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Better Feelings of Life

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"Success Introduces Us to the World"

And failure introduces us to the world "!

Do not "try", you keep everyone happy,

Annoyed here, some people are also from God "!!

"We also love

But do not speak

Because we play a relationship

Do not weigh "!

☘︎ "Empty placards on the doors don't look good,

I do not like these abandoned settlements!

While walking, the chest could also rip the sea,

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Though Ship is do not look good on Coast!

God also remembers everyone here on need,

This self-interest of the world does not look good!

How will they get heaven under mother's feet,

Who do not like girls in their homes "!

☘︎ "Sometimes not ointment."

The wound also keeps the human being alive ".

☘︎ "Just like we make history!

Wise only read history "!!

"Thought a lot, understood a lot, tested for a long time,

Loneliness is better than Love "!!!

"The knock and the sound is for the ears ..

The silence that is heard on Soul is called "... !!!"


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