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Lost people

Louisa Anams is a young talented lady,who hails from Nigeria.she is very good at writing novels,poems, motivational quotes and many more.

Lost people


Poor Stella knows that she was getting more deeper into doom.she knows of what her home town people are capable of including her husband who is the chief of the evil things happening in the community.

Stella's home town is filled with evil people;prostitutes,killers,and many more.And she is sad about this.Attempting to save her only child,moving him far away from this cursed land,she gets caught.Her husband caught her,and exposed her to the public.

She was wiped,insulted,and later was banned from the village by her husband which was still like a dream to her,but well she left happily,but with her son who was a little bit pleased that he was going away from this evil village.Stella took his son John to the city to stay with her sister.

When she arrived to the city,she promised never to return to that village,nor even John her,they are going to get a new life and become Christians.

starting from here,John is now grown,this is where the story begins

Poor me John Eze sat on my rocking thought went far away.I was thinking of my father,and about my village people who also had neglected me few years ago just because my mom was telling them to turn away from their evil ways.still thinking,i felt the need,and urgent and pressing need to go home.for it's been nine years since I reached home.

Although I was brought up in a place and community filled with evil people,but I couldn't adopt to their ways,I called my home "soldom and Gomorrah".yes,this is why;my community people,had refused to the approach to change.instead they are hugging tightly to evil ways,and in my perspective,they are so evil and foolish.they have refused to evolved to modern ways of life.

Instead they are still clingy to their,evil ways,still practicing magic and witchcraft.calling on to their imagine gods,fooling themselves.

Although other villages had become modernized and had adopted to the western ways of life,yet the people of "Ebge"..has refused to turn away from their evil ways.

Standing up now,I flashed my brain back like a cassette in a DVD player.what I only remembered was that my years here in the city has been one of the happiest and most interesting of my life.i wish I could record it an later show it to my parents.

Soon,I realized from my stay here in the city that,the quote.."East or West no place like home." Is really true.soon I have started to know that it was inevitable for me to stay away from my evil father and a morbid community..soon my heart echoed out a loud advice like "Go home"..

Yes,now I felt the need to,although am scared,but I still felt the need,a compulsory need to go back home ,even if I had to be a Messiah to help my people because no matter what,,,I am already involved with them,,but not involved in their character..

With added happiness,,a certain kind of hovering happiness began to wave inside of me,I must confess,it's because I want to go back home...and with added happiness that now at least I had accomplished something in the city already.because I am now a lawyer,, with two master degrees.

With less fear,I walked to my room,,,took up my car keys on top my drawer,I stared at my self at my standing mirror.i looked suddenly so huge,sweet and my brown eyes , seemed to collide with my chocolate skin.making me more handsome and irresistible,to my female colleagues at work.

It took me less than ten minutes to take my car keys,some currencies and lock my door..Then I selected from the many cars in my garage..a blue camry,, entertained my eyes,so I jumped into it,,the car was so cool and smelling nice....a tap on my car window glass,,excepted though,it made me smile,my pulses racing,and dropping my wallet on the front of my car,I pushed my head's out from the open glass,,I was surprised for it was my gate man,,for I had taught it was my mother Stella..

The short fair man stood in front of my car window,,his big dark eyes staring at me,and I suddenly felt confused..then my gate man then said"save journey sir"

I smilled and nodded."if my mom comes back,,tell her i went to work at Abuja.and make sure to give her the spare keys to my house"I said and my gate my saluted at me,, signifying that he understood.

Driving far away from the city,was among the experience I hated, because the village road was never good,,,pot holes,and floody roads are the things that makes people never wish to travel home..

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Driving through the village road,I saw alot of amusing things,,,,,I saw little children playing some anonymous games,, which I would soon twig to know what and how to play it...kkudo's to me for I never forgot the roads leading to my home town,,, driving to the left which would lead to my home town,my heart started to ice...

Yes ,for even the village itself was scary,,, hangings of Woody caved images hanging on tree tops of each demarcating road's..even the air smells smells of rotten eggs which the village normally threw for an unknown gods.

It was so hard to understand why the people of "Egbe".community should be so little serious about the things of God,,rather they are embracing to evil ways and worshipping image which has never brought good to the village.although they still at times went to church,but it was just for money and food,because the community priest used to give Food's and money to the needy..

Well now I can see why they named their village"ebgb"..meaning,Eagle..yes,well Eagle is a very outlandish

As I got closer to my compound,,,I could see my father and some of his friends and also some of our relatives..they were all busy listening to my dad who was talking to them..all of their mind and soul were seemed to be on the fulsome talks of my dad..

Shaking my head in sign of tiredness,,I continued my step.and then halted one till now,, noticed my presence..I smilled,,and soon the atmosphere was one in a mood suddenly became a moment,I closed my eyes,,weighed down with thought about the coming future for I ,my father and this entire clan..

Opening my eyes,the first taught that ran through my mind was."would everyone be glad to see me? would my dad banish me again?

Soon,,I didn't even notice,,,a sudden shout,,busted out..I looked at them,,I saw a stream of faces smiling at me,,,.my blood gushed.. sweet happiness slashed through my flesh and I shot a straight smile to my dad..I was shocked to see his face expand to smiles...

