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Best Chapter Books Series for 7 to 10 Year Old Girls


If you are looking for chapter books for young girls, popular series are a wonderful option. If your child loves one, they will likely want to read the rest of the books in the series. Many libraries carry large numbers of these popular books and they are easy to find at used books sales. I provide approximate ages for each recommendation. The age ranges are based on an estimated level of understanding, not reading level, so you may have to read some of these to your child. For more chapter books suggestion visit:

Mystery Books for Girls

Sam Dog Detective - this series is good for 2nd grade and up. The main characters are a dog named Sam and a neighborhood girl named Jenny. Sam is able to communicate with Jennie through her thoughts. These books aren't violent or scary. The "bad guys" usually turn out to be misunderstandings.

Nancy Drew - the Nancy Drew series of mysteries is most appropriate for older elementary and middle school age girls. These books are usually about 200 pages in length. These books may be frightening for sensitive children because they do have bad guys and violent events.

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew - this is a younger kids version of Nancy Drew. In these books, the "bad guys" are usually kids playing tricks.

Trixie Belden - this series about a girl detective was written between 1948 and 1986. The books are more than 250 pages in length and are appropriate for 2nd to 3rd grade and up. There are 39 books in the series.

Cam Jansen - this series is good for 1st grade and up. The books are short, usually about 65 pages. The main character is a girl with a photographic memory. These books aren't frightening.

Trixie Belden is a series of mystery books for elementary age girls

Trixie Belden is a series of mystery books for elementary age girls

Animal Books for Girls

Animal Ark - these books are appropriate for 2nd grade and up. The main character named Mandy is the daughter of a vet. She takes care of animals that are in trouble. The books are usually about 160 to 170 pages. There are also spin-offs like Animal Ark Hauntings and Little Animal Ark.

Puppy Place - these books are best for kindergarten to 3rd grade. The books are about a foster family for puppies. Each book covers a different puppy.

Saddle Club - these books are best for older elementary-age girls. The stories revolve around three girls at a horse riding school.

Pony Pals - this series is appropriate for 2nd grade and up. They are usually about 90 pages. These books are great for horse lovers who are too young to understand the Saddle Club books.

Educational Chapter Books

American Girl books are a great way to teach history. They're based on different characters that live in different time periods, like the Revolution, World War II, and Victorian times. Each character usually has about 6 or 7 different books. There are two types of books in the American Girl series. The shorter books are usually about 80 pages in length. These could be read to 1st graders and up. But younger kids will probably need a lot of explanations at first to understand the books. After one or two books per character, they should be able to understand them without any difficulty. There are also mystery books that are longer and probably most appropriate for 2nd to 3rd grade and up. I recommend introducing the shorter books first to familiarize kids with the time periods before moving onto the more complex mystery books.


These are books that cover lots of different topics.

Baby-Sitters Club - these books are good for older elementary-age girls. The series has more than 200 books. More than 30 of the books are mysteries. The Baby-Sitters Club is about girls who run a business finding babysitters for parents.

Baby-Sitters Little Sister - these books are a little kids version of the Baby-Sitters Club. They are good for kindergarten and up.

Junie B. Jones - these books are best for kindergarten to 3rd grade. This is both a popular and controversial series of books. The main character is considered to be badly behaved by many parents. She talks back to adults and uses words like stupid and dumb. They have also been criticized for using poor grammar. Other parents think the antics of the main character are funny. Parents should go through some of these books first to decide if they are appropriate.

Disney Princess Chapter Books - this is a series of chapter books based around each of the Disney Princess characters. They are appropriate for 1st grade and up.

Disney Fairies - these are books based around the characters in Disney's Tinker Bell. The books are appropriate for 1st grade and up. The books are usually about 130 pages in length.

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LT Wright (author) from California on November 25, 2013:

elemenopy, I haven't read any of those yet. I'll check them out. I'm always looking for new series for my 8 year old.

elemenopy on November 24, 2013:

Dolphin Diaries and Dear Dumb Diary are hits at my school. Also Judy Moody. Have you read the Warrior series (Cats)? Those are good for older elementary. There are just too many! I love lists like these. I just wish my daughter loved to read as much as I do. Going to check out your hub for non-readers now.

LT Wright (author) from California on October 15, 2012:


Thanks for the recommendations. I'm always on the look out for new books.

msviolets on October 15, 2012:

My daughter has been reading Puppy place for years, and still hyperventilates when a new book comes out. The author also has started a series on cats. Supposedly it's good, but not AS good. :-)

For fantasy and/or cat lovers I also recommend the Warriors books, appropriate for 3rd grade and up.

LT Wright (author) from California on October 15, 2012:

Your welcome, Peter.

Peter Allison from Alameda, CA on October 15, 2012:

Thanks for the great tips. We're always on the lookout for chapeterbook series for our first grader.

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