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Be in


I won't retreat when I'm done
Just because it's not a fresh start
I'll stay till I'm gone
Just to be in your arms

I catch you if you fall
Will my wait can be worth
Not a question at all
I'll be in this times I know it can be a no

You're so unforgettable
So Irresistible that I can't stop to fall
But not so Approachable
When I can be in your zone

I can't go backwards
It's like you're pulling my all
I just can't hold my mind
Like you will be in there the whole time

I think this is so much unfair
Like I'm the only one who dare
But when I see your face
It's always you be in the whole place

Just looking at you from where I am
You're too far from what I am
I was unable too Identify myself
Like it was you to be in my veins

Falling like I'm in the space
A never ending place
Between you and you and there's no me
How can I be in your space


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