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Beloved can you count the days, of my love?


Beloved can you count the days, of my love?

Beloved can you count the seconds, minutes, days, months and years, of my love as it flows and grows for you each and every day?
The embracement, of love, the authentic connection that we always have.

The direct connection to me, the dictatorship that makes things right for everyone to see.

Can you feel me, my love, that explodes in ways, a kaleidoscope of aspects that goes everywhere?

Can you feel my presence even when I am not near, can you feel when I touch you with the gentleness of care?

Can you feel the peace of serenity and my warm arms that open wide to thee?

Can you feel my beating heart, when you are wrapped in my bosom wanting never to depart?

Can you feel me now, my gaze my stare my delicate wavy hair?

My tender lips that speak my charisma that makes one humble and with a peaceful tone speaks?

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Can you feel my breath rubbing against your face, like a soft brush of wind that could never get erase?

Can you hear my soft footsteps as they enter your home, did you feel me wrap you in a blanket to keep you safe and warm?

Do you feel when I am around you when I walk with you?

When I hold your hand with care, and guide you safely and protectively everywhere?

© 2020 The Eloquent Heart Writer


The Eloquent Heart Writer (author) from Barbados W.I on February 19, 2020:

Brenda! It was him asking me, and of course I do, His Love to me and mine to him

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 18, 2020:

I hope your love can feel the love you are sharing.

Nice write.

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