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Be Nice, Really


After the last few decades of divisiveness, this just popped into my mind in a slightly longer, more "Doc" Smith style. Be nice, ok?


The day the auditors came.

When everyone woke up, things were different. Some of their neighbors were gone. Some of their pets were gone. A few of their children were missing. And not a few spouses were gone.

And they all looked a little different. It was hard to put your finger on, but something had changed.

The people gone were varied. All the politicians ruling one place might be gone, while next door it was their assistants. Some prisoners disappeared, but so did a bunch of jailors.

None of it seemed to make sense.

But a few days later, once everyone got used to looking slightly different and figured out that they could all understand each other, a message seemed to pop into their minds.

“We told you to be nice to each other and we’d follow up sometime. Sorry, it’s been so long, but we really meant it. Now be nice.”


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on June 01, 2021:

Oh, if only we could all be nice to one another! (Smile)

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