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Be Busy


Be Busy

Being Busy

Be Curious, So Busy

That you don’t have

Moment to fight & knowing

The fact fighting is west

Of second & wasting hour

Is a crime.Because we don’t

have extreme.

We have too much

To learn, much to

explore, much

to experience & a

willpower to live,

in the ocean of story

& make beautiful thrive!

& Go on a trip on a test drive,

& give meaningful meaning to

Our way of life.

Then the person turns into as Busy

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As you…

Frequently looks like

time is gushing from the hands

like a soil, sometimes I seek to catch it

like a ball, decide to hit deadlines, try

to count words. Try to rewrite differently.

wish to compose a lot

wish to identify more about

all, here to get new

opportunities. Here

to accomplish the list of

Mine… I got the peace.

Be Busy, So Unavailable

be in yourself,

For yourself to love yourself,

To take care of yourself,

to be honoured of yourself

for overcoming, & achieving

& triumph over me, overcome self-doubt

Worked out a lot by myself. I am

proud of myself!


- Akansha Agrawal

© 2022 Akansha Agrawal

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