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Beauty. Elegance. Vibrance.

“Beautiful. Elegant. Vibrant.”

- said the firefly to his friend.

“Yes. I blink you not. Standing on the mountaintop is Venus.

She is like a magical waterfall of love and acceptance.”

“Did she speak?”

“My dear friend tranquility filled both valley and sky.

It was all I could do to keep from blinking what little I have left of my

luminescence dry.”

“We must alert the others for this moment is rare.

We shall honor Venus and show her how much we care.”

“Excellent plan my dear friend. Let us begin our quest.

“I shall fly north to south. “

“And I shall fly east to west. By nightfall our lady of love

will stand as our beacon of light on the mountaintop above.”

Meantime, Venus stood with her back to the wind waiting for the

fireworks to begin. She had timed her arrival in order to

provide the hope all had been waiting for since the rumors had begun.

She wore nothing shimmery, fake or contrived - just jeans and a shirt…

A smile crossed her lips as she listened to the sounds of Nature for the news of her arrival spread like wild fireflies. Birds were singing and crickets chirping. Bears were scooping up honey for a sweet treat later. Deer were fawning. Foxes were foxing. All of Nature dancing their dances for tonight, them and the entire world would see that Nature’s hopes had not died.

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For some the resist was too much, the excitement had cranked up their blinking, fawning and foxing earlier than Nature had planned; but that was okay, Venus had made it. All of the chatter of late had been so disconcerting that they just could not help themselves. Calls had been made to relatives. Nests had been woven in such a way that one’s family could actually preserve and recycle them. A Black Widows’ coven had been meeting secretly so they could discuss web designs and patterns. Still, there had been this sense that no matter what, they were on the verge of losing their livelihoods.

At first, little attention was paid for the giants just came and poked around, stuck some sticks in the ground. But soon all could see that there were more and more giants and more and more poking and sticking. Eventually, each time the giants showed up, Nature called a meeting to discuss its next step. And every time, the creatures of the forest could not come to an agreement on how best to preserve their natural habitats. More giants. More meetings. More creatures losing their homes. It had been at the last meeting when a tiny little firefly asked if he could address the group. “Fine,” tweeted one skinny blue jay. “Sure," growled one of the bears from the Berenstein Family. “Go ahead," whispered a pale-yellow butterfly.

“First,” the little firefly blinked, “Let me make sure you all know I am not a fancy firefly. In fact, I’m just an ‘ol lightenin’ bug who lives in a laurel bush and has read a book or two. And it was just recently, I came across a book written by billybuc aka Bill Holland where he explained the importance of hope. Now, hope is the one thing I believe we all have in common. And perhaps, it is because we can agree on something, our pleas will be answered.”

And the little ‘ol luciferin-endowed lightenin’ bug had been right; the pleas were answered for the very next day standing on the mountaintop was Venus waiting patiently for all eyes to see what she saw: Beauty.

And, at least for that one night, Nature came together with one little ‘ol lighten’ bug blinking the way.


A Goddess on the mountain top
Was burning like a silver flame
The summit of beauty and love
And Venus was her name

She's got it
Yeah, baby, she's got it
Well, I'm your Venus
I'm your fire, at your desire
Well, I'm your Venus
I'm your fire, at your desire

Her weapons were
Her crystal eyes
Making every man mad
Black as the dark night she was
Got what no-one else had

She's got it
Yeah, baby, she's got it
Well, I'm your Venus,
I'm your fire, at your desire
Well, I'm your Venus,
I'm your fire, at your desire


She's got it
Yeah, baby, she's got it
Well, I'm your Venus,
I'm your fire, at your desire
Well, I'm your Venus,
I'm your fire, at your desire

© 2014 ocfireflies


ocfireflies (author) from North Carolina on November 21, 2014:


I could not ask for a nicer comment. Thank You! Thank You!

Love and Soul,


Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on November 21, 2014:

Kim, you are one of the most gifted writers on the Hub. Simply beautiful, stunning work that we take with us in the soul.

ocfireflies (author) from North Carolina on November 18, 2014:


Thanks for the awesome.


Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on November 18, 2014:

Awesome! You have created beauty in this poem.

ocfireflies (author) from North Carolina on November 10, 2014:

Thanks teaches12345!

: )Kim

Dianna Mendez on November 09, 2014:

So very creative! I will always believe there is hope. I enjoyed your story and thoughts on this topic.

ocfireflies (author) from North Carolina on November 07, 2014:

Jamie and GRL,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. Much appreciated. TGIF!



Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on November 07, 2014:

Just beautiful. Great storytelling. Was saying yay lightning bug good for you. Lovely imagery.

Jamie Lee Hamann from Reno NV on November 06, 2014:

You put so much of you in this awesome tale. I loved the mythical creatures. Jamie

ocfireflies (author) from North Carolina on November 02, 2014:


Thank you. As soon as I saw the picture/challenge, I wanted to respond; and it is so much fun to read how so many different responses these challenges receive. Hope you are staying warm. We received the first snow of the season on Halloween.


Thank You. I loved your response, and your poem makse it official: You are not only prolific and professional, you are creative and poetic.

Plus, thanks for noticing when I am having fun with language "foxes were foxing." smiles



Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on November 02, 2014:

Oh, Kim, this is great. So beautiful and my favorite line is "and the foxes were foxing." LOL! You come up with such unique images. I love the fire fly as the character in this story. Very creative and unique. I loved reading this.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on November 01, 2014:

Wow, Kim, so creative and beautiful! I have always loved that song too.

Exceptional wonderful response to Bill's challenge.

Up +++ tweeting, pinning, G+ and sharing


ocfireflies (author) from North Carolina on November 01, 2014:

Thanks Jo. You know how you can get a certain song in your head, and the only way you can calm it down is to sit down and listen? Smiles...

Best to you and yours,


Jo Alexis-Hagues from Lincolnshire, U.K on November 01, 2014:

Kim, enchanting, as only you can do. Absolutely brilliant. Venus on the mountaintop, wonderful. The little luciferin-endowed lightenin' bug, priceless. Exceptional.

I hope you're keeping well, my best to you.

ocfireflies (author) from North Carolina on October 31, 2014:


So thankful to have something to contribute. It makes me happy to feel as if I am part of a the larger hub world.


Yeah, baby, Bill's picture of his beautiful wife's got it, as do you my friend!

Blessings to you both,


John Hansen from Gondwana Land on October 31, 2014:

Yeah, baby, you've got it! Great job Kim, what a creative way to meet Bill's challenge and a wonderful message within. Well done. Voted up.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on October 31, 2014:

Aww, Kim, that was beautiful. I admit it, I had moist eyes. What a wonderful story. You are such a creative storyteller and poet. I hope you realize that...that you have a gift...and I hope you always use that gift to bring happiness to others.

Thank you!


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