed up the matter-of-fact things she was saying.

The truth is that I believe things that are backed by science; however, I also believe things that could obviously be the truth. For instance, when tons of people experience the same thing over and over again, like in Journey Of The Souls, it is hard not to believe that something more is going on than just coincidence. In short, I'm very open to the fact that there is more going on than we know proved to be true.

For me, this book lacked both scientific evidence and consistency.

Her Instant Belief In New Concepts

It seems like once a client told her something, she instantly incorporated it into her belief system. For instance, after a client told her about parallel lives (he had experienced six lifetimes in one time period of 130 years), she says that directly after her session with him, she wanted to tell everyone about parallel lives.

She didn't question anything from her clients. It seemed every new concept or experience, no matter how weird or isolated it was, instantly resonated with her and became a truth in her mind.

Conversations With The Higher Self

I didn't buy into a lot of the conversations with the supposed higher self. They were awkward in some cases and it just felt, to me, like it was the client speaking about what they thought they should say, and not actually the higher self.

This is weird for me because I actively participate in things like automatic writing, where I believe I am conversing with my higher self. But somehow, in this book, I just didn't buy it. Probably because there were so many inconsistencies and theories without proof elsewhere.

Inconsistencies Between Stories

Because she just believed everything her clients said, it didn't seem that she questioned some inconsistencies. For instance, one client said that new souls were being created all the time, while another client said that there was no need to create that many new souls, so it was not happening very often anymore. So, which one is it?

In Part, Beyond Past Lives Talks About Communicating With Your Higher Self

What Does Your Higher Self Have To Say?

What Does Your Higher Self Have To Say?

Will Beyond Past Lives Change Your Life?

According to some reviews I've read, this book has changed lives. But not for me.

The ideas behind the book are nice, and I think that many people can benefit from understanding that there is a mind-body connection or that we can talk to our higher self.

However, I don't feel there is a lot of evidence or proof to back up what she is saying. She is, for the most part, simply talking to her clients and exclaiming what they say to be true. Then she talks about her beliefs that she has developed from these experiences. And because many of the concepts are not widely known or talked about, it is a hard pill to swallow without some consistency thrown in.

Therefore, I would recommend the book to anyone who doesn't need some scientific proof or, at the very least, a pattern of experiences that can't be explained away as just coincidence. The book would be good for someone who just wants to hear and think about new theories.

The Book Is Available On Amazon

Did You Read The Book? What Did You Think?


Kari (author) on August 29, 2014:

Yeah Flourish, I don't think this book is going to resonate with people who need a little more reasoning behind 'why the sky is purple' when we believe that it is blue. For instance, part of what she says is that past lives do not have to occur in the past. They can occur now or in the future. While I believe there is a lot we don't understand, this book just didn't have the consistency to back up her beliefs.

FlourishAnyway from USA on August 28, 2014:

I like that you are keeping it authentic here, probing for some kind of credible evidence behind this author's claims. It was good to see a division of what you enjoyed and what you did not and explanations/examples so the reader could really understand. I have not read the book but the examples you give have me agreeing with you that this is not something I would be interested in.

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