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Overdrive: The Best Place to Read and Listen to Free Ebooks

Lisa is a lover of good books, good food, good people, and good health.


Do You Love To Read?

I understand not everyone loves to read. I was reminded this in the last week when I volunteered in one of my kids classrooms. But some people out there do love to read, and I'm one of those people! I love how easy it is to get so caught up in a book that you feel like you've been transported into a different world and are a part of the story. Books help us to get away from the mundaneness of life sometimes and live another experience.

So I think you can see that I love books and I really do read a lot of books. Most of the time I will get through two books per week, except if the book is overly long or if the week is exceptionally busy. How do I have time to read two books in one week, you might wonder? My secret is audiobooks. I do like to read a paper book at bedtime and sometimes will alternate with a book on kindle, too, but most of the time I get though books quickly by listening to them while I''m doing daily tasks. If I'm driving, cleaning the house or cooking, you can bet I'm also listening to a book. You'd be surprised just how much more time you have to get through a book when you pair it with daily tasks. Plus, it makes cleaning bathrooms go so much faster when I can get lost in a story instead of focusing on the cleaning behind the toilet seat!

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”

— George R.R. Martin

How Do You Get Books for Free?

If you have a library card, you can get books for free - and not just from your local library. There is an app called OverDrive that has been so crucial in my book reading the past few years.

According to to Overdrive: "OverDrive is a free service offered by your library or school that lets you borrow digital content (like ebooks and audiobooks) anytime, anywhere. Every OverDrive collection is slightly different because each library or school picks the digital content they want for their users. All you need to get started with free digital content from your library or school is a library card or student ID."

So that pretty much sums up what OverDrive is. Now I'll give you a few insider tips and tricks since I've been using it for so long. If you move often, or have access to more than one library, you can create more than one overdrive account. It will be all in the same app, but you can create several library accounts with your library cards, giving you that much more access to other books. As stated above, each library will have slightly different books so by having access to more than one library you have that much more availability and variety of books. Also, because some books are popular when they first come out, it may be harder to read them right away. When a book is unavailable, you can put it on hold and then it will automatically be loaned to you once it has been read by the prior reader. This is where having access to more than one library comes in handy. You can put your book on hold at both libraries and see which one comes available first, saving you potential book reading time!

The Must Have App For Book Lovers


Cool Features of The OverDrive App

  • You can sync reading or listening position and bookmarks, across all devices
  • Save your favorite libraries and search all their catalogues
  • Sync saved libraries with the OverDrive app so that you can easily place holds and borrow titles
  • Save searches you perform regularly, then run them again with a single click

The Benefit of Keeping Track of The Books You Read

As an adult, we don't need any additional work or homework in the course of our day, but I have found that keeping a record of all the books I've read is a pretty cool thing. I don't keep a paper copy because let's face it, no one has time for that. However, there is a super cool App called Goodreads. According to Goodreads:

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"Goodreads is a "social cataloging" website that allows individuals to freely search its database of books, annotations, and reviews. Users can sign up and register books to generate library catalogs and reading lists. They can also create their own groups of book suggestions, surveys, polls, blogs, and discussions."

I like Goodreads because you can log your books, but you can also find your friends who use the App. You can see what they're reading and you can recommend books to them. You can also rate the books you've read and write reviews to let your friends know what you thought. The last part I particularly like is where you can create a reading challenge. You give yourself a number of books you'd like to read for the year and then try and meet your goal.

One Of My Favorite Apps


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Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on November 09, 2018:

Hello, Pamela, welcome to the story. I will read and my life. Reading makes life full and meaningful Thanks for weighing in and commenting.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on November 09, 2018:

I love to read also, and have all my life. I have a smaller size Kindle, and it even allows me to read in the dark. I saw Goodreads on it, but I haven't ever used it. I appreciate all your information, and I am going to check out Goodreads. Thank you.

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on November 08, 2018:

Hello, Lisa, I am one among many that love books and love reading books weekly. Among many adults, the reading culture is already lost after leaving school. I here recalled in the late '80's my public library has the slogan: "read a book a day." I would borrow a small paperback novel like 'Tiger by the Tail' and read it off. If a person can go through the daily newspaper, what is preventing such from reading books?

Those who read books regularly are leaders. I read about three scholarly books in a week and digesting some contents for research. I think these your short article will prompt many to start reading. And thank you for sharing.

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