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Bedtime Story With Humor and a Bit of Scariness in Picture Book That Young Readers Might Find to Be Super-Funny

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Let Your Young Reader Giggle Their Way to Falling Asleep


Can Little Monsters Be Funny?

Eoin McLaughlin's This Book Is Not A Bedtime Story is a mix of hilarious and want-to-be little scary monsters in a fun read for bedtime. These little monsters think that they are scary and work very hard to make you think that they are super scary, but it turns out that they are more humorous than frightful. Bunny and Deer want to read a bedtime story, but are not sure that they want to read a scary story. The little monster Terry McFluff wants to change his name to "Terror". His membership in the Scary Monster Society rates his scariness as "light" and his monster type as "cuddly". This does not match what he would like to be. He tries to roar very loudly. He calls attention to his big teeth and claws. He and his monster friends start to work harder to be scary, but their efforts are not working. They try to cook up a scary monster stew, but Bunny thinks that it is delicious and not scary because it is made with a friend's mother's recipe. The little monsters keep trying to make a lot of noise but are told that they are to be quiet. Are they afraid of the dark? Little Monster is a failure at scaring his friends. They fall asleep and soon Little Monster is asleep too. It turns out that monsters may not be scary after all.

Robert Starling contributed his talents as an illustrator to create Little Monster and all of his friends. Young readers might compare these monsters to a classic favorite Where The Wild Things Are.

This Book Is Not A Bedtime Story was published by Pavilion Children's Books and has an ISBN of 978-1-84365-506-0. Parents will want to be the judge of whether this book will frighten certain ages. Some children will grasp the concept of the humor and others will be scared at bedtime.

Colorful Illustrations Showl Little Monster's Efforts to be Scary

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A Bedtime Story to Spark Discussions About Feelings

Parents will find Eoin McLaughlin's creative bedtime story This Book Is Not A Bedtime Story to be a great tool to cope with young children's feelings about scary monsters under the bed or in the closet at bedtime. Little Monster tries very hard to be scary, but he is a failure. The humor that is found in the story is a powerful tool to make the scariness of monsters at bedtime go away.

Giggles can be created with a parent's ability to do dramatic reading of Little Monster's antics and attempts at being scary. The large print in the text encourages dramatic reading. Little Monster's loud roars can bring on the giggles. His repeated efforts at being a scary monster go nowhere.

*Read This Book Is Not A Bedtime Story in a quiet setting. Call attention to the funny faces of the monsters. How does your child feel about the monsters?

*Call attention to the fact that Bunny is not afraid of Little Monster.

*Create a discussion with your young reader about being in the dark. Call attention to the page that features the black dark and all of the questions in the text.

*Call attention to Little Monster getting sleepy at the end of the story. Does your young reader think that Little Monster is still a frightening monster?

*Spark a discussion with your young reader about their own fears of monsters under the bed or in the closet at bedtime. Create a routine for checking under the bed or in the closet before being tucked in at bedtime. Provide a soothing night light for your child to eliminate some of the darkness in their bedroom.

*Provide a bedtime snack while reading This Book Is Not A Bedtime Story.

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