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Becoming a Technology Copywriter - What You Need to Know

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Technology Copywriter


Everything You Need to Know About Technology Copywriters

A B2C copywriter promotes technology products and services used by consumers such as phones, tablets, and Smartphone devices. B2C copywriters identify their product, take time to understand the audience and what motivates them, before creating content that will be appealing and motivational.

A good B2C copywriter will use revered tools such as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) to capture the reader’s curiosity and show them how the product can be of benefit. An equally compelling call to action has to be crafted to ensure the reader feels the need to make a purchase.

The B2C steps seem forward because the buying cycle is cut and dry. Understand that an individual consumer is accountable for his funds, so all he/she needs to do is learn about the product, weigh whether or not it will make an impact in their life, then proceed to make the purchase.

With an individual consumer, no committee or approval is needed. A B2C copywriter needs to put a human element that will motivate the reader to buy the product.

What does a B2B copywriter do?

B2B stands for ‘business-to-business,’ and a copywriter in this field assists businesses in creating marketing materials that promote their services or products to other companies. A B2B copywriter promotes tech products and services used by businesses such as servers, cloud computing, cloud hosting, IT managed services.

Some people refer to the B2B copywriters as industrial copywriters since they mostly work for manufacturers. Some of the B2B copywriter clients include businesses that sell tech to hospitals, and businesses selling business software.

A B2B copywriter helps the above companies to focus on marketing to the intended businesses rather than promoting to the general public. B2B copywriters focus on how they can market the product to the businesses highlighting the features and benefits.

A successful B2B copywriter needs to write a message that will move through corporate ranks until it reaches someone with authority. Persons in power are not easy to convince because they need to be accountable, which means that they need to feel a certain level of guarantee with the product. A B2B copywriter assures the buyer that the product will result in higher profits and lower operating costs.

What’s the difference between a technical writer and a technical copywriter?

A technical writer describes how to use technology while a technical copywriter sells a technology. Think about it in this manner; a tech writer will explain how to set up a product and use it effectively, while a technical copywriter will explain why you need a particular product and how it will benefit you.

A technical writer creates what are known as technical documents, which include reference manuals, user guides, and white papers. A technical copywriter, on the other hand, will create marketing communications that include leaflet flyers, poster advertisements, and product brochures.

Understand that a technical writer needs to write information that is complete and accurate, while a technology copywriter needs not to be precise because they only give their opinions. A technical copywriter uses persuasive language, which is considered as not ideal for technical writing.

What’s the difference between a technology content writer and a technology copywriter?

A content writer writes to inform while a Copywriter writes to sell. Technology content writers are focused on telling the audience about tech while a technology copywriter focuses on selling the tech.

Tech copywriters need to outline to a reader why they need to buy tech and the benefits that they will reap from the purchase. This means that they need to use persuasive language to boost sales.

Most technology content writers incorporate the use of tables and charts, while technology copywriters don’t usually need to use these charts and tables. A technical writer has only one goal in mind to explain. Tech copywriters, however, write to both explain and sell the product.

It all comes to the type of service that the two provide. While a copywriter helps their client to sell, a technical writer helps the client to describe their product.

What types of offline content does a tech copywriter write?

Tech copywriters need to write some offline content so that they can get to a broader audience. Sure, online content reaches a wider market, but you need to incorporate offline content. The advantage of offline content is that you don’t have to rely on an internet connection.

Companies understand that they risk losing a lot of customers should their servers go down. The offline content is equally better when you want to concentrate on a local area. Understand that online marketing covers a large area, and you might just get lost in the crowd. Offline content can, therefore, be targeted at specific audiences.

Tech copywriters understand this phenomenon, and they specialize in creating offline content which includes the following:

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Trade show handouts

Trade show handouts are a great tool that most companies use to retain and grow their clients. A tech copywriter needs to consider several factors before creating trade show handouts. Some of these factors include what the company hopes to achieve, which type of handout is appropriate, how the literature will be presented, and which audience you are targeting.

Trade publication ads

Trade publication ads are a narrowly targeted newspaper or magazine that serves a business-related audience. Readers of the trade publications are people associated with a specific industry or share a joint work function.

Direct mail sales letters

We have all received direct mail sales letters at one given time or another, sometimes we read them, and occasionally we just toss them in the recycle bin. However, technical copywriters need to make direct mail sales letters enjoyable enough for a reader to open and go through the content. This entails keeping the message short, clear, and concise while selling the features and benefits of the product at the same time.


Simply put, a brochure is an informative document used in an advertisement which is either folded into a leaflet, pamphlet, and template. Since flyers are promotional documents, they are primarily used for introducing a product, service, organization, or company.

What types of online content does a tech copywriter write?

Tech copywriters write several online contents to ensure that they reach a broader market. Online content usually has a large market, primarily due to the vast technological advancement that has been made in the recent past. Some of the online content that tech copywriters create includes the following:


A webpage is a piece of information that is provided by a website and displayed through a web browser to the user. Technical copywriters need to create informative content that will sell the product to users who visit a client’s website. Most technology copywriters get their content published on the landing page to entice the users visiting the site.

Landing pages

A landing page is a sort of webpage that is standalone – explicitly created for advertisement and marketing campaigns. Since the main objective of landing pages is to boost sales, it needs to be written by a copywriter.

