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11 Different Ways That Creative Writing Improves Our Lives!

I am the author/illustrator of graphic novels such as (The Bully Named Saul) and (Brenda's Bubble).


I've been writing for about 10 years now but why?

- Creative writing

I've always enjoyed creative writing, but there's no money in it. Creative writing is something you do because you love the craft of expression. It can be cathartic or just plain fun if you're being honest about what it is to you. Think of all those journals full of secrets and stories that only your eyes can see. of course you think its awesome you wrote it after all and yes, you are awesome. its mine! Creative writing is the way for me to capture moments and emotions. I can be bold in what i say and how it reflects my personality through various characters, but I will always have a creative voice when I write. Creative writing is basically free therapy that helps you get out those things you feel weird saying in real life (we all have deep thoughts that no one must ever hear. Maybe you want someone to hear. Maybe what your writing is what they want to hear. Creative writing is a way for you to have an audience of one, and still be able to express your feelings effectively. Creative writing is also a way to create some body or characters that might not exist in the world yet, but does when you get a hold of them and bring them to life with words. Creative writing will never stop being awesome as we know. Once you catch the fever you will write for the rest of your life. Here are some tips to be more creative in your writing.

Creative writing is a great way to improve your communication skills, and can also give you an outlet for creativity. In this blog post, we will explore 11 different ways that creative writing improves our lives!

* Communication Skills – We are constantly communicating with others in written form. Creative writing gives us a powerful tool when communicating with others. Capture their imagination and you capture their attention. Just like a great story teller. Everything you say tells a story in a way. I apologize, I do speak in rhyme almost automatically.

* Boosts morale – It is so easy to get down on yourself and feel like you are not achieving your goals. The best way to combat this feeling is by putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write something that makes us happy. Creative writing can be a great outlet for the stress that we all experience from time-to time. Lets take a break and instead of just turning on the tube, create your own story.

* Improves writing skills – Creative writing forces you to use your words and sentences in ways that they may not have been before. By taking the time to write creatively, we are forced into a different style of thinking which can help us improve our existing writing techniques.

* Boosts reading skills - When children learn how to read, eventually the learn how to write so would it make sense that the more you write , the better you read? This is because writing and reading are both forms of expression.

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* Improves public speaking skills - The more comfortable one becomes with a topic, the easier it will be to speak about that topic in front of an audience. Creative writers can also become better speakers by practicing their speech through creative storytelling as well as improv. Just be a comedian. You see how they make it seem like they are just talking off the top of their heads but they actually have it memorized from speaking into a mirror for hours on end.

* Improves grammar skills - Reading is a form of writing and when one reads, they are encountering many different styles and variations in sentence structure. This helps improve their ability to write more complex sentences with fewer grammatical errors.

* Increases vocabulary - When reading books or articles that contain words you don't recognize, it can be helpful to look up their definitions. This will expand your vocabulary and allow you to use words in a sentence that might not have crossed your mind otherwise.

* Improves writing style - When reading articles, one can learn more about the tone of different styles of writing from fiction or nonfiction books. You may find yourself naturally employing these strategies when trying to meet new people or impress at a job interview.

* Improves understanding of language - Reading books written in a different language or those that contain unfamiliar vocabulary can help you to improve your skills with the English language by helping you understand how words are used and combined together to form sentences, paragraphs, etc.

* Increases personal knowledge - When reading non-fiction books about the forest or Cuba the mind can get pretty cluttered with facts and figures. But when reading about something that is personally important, you will find yourself connecting with the subject matter better and learning more in depth information than if it were just a textbook of facts.

* Develops new ideas - Reading fiction as well as non-fiction can lead to developing your own stories or help generate new creative concepts for projects.

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