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Bam Boozled

We Won't Get Fooled Again

You Know Me

You Know Me

Learn to See

Learn to See

Eyes Wide Shut

Allow me to introduce myself

I am Bam. Bam Boozled

I come from the depths of trickery and deceipt

Making my way into your world through greed and the lust for POWER

You won't recognize me at first, as I appear to be just like you

I talk like you

Dress like you

And believe the same things as you

I hate the same people and ideas, and will fight to the end to defend your illusions

You grow to rely on me, because....Who doesn't like to be stroked?

After all, the main reason I gain such a foothold is ego

Yes, compliments go a long way towards reliance

As do poison pills for those you detest

I even grow to gain your ultimate trust

But have no doubt, dear ones: My aim is true

Once I have you in my grip, I lower the boom.

Want a favor, or a good word?

That will cost you

Assume for a moment that your children will reap the same advantages you had?

Say goodbye to the 2-way street forever!

I run the show.

I make the rules.

I decide who plays and who goes home crying

And spare me your pitiful, annoying accusations of unfair brutality

I only gave you what you asked for.

You wanted to do away with the others

You wanted it all for yourselves

Did you think it came with zero consequence?

No, my little ones---you got what you deserved

I, Bam Boozled, have served you up a big portion of humble pie,

Courtesy of my Boss, the invisible in the sky

For, under this domain, we all get what we deserve in the end.

And once that decision has been made, it is made for good

Did you not think your words and deeds would come full-fledged back on you?

Bam Boozled. The Trickster. The Fool.

All of my persona's exist to teach you a lesson

Learn it well, my friends.....

Time is short

Be Ware

.... For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to
his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the
baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation,
he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,
he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less
to fear. The traitor is the plague.

In Parting

"Music soothes the savage breast". And enlightens the savage soul. May we ever keep searching for perfection and remember always to love each other and to be kind.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2012 Leslie McCowen


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 18, 2021:

Why, what’s this?

“Sheathed in bulletproof glass imported from Germany and Spain, a six-story, six-bedroom postmodern fortress on East 64th Street was custom-designed in 2015 for Argentine billionaire Eduardo Eurnekian. But for at least a year it has served as a supposed consulate for the “New Federal State of China,” declared by ex-White House strategist Stephen Bannon and his flamboyant Chinese patron, fugitive businessman Guo Wengui.”

Steve Bannon? The Trumpee?

“The installation has bewildered neighbors who spoke with The Daily Beast with the flashy characters and occasional motorcades it attracts. Meanwhile, public records, court documents, and in-person observations reveal that Bannon and Guo have converted the building’s residential floors, against code and zoning, into the offices for their network of right-wing media and nonprofits—which have recently gained attention for publishing bogus COVID-19 studies and promoting conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden.“


Wait…..so maga is working with a Chinese billionaire to spread conspiracies about the Bidens and China?

Lolololololololololol *pause* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *pause* bwahaaaaaaaaaa

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 14, 2021:

Steve Schmidt:

“The simple truth is this. Sec. Clinton was right about a “vast right wing conspiracy.” There was and is. It is filled awful people, louses and hypocrites. It has done horrible damage to the country and out of it came the foundation for the fascist movement that imperils us all.”


And it’s world wide. Fascismo. Nazi. KKK.

Balls to the wall. Eff these sleaze-o’s.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 04, 2021:

Fort dietrick shut down for unsafe practices 2019......cluster of respiratory deaths in Maryland Oct 2019.....

Lab leak? Why Wuhan? Why not USA? And, I’ve read they were having some type of world sports event, and China thinks USA leaked virus from their lab......they were working together.

Whitey virus. Trump flu,


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 30, 2021:

I’m tired of being right.....

“Step aboard