A technology copywriter, therefore, writes these landing pages for technical clients and companies.


Almost everyone has an email address, making them the perfect choice when it comes to advertisements. With emails, a technology copywriter needs to ensure that the content is simple, short, and concise.

Blog posts

Blog posts are a great way that technology copywriters can market tech. For example, there are a lot of blog posts that are focused on mobile apps. These blog posts underline why a user needs to download and use a specific Smartphone app.

Product pages

Product pages are used to convey the value of the particular products that are featured. Tech copywriters can describe the product in a way that will convince the reader that they need the purchase it. Product pages need to be convincing and accurate so that the reader feels like they are missing out by not making the purchase.

What people skills do good tech copywriters have?

Tech copywriters need people skills to get their job done effectively. Even though a tech copywriter needs to develop research and analytical skills, they equally need to create certain people skills to make it in the industry. Some of these skills include:

Good at interviewing subject matter experts

Since a tech copywriter needs to write in a language that the targeted audience will understand, they need to understand the product. To get a better understanding of the product, a tech copywriter will start by interviewing experts on the subject matter. Tech creators usually use jargon and industry-related language that may be difficult to understand. A tech writer must be good at interviewing subject matter experts so that they can understand what they are selling.

Easy to work with

A tech copywriter will have to work with different companies and clients during their career. Clients want people who are easy to work with so that they can get more work done. Being easy to work with ensures that many companies and clients will want your help. Tech copywriters have to be flexible enough to adapt to the client’s needs.

Meet deadlines

Whenever working for a client, you must always meet the deadlines. Meeting deadlines is particularly essential to tech copywriters because most of the content is used to unveil a new product or reach a new market.

What writing skills do good technology copywriters have?

Technology copywriters need specific writing skills to run a successful marketing campaign. Remember, it’s not just about writing content but about distributing and creating content that will drive sales. Some of the writing skills that technology copywriter needs include:

Ability to translate complex topics into language that normal people understand

Consumers of tech don’t usually understand how the product works to give them the result. All they need to know is how the product is vital in their life and the benefits that they get. A technology copywriter has to translate the complex topic of how the tech works to a language that the consumer will understand.

Good at research

Tech products are complex in every aspect, including how they work, their benefits, and who needs them. A technology copywriter needs to carry out extensive research before writing any content. They have to understand the benefits of the tech and what the targeted audience needs from the tech.

Able to capture the voice of a brand

Every brand has a particular style, audience, and specialization. A technology copywriter needs to capture all these aspects in the content. Maintaining the voice of the brand is essential when it comes to technology copywriting.

What marketing skills do good technical copywriters have?

It is quite apparent that technical copywriters equally need to possess specific marketing skills. The main goal is to drive sales and turn a profit at the end of the day. Now, an excellent technical copywriter will need the following marketing skills.

Understanding of the primary motivators for B2C and B2B purchases

Whether dealing with B2C or B2B content, a technology copywriter needs to understand the primary motivators for the purchases. What motivates the user to buy a particular product is essential in understanding what the content needs to be about. A technical copywriter will use these purchase motivators to market the product and boost sales.

Able to write for every stage in the sales funnel

A sales funnel entails the steps that a consumer takes to become your customer. In simple terms, it is the journey that a consumer goes through when making a purchase. An excellent technical copywriter needs to write for every stage that the consumer will go through before making the purchase. This is essential to ensuring that a business gets to make maximum sales.

What characterizes outbound tech copywriting?

Outbound marketing is simply any kind of marketing that has the company initiating the conversation and sending its produce message out to the audience. Outbound tech copywriting entails introducing a new product to the audience and convincing them that they need it.

Outbound tech copywriting is characterized by the following:

Written one to one

Since the company is making the first step in reaching out to the customers, outbound tech copywriting needs to be written on a one-to-one basis. The copy is written in manner that the consumer feels as though the content is designed for them individually. It has to seem like the content is just about the reader and the product.

More personal

In outbound tech copywriting, the copy is made personal so that the product can be appealing to the consumer. The client needs to feel the need for the product and how it will benefit them. A personal approach boosts sales since the readers get to understand the advantages of making a purchase and what they expect to get in return.

Written to generate appointments

Outbound tech copywriting uses language with a strong call to action. It needs to convince the reader to reach out and acquire the product. The contents are full of persuasive writing, which is focused on provoking a buy or appointment.

Who hires technology copywriters?

Technology copywriters get good-paying jobs from various sources. What a technology copywriter offers is hard to come by, and they are therefore in high demand. The following entities hire technology copywriters.

Technology firms

Technology firms need a technical copywriter to market their product to the intended audience. Technology firms with more extensive operations and sizeable budgets are the leading companies that hire copywriters. Since technology firms are more concerned about making the tech rather than marketing it, they use technical jargon and industry-filled terminologies. A tech copywriter is an instrumental part of such an organization since they break down the information so that the target audience can understand it.

Marketing firms that have technology client

Marketing firms that have technology clients need technical copywriters to sell the products that they have. Technology clients need someone who can clearly outline the benefits of tech and how acquiring it will benefit them. A technical copywriter can explain why a technology client needs new tech, which makes them vital to marketing forms that deal with these clients.

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