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Beneath the Seven Skies

Beneath the seven skies - is a free verse poem. It based on romance with imaginary beloved, who have no real existence just illusions.

Free Verse Poem; Beneath the seven skies: Mirage of my thoughts

Beneath the seven skies

I drank from her eyes

Like honey of the bees

In the empty cup she squeezed

Her sweated chemise

In the shadow of the trees

Sweated fragrance in the breeze

I putted head on her knees

In the sound of the wheeze

I felt melody like melody of themes

You are queen of my dreams

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I am among your knights

You are mirage of my thoughts

Knees-up with you every night

As just dream of my eyesight

Your separation causes smite

One day we will meet

It's my foresight!

© 2021 Asaf Shah Khan


Asaf Shah Khan (author) from Swat on August 11, 2021:

Thank you so much Maryam Fatima for appreciation.

Maryam Fatima from Pakistan on August 10, 2021:

Last two lines are awesome.

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