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Learn the Basics of Homophones With Meanings and Examples.

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What are Homophones?

Homophones are words that sound the same when pronounced but have different meanings and spellings.

Homophones can be just words or a group of words or even a phrase that sound the same to the ears when pronounced. For example, the words "year, ear, here, hear" are a pair of homophones. Verbally, they all sound the same but are different when written or spelled.

Are homographs, homonyms, and homophones all the same?

Well, no, they are not the same. Homophones are often confused with homographs and homonyms due to the word 'HOMO' in them. But Homonyms and Homographs are different than Homophones. But they can be pretty confusing to understand.

Homonyms are words that are spelled and pronounced like other words, but they have different meanings.

Homographs are words that are spelled the same as another word but have different meanings and pronunciations.

How to differentiate between Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms














How about we learn more about Homophones through some examples?

  • tale, tail

A tale means a fictitious story. And a tail is a part attached to the end body of any animal, bird, or fish.

For example,

What a fascinating tale it was!

I wish I had a tail that could grow like Hanuman's!

Interesting: Look what we found. A homonym! The word tail sounds the same and also has the same spelling but can have different meanings.

It means the word tail can be the end body part of an animal, bird, or fish, or it could mean to follow someone closely.

For example,

I thought I was getting tailed (followed)by somebody.

  • prey, pray

Prey is an animal who is to be hunted or killed for food. And Pray means speaking to God, giving your thanks, or asking for help.

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For example,

He knelt down and prayed for peace for the world.

The king of the jungle was ready to hunt down his prey.

  • write, right

Write means noting or recording information or anything for that matter in written form. And Right means what is true, just, and fair in manner.

For example,

Writing my thoughts in a diary helps my mental health.

He's right. I shouldn't have gone out yesterday.

  • dual, duel

A duel is a combat or a fight specifically between two persons. And dual means double or two parts or segments.

For example,

The duel between Sam and Mark this Tuesday is going to be a deadly one!

Revar has dual nationality.

  • censor, sensor

To censor means removing or taking out parts from a movie or a book considered dangerous to the public. Sensor means an organ or a gadget that distinguishes the changes in external factors like heat, light, sound and reacts to it uniquely.

For example,

The censor board in India doesn't allow approval of open nudity in films.

Thank God for the smoke sensor attached to the room. We got saved from an unpredicted fire.

  • Ceiling, Sealing

A ceiling is a top covering you find in the interior of a room or similarly structured compartment. Sealing means to close, secure a package, an envelope, or anything that cannot be opened without any evident damage.

For example,

The diamond ceiling inside the palace is wondrous to the common eye.

She knew her fate had got sealed the moment she heard the door slam.

  • idle, idol

Being idle means doing nothing, being inactive, or lazy. On the other hand, an Idol can either be a form of representation of God or a person who is loved, appreciated, and admired by people.

For example,

Rain loves spending time being idle and doing nothing.

V, a member of the BTS Korean K-pop group, is a worldwide famous and well-respected idol.

  • compliment, complement

Compliments are words given to praise, appreciate, or admire someone. And Complement means an extra, additional feature or thing that completes and improves the quality of a final product.

For example,

I still remember the time and place where my enemy, now-turned husband, had first complimented me.

The cool drinks perfectly complemented the spicy pakoras provided by the staff.

Want to know more about Homophones? How about learning some same-sounding phrases?

Know the famous song we used to sing in school?
"I scream. You scream. We all scream for Ice cream."
Here, as you might already know, the phrases "ice cream" and "I scream" are sound the same to the ears.

Want to know more? Here is a simple list for you.

  • "euthanasia" vs. "Youth in Asia"

The word euthanasia means and is a practice that involves intentional and painless death given to someone to reduce the pain of the person living for humane reasons.

Spell the words. Don't they sound alike?

  • "Gemini" vs. "Jim and I" vs. "Jem in eye" vs. "gem in eye"

Gemini is an astrological sign. If you spell the words given together, they all sound the same. Don't they?

  • "four candles" vs. "fork handles"

Four candles or fork handles? Does it matter? Cause it all sounds the same.

  • "depend" vs. "deep end"
  • "sand which is there" vs. "sandwiches there"
  • "some others" vs. "some mothers" vs. "smothers"

Now that you have understood what and how homophones work, isn't learning Homophones so much fun?

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