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Beautiful but Some Pain

Hopefully all possible

There was no shortage, life was like a golden sunshine, every moment was pleasant.

There was also imagination but there was no sorrow there were days which were neither difficult to forget.

Life was going on, we were moving ahead in the sweet time.

The wheel of time is turning some sad fate may have changed.

Time has changed a lot, we do not Change, time has taught us who is our own.

Everyone cheated but did not expect anyone to believe in themselves and their stubbornness.

There was a lot of desire, but he had to stay for some time because something was interfering in him.

But wherever it is to spread some wings, space has to be made for it and there is a struggle for it

The war continued every day and then the days were changing in the year.

But luck was not changing and the period of difficulty was increasing.

It was difficult everything was circumstance and every path was difficult to go.

Time was passing through a phase where everyone was becoming an enemy.not a friend.

But had to fight on my own strength.

Change time has taught you what is yours and what to do.

That's right, it's better to be yourself than to react to others.

The defeat was certain, the losers were also disappointed forget all for a while.

Desperation sorrow closed all roads, some way of living.

But the process of moving life is to stop then the arrival of death.

There are turning points in life that can never be forgotten.

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Such difficult times of life taught me how to appreciate every moment.

You don't feel good in bad times but those times make you shine.

Marks your talent and fulfills your dreams.

If you want to become something, then it is necessary to have a little bad experience if you want to fulfills your dreams.

Gold is chiseled only after it is sculpted, only then it shines.

In the same way, the difficult situation of a person also makes him talented.

Only those who make their own way for their destination get the destination.

Do not identify yourself with the existence of others, be your own power.

By fighting the darkest of darkness, he became as bright as the light.

Fall on the path yourself but be the one who shows the way to others.

You have to fight with every difficulty, only then you will win from every battle.

We didn't have to stay, we should make our own path in that dark life.

Didn't get much but keeping the little that is good is hard work by saving.

Nothing happens by sitting in defeat, life is a story of struggle, you have to live by winning it.

Perfect where no one gets but nothing is not so bad life.

The spirit is the hope, the courage, the struggle of life is lost.

© 2021 Sultanakhan

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