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Basic Information in Youth and Youth Empowerment

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My fellow youths perish because of lack of access to basic and profiting information - Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike


The youths are the building block of every nation. Any country that jokes with her powerhouse, which is the youth, jokes with the progress of her country. That is why understanding them and encouraging them is very important. With the population of the world of over 7 billion, more than half is people who are 30 years and below. That shows that the youths occupy a high percentage of the world population - Emmanuel Chukwudalu Ohaekenyem. This is a quote from the foreword written in the book by Emmanuel Chukwudalu Ohaekenyem, lecturer in the Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

Basic Information in Youth and Youth Empowerment is a book written by Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike, Peter. The author has so much interest in affairs concerning the youths. This is why it took him time to put down the book for the world to read and comprehend. The comprehension of every sentence put down in the book is made possible by the use of simple grammar and interesting examples.

There is limited literature on topics concerning the youths. These most times make it difficult for students to submit a quality assignment to their teachers. As an author, I decided to craft a book that will address this challenge to some extent. That is why this book can be called a bag of information.

Because of the passion in me to make this work available to the world, the book is being distributed to the world in totality. In the other words, it is distributed globally. The distribution is both digitally and materially. In the digital format, it can be downloaded through Amazon marketing program called Amazon Kindle. So, the distance cannot be any barrier for you in having a copy or copies of the book.

When I mentioned materially, I meant that the book is also distributed in the paper format. So you can choose to demand it through Amazon, Abebooks, Create Space, and through other channels and have it supplied to you.

What are the Questions being Answered by this Book?

Basic Information in Youth and Youth Empowerment answers many questions. Some of the questions answered by the book are:

(1) What are the roles of the youths in national building and development?

(2)The roles youths play in security development

(3) Their contributions to Bank and Government Security

(4) How the youths perform in agriculture

(5) Does the youths contributes to technological development?

(6) Youths roles in educational development

(7) Their take in politics of any country

(8) Youth unemployment in detail

The book answers all the questions presented here and also few that are not presented here. In fact I call this book encyclopedia of youth topics.

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Explanation by Chapters

The book ranges from Chapter one to chapter eight. Each chapter explains and discusses a particular idea or issue. In this section I will take each of these chapters and highlight what it is all about.

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Chapter One - Overview of the Book

The chapter one of the book is a background. It describes the basics in youth and youth empowerment. In this chapter, the author explained who a youth is. He also drew his points from what other scholars see youths as. Above all, the definition on a youth is based on the angle of perception. The religious and constitutional definitions of a youth sometimes vary. The youth has also been defined as the period in an individual’s life which runs between the end of childhood and entry into the world of work (Onuekwusi and Effiong, 2002).

Uzochukwu Mike went ahead and looked into the term "youth empowerment". He gave clear definition of the term through his work. One of the definitions of the term which he sourced from Vavrus J and Fletcher put it in this form: "According to Vavrus, J and Fletcher, A, youth empowerment is an attitudinal, structural, and cultural process whereby young people gain and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults."

Another cover design of the book

Another cover design of the book

Chapter Two -The Roles of Youths in National Development

This chapter of the book detailed out the roles of the youths in the development of every country. The functions performed by the youths in every country cannot be overly exhausted. They have contributed massively to the development of every country. Quoting from this chapter of the book it states:

"Youths all over the world in one way or the other have contributed and are still contributing in national development. In transportation, banking, agricultural, educational, politics, sports, environmental, and information Communication Technology (ICT), the youths have contributed to national development through them all. This is why any country that wants to make progress without involving the youths always makes great mistakes."

Chapter Three-Youth Unemployment

In 2012, International Labour Organization, one of the organizations that take statistics of both the employed and unemployed in the world, stated that about 6% of the world population is unemployed and that the most unemployed are the youths.

Irrespective of the fact that the youths perform great functions in the world, unemployment has been a major challenge that many of them are battling with. Some have won this battle while many others are making effort to get back on their feet and faith.

In this chapter, detailed out are youth unemployment, its causes and statistics. The book gives statistics of the youths who are affected by unemployment within certain duration of years. Also shipped in are the causes.

Chapter Four-Effects and Solutions to Youth Unemployment

In chapter three of this book, discussed is youth unemployment, statistics and causes. But it is not balance to say the problems of a particular person or thing without giving possible solutions.