Soon I saw my dad stood up to meet me..he hugged me.. tightly..his body reeked of alcohol and cigarettes...i suddenly got sad for a he had never my ears,my father whispered.."I know u would come join us back.."

I gave a smirk,,,and then whispered back into his ears.."I have come to rescue you and the villagers"..

He smiled,,,I too smiled..for I know he was taking my words to the other way round..but never knew I was been ironic..I have to do something,,now to save my people and my dad.

Now I had a tingling happiness that i had now rejioned the league of my village.i was happy they never chased me dad had not asked me of my mom since my return here..and I don't know why..but it would be a fool of me not to twig what and why he isn't asking of my mom..

Soon,I went with my dad,exchanging pleasantries with the villagers who where shocked to see me here again....some even wanted to make attempt to ask my father why he still allowed me to return,,,but my father being the cheif of the village,so no one could even erupt a word.

Since my return here,I had been received by all,very quickly,I saw in few days that many things had been changed to worst and most evil..

As I always never sleep at night,,I noted severally that a night operation use to go on.and my father was the lead.... leading the rest village children,to go steal at the next Neighborhood every night...and this increased my curiosity and anxiousness..

Now it seems I had to start my plans now...I had to put this village in order,,,and first it most start from my dad...yes,,, pulling my dad down ,, would also mean, making the village better..

And it seems,that my dad,knowing that I was a lawyer,, heightened his crime rate..he now felt more protected..and more willing to do evil..and even boosting to the rest bad villagers,,tell tel them that they shouldn't be afraid any more that his son was a lawyer...

I shook my head,what exactly is going on,how can I stop this people one night,,I was walking around the village roads,I saw a lot of men toying with some little man was touching the little breast of the child who was about nine years old..what surprised me most was that ,the child was even liking what the man was doing..and I became dumb founded...

One Sunday morning,I was waiting for my father to return home from his night work with the village was the in the morning,they hadn't arrived yet,,,and I became first taught was that, maybe he has been caught by the police,or maybe the next village people had got fed up with the thieves disturbing them,,and decided to caught them and kill them.

I shook my head,pitting my dad who never listened to my advice for him to stop doing evil.

Just an hour later,,,some village police men came to my compound,,,they told me that my dad,,the chief of this village,, and some 15 village boys have been arrested...

With immediate effect,I followed the police men to the local village station...on our way going,,my mind was telling me that,,this was my chance to stop this evil in my village...

On reaching to the station,my dad and the boys were all jam-packed into a morbid father even at the cell,,was still claiming to be boss,for he was the only one sitting while others were standing...

The moment my dad saw me,he smiled,,,and i could here him say ,,"son,please release us fast.""

I didn't reply him,,for I was thinking of doing the opposite...yes,,now is my chance,,,....the police man told me that my father is charged with the crime of thef and murder....for he killed two people,, yesterday night,,,on his attempt to steal their money..

I wasn't baffled,yes,for I knew what my father was capable of,,,he was even capable of doing any evil stuff ,and this,,,stuff,,was only even a minor...

Before I left,, I had to pick up courage,,to tell my dad that,,,I would be suing him to court,,,,and that he should get a lawyer soon...for I must press charges against him..

He was shocked at my words.although he knew he deserved it...yes,,he deserved to rot in jail. including this little boys he initiated...

The villagers hearing this,became scared,,,yes ,they were now scared that like my father,,they could also go to jail...soon,,I called for a village meeting..most came.. in fact,,I would say all came,,,most in their native wears,, while some in English wears...

I had to talk to them for hours about changing their life style and become good,,,I told them that if it wasn't that I was involved,,,I would just let them live their lives and and rot In jail some day...but because I involved...I had to make them change.....and had to tell them to receive Christ and also burn those images and also stop animals sacrifices...and I was so amazed to see that most agreed,,,yes ,it was now I knew that my father was the captain of evil going on in this village..

It took one month when I taught it was time to go back to the city and inform my mom of the liberation's that had happened to our village,,a woman walked up to me...she was pregnant, her stomach shot out in her tiny blue top and flat skirt..

"I am your father's second wife.."she said..and I was baffled,, although not too baffled..for I knew what my dad could do..

"Please release my husband.."she said almost kneeling... pulling her up,,i said.."nothing can be done ma'am,"I paused,"he has to pay for his crimes."

"But three years imprisonment is two much,,I want my child to grow up from little stage with his dad.".

I smiled,,,"sometimes,,,some kids need only their mother to take care if them.."..

And they I walked away,, heading to where,,I had parked my car before..near the Hill.. getting there,,I opened the car,,and gazed at my phone which I left inside the car,,,I saw 30 missed calls..I smilled,,my mom had been worry sick of not hearing from me,,I shook my head,,now my mom too can come back to her home town..

The END.

Thanks for reading!

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Louisa young (author) from Lagos Nigeria on September 16, 2020:


Adeyemi Wonderful on September 16, 2020:

Nice one

Louisa young (author) from Lagos Nigeria on September 16, 2020:


Nzube Anamekwe on September 15, 2020:

So interesting

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