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22 Quotes About the Season of Autumn

I am a passionate lover about anything that awakens inspiration in me including literature, poetry, philosophy, inspiring quotes and so on.

The Autumn season

Autumn is the most mysterious time of the year. She humiliates quietly and invisibly. Autumn wind and cold light have been covering some parts the earth since late August. And with the first day of September, everything start to become really mysterious.

This time of year, as an artist, paints nature in bright colors. But she has another side, less lively, when the rainy season begins. Many consider this a time of sadness and reflection. But this period is wonderful because it gives us the opportunity to enjoy life and at the same time immerse fully ourselves.

Inspirational aphorisms on Autumn

1. Autumn brings the memory of a generous season; the colors, the feelings, the aroma, the harvest, everything speaks of the beauty of the earth, of the wonder of nature. Stephen Littleword

2. I want autumn as red as love, yellow as the sun still warm in the sky, orange as the sunsets glowing in the background of the days, purple as the grapes."I want an autumn to discover, to live, to try." Stephen Littleword

3. It is already autumn, everything returns to sleep, everything disappears in the peace of the coming winter. Even noises fall into hibernation. The houses are silent, they hear, they feel the snow deposited on the roof. The roofless ones feel it inside the walls, on the floor, in the ruined kitchens. The visit of the white checker enters the hearts of distorted houses. The abandoned city looks west with melancholy eyes at the windowless windows, the sighs they seek through the mouth of their doors. "Our city was beautiful, now it is no more." Mauro Corona

4. Autumn is the spring of winter. Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

5. In autumn, everything reminds me of twilight and this is how the most beautiful season looks to us. "God willing, when I experience my twilight, I will have someone who will do as I want in the fall." Soren Kierkegaard

6."For man, autumn is the harvest season, and the gathering of things. For nature, it is the time of planting, it spreads around ". Edwin Way Teale

7. “Like an autumn road; "Once everything is cleaned, it is covered again with dried leaves." Franz Kafka

8. “A book of poetry is a dead autumn; the verses are black leaves on the white earth and the voice that reads them is the whistling of the wind that envelops them in the heart, the intimate distance ”. Federico Garcia Lorca

9. "If a tree does not show flowers in spring, it will be useless to look for its fruits in autumn." Walter Scott

10. "Gentle autumn makes me for myself I bend in your waters, to drink the sky gentle escape of trees and abysses". Salvatore Quasimodo

11. "Red, purple, yellow, mixed with green and brown, bracelets of hot autumn colors, as a cover to warm dreams and hopes, to preserve them for the whole winter." Autumn, with unforgettable flavors, sweet and warm, the prelude to the coming winter. Stephen Littleword

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12. “Autumn brings with it the memory of a generous season; the colors, the feelings, the aroma, the harvest, everything speaks of the beauty of the earth, of the wonder of nature”. Stephen Littleword

13. Autumn is the time of year, the anticipation of spring should begin. Doug Larson

14. Autumn is the only time of year that teaches. Elchin Safarli

15. Autumn is the second spring when each leaf is a flower. Albert Camus

16. Autumn is the last, most delightful smile of the year. William Cullen Bryant

17. With the first cold of autumn, life will begin again. Francis Scott Fitzgerald

18.Autumn has come golden.
Nature is shaking, pale,
As a victim, he left magnificently ... Alexander Pushkin

19. Sad time!
Your farewell beauty is pleasing to me -
I love the lush nature of the vanity,
In the red and gold clad forests
In their tent of wind, and noise, and fresh air,
And the heavens are covered with a misty wave
And a rare ray of sunshine and the first frosts,
And a distant winter threat with gray hair. Alexander Pushkin

20. By the way, flowers in autumn are more vibrant and brighter than in summer, and they die earlier .
Erich Maria Remarque

21. Smells like autumn. Something extremely sad, welcoming, and beautiful. I would pick it up and fly away somewhere along with the cranes.

22. I love the autumn sun when
Between the clouds and the fog that make their way
It casts a faint, dead ray
In a tree swayed by the wind
And on the raw steppe. I love the sun
Something like something in a farewell look
Excellent illuminator with a hidden sadness. Lermontov

Autumn Art and Poetry by loretta Holland


Alnajda Kadi (author) from Tirana Albania on November 30, 2020:

It is my favorite season too, thank you!

Jana Louise Smit from South Africa on November 30, 2020:

My favourite season. Thank you for sharing this lovely hub. :)

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