In this chapter, the effects and Solutions to this challenge that have been giving the world youths tough time are discussed. The book properly explained workable solutions to reduce the challenge.

The points that built the Solutions to youth unemployment as stated in the book are:

Thinking more and complaining less;
Sponsorship to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs);
Early planning;
Introduction of Youth Empowerment Schemes/Organizations;
Building equipped vocational centres;
Integration of skill learning in tertiary institutions;
Proper government funding;
Bridging importation of certain goods; and
Seminar Organization and Sensitization.

Chapter Five-Youth Empowering Organizations/Schemes and Their Roles

An organization is a group of persons who integrated to achieve particular goals or objectives. Based on this topic, the organizations to be discussed are group of persons who came together to see to the welfare of the youths by empowering and assisting them. The objectives of these organizations are to empower the youths. They came together to bridge the gaps or reduce the chances that can lead the youths into “dirty acts” and give them sense of belonging (quoted from the book).

There are many organizations and youth empowering schemes being initiated by both government and individuals to help the youths feel happy by achievement of their goals, but some youths are not aware of them. This chapter lists and explains the organizations and the roles they play.

The organization and their roles are grouped continentally. It covers those that work in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Second front cover of the book "Basic Information in Youths and Youth Empowerment"

Second front cover of the book "Basic Information in Youths and Youth Empowerment"

Chapter Six-Types of Youth Empowerment

It is very important for one to define what he or she wants most. This definition will help the giver to give him or her what he/she wants. So make sure you clearly define what you want and go for it.

In this chapter, the types of youth empowerment are defined. Between two youths, one may be interested in empowerment in the area of ICT and the other in Agriculture. These are two different types of youth empowerment. These and many other types are detailed out in the book.

Chapter Seven-Importance of Youth Empowerment

Wise institutions in the world have taken it upon themselves to seek for the welfare of some youths where they think this group of human are lacking. Example of the institutions is United Nations and World Bank. These two institutions have contributed and supported in youth empowerment, example in Africa continent. They do all these because they truly understand the positive result from it.

The chapter seven of "Basic Information in Youth and Youth Empowerment" is solely on the importance of empowering young people in the society. The empowering of the youths of any community can bring glory to the community. That is why we should not treat empowerment on the young in our society with levity.

Technology is highly growing in the world. This year we see a face of technology and say that it is the best of all and the other year we see another face and conclude that it is the most appreciated of all. But the truth is that the dynamism continues to grow from year to year (quoted from the book). Automobile companies have large number of empowered youths in that area. Their contributions have really added positive result in the sector.

Chapter Eight-Tips for becoming a successful Youth

This is the last and the most motivational part of the book. The book is broadly divided into two: educational and motivational. The educational runs from chapter one to seven and chapter eight covers the motivational part of the book. It is the longest of all the chapters of the book.

The author did not just write on educational topics concerning the youths and youth empowerment but garnished everything up with advice and motivational words on how to be a successful youth. This chapter alone appears as number one of the series of this book. What it means is that you can search "Tips for becoming a successful Youth" on and get a book which is just this title.

Quoting directly from the chapter, this is what the author said "In this book, we will be looking at how youths can attain successes. There are many youths all over the world that are confused in life on what they are going to do to be free from the challenges they are facing. This work stands as a guide to proofer lasting solutions to the challenges that the leaders of today are battling with. It is no longer the days when people say that the “youths are the leaders of tomorrow” because tomorrow is unknown".

On a more serious note, one of the reasons why it happens as if some the youths in our society today are helpless is due poor access to information they need for growth. Motivational books are fuel that keep the readers going in life. In this chapter the reader are to be motivated through the sound sentences.

My Suggestion for You

I advice you to get at least a copy of this book for your good and personal development. When you read enlightening books, you get informed, this information now gets transformed to knowledge which can make you to be developed. It is this development that will make you a successful person in life.

If you cannot purchase this book at its whole, you can go for any of its series. Search for any of the chapters on Amazon or Abebooks and you will see it appears as a textbook. I look forward to hear your testimony on the book through comment, book review on where you will purchases the book from, through email or direct phone call.

If you want to know how good I am in the area of writing on youths in totality, check out my topics on "Importance of Youth Empowerment" and "Types of Youth Empowerment" written on this website. These articles will convince you enough.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2016 Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P

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