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Best Websites to Submit Your Writing in 2021


As writers, we want as many people to read our writing as possible. That means that we need to submit our writing not just in one place, but multiple places.

Too many times my writer friends will complain about not getting any readers to their posts. However, they will only post their content to one or two websites.

The more websites you post your writing to, the more chances you have to get readers from these sites. So, it makes sense to submit them to as many as possible.

What are the best places to submit your writing in 2021?

1 - Medium

Medium is the best website to submit your writing to. There are a few reasons that Medium is the best.

The biggest reason to submit your writing to Medium is that you can republish the content from your own blog with their import tool. This tool automatically links to the original post, which means you get a backlink.

Medium lets you tag your posts so that you get traffic to your posts through their platform. You may even get organic traffic because posts on Medium usually rank decently in the search engines, especially if you do some keyword research beforehand.

Another great thing about Medium is that you can see the statistics on each post. The platform specifically shows two different types of stats - views and reads. Views are when someone sees your post, but reads are when the visitor stays on the page and makes it through the post. Reads are what you want to shoot for.

Allows Reposts: Yes

Allows Backlinks: Yes

2 - HubPages

HubPages is a great place to submit your writing. This platform does require quality, original content.

When you submit your content to HubPages, it has to be accepted by getting featured on their pages. Your content may get rejected, but if that does happen, you can edit your post and resubmit it as many times as you want. As long as your content is quality, it’ll have no problem getting featured.

Once your article is featured, you can submit it to a HubPages Network Site. If it gets accepted, your content will get featured on one of their sites. Sometimes HubPages will edit the content to make it better for search engines. These sites rank high in the search engines, so putting the effort into your content to get them there is worth it.

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Allows Reposts: No

Allows Backlinks: Yes

3 - is a relatively new online publication platform that was launched in October 2020.

Ninth Digital provides a customizable space for readers, writers, storytellers, educators, artists, poets, and humans from anywhere. It’s a platform where you can share your writing, stories, posts, photos, art, poetry, or content.

Once you create an account, you are able to start customizing your space. You can change things like the colors, fonts, spacing, buttons, and even have a cool color gradient background.

Submitting your writing is as easy as creating a new post. Quality content will get you ranked higher in the search engines, but you are allowed to repost your content. Just make sure to link back to the original article.

Like Medium, Ninth Digital uses tags to help your posts get traffic from inside their platform.

Allows Reposts: Yes, but original is better

Allows Backlinks: Yes

4 -, or Vocal, is another platform to submit your writing to. This platform is a little harder to get your writing accepted on. Your content does have to be original, and it does have to be quality.

The great thing about Vocal is that you can get paid for your writing. They allow you to connect your Stripe account to your Vocal account in order to receive payments. Of course, you will need to build up a strong portfolio of content and posts in order to start making some decent money on the platform.

Vocal posts rank pretty well in the search engines, meaning it’s a good platform to submit your writing to.

Allows Reposts: No

Allows Backlinks: Yes

As you can see there are a few great websites to submit your writing to in 2021. Even though a few of them will let you repost your content, it’s always more beneficial to create original content for each site. Of course, it’s better to repost and get the exposure than not to. Happy writing!

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