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Best Audio Books & Stories for Kids (that Adults Will Love Too)

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I am a Christian. I was an 8th-grade American History teacher. I am currently a freelance writer, public speaker, & homeschooling mom of 9.

Best Audio Books & Audio Stories for Kids (that Adults Will Enjoy Too)

Best Audio Books & Audio Stories for Kids (that Adults Will Enjoy Too)

We are big fans of audio books for kids and have listened to hundreds. We love audio books, audio stories, and memory tunes that are both educational and entertaining and that appeal to a variety of ages. We listen to them on car trips, during lunch, and even while my kids play. I currently have 9 children (ages 0-17), so I have seeh which stories appeal to which ages and which ones we love the most. Check out the list below for are our absolute favorites.

Classical Kids Series

We LOVE this series. Each CD weaves a fun story involving a child and the featured composer, historical events from the time period, and favorite pieces from the composer. Whenever I hear musical pieces featured on these CDs, I can identify the composer because I can remember in which story the music was played.

Best for Ages: All ages

Type: Full cast with multiple voices and music

Start with: Our favorites are the below one featuring Vivaldi and Mozart's Magic Fantasy: A Journey Through 'The Magic Flute.' They're ALL great, though. We own them all and love them!

Teaches: classical music & world history

Little House Series

We love the Little House series. I've read them to my children myself, but we've found we actually enjoy the audio series more.

Best for Ages: 5+

Type: Unabridged book.There is only one reader, Cherry Jones, but she does a wonderful job changing her voice for the various characters and even singing Pa's songs.

Teaches: American history

Jonathan Park Series

This audio drama is our favorite way to teach science from a Biblical creation perspective. This Christian audio drama is about a couple families and their friends as they go on fast-paced adventures around the world. The stories also include how the families relate with each other even in difficult circumstances, so it also teaches Christian character. We love this series so much that we have bought them for friends and for local libraries.

Best for Ages: 6+

Type: a full cast with multiple voices, sounds, & music

Teaches: science, Christian character, history, & world geography

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Focus on the Family Audio Dramas

We have really enjoyed listening multiple times to The Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables, Les Miserables, the Chronicles of Narnia series, the Legend of Squanto, and many others. I think we've listened to all of them.

Best for Ages: 6+

Type: dramatized abbreviated books with a full cast with multiple voices, sounds, & music

Wait to Listen to: The two that you might want to hold off on because of slightly disturbing content include the Father Gilbert series & the Amazing Grace story.

Teaches: classical literature, Christian character, & history

The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty by Heirloom Audio Productions

These are action-filled and based on G.A. Henty's historical fiction books which set fictional teenagers alongside historical figures. They focus of heroic Christian characters and teach history in an engaging manner. We own almost the entire series. Captain Bayley's Heir is my children's favorite. New titles are still being produced, and I think they get better each time. You'll probably get the best deal buying them directly from Heirloom Audio Productions.

Best for Ages: 7+

Type: dramatized abbreviated books with a full cast with multiple voices, sounds, & music

Teaches: history & Christian character

Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans

My kids love this series about a substitute teacher and his horse who take their classes to historical time periods and meet famous Americans. It's both educational & humorous.

Best for Ages: 6+

Type: Unabridged book read by the author, Rush Limbaugh. He does a great job making various voices.

Teaches: American history

JumpStart3 Bible Verses

These are Bible verses set to dance/hip hop music and are great for all ages. We own many CDs that set Bible verses to music, and this is our favorite. We have memorized so many Bible verses simply by enjoying listening to these CDs. If you want to hear a sample, check YouTube.

Best for Ages: All ages

Type: Music CD

Teaches: Bible verses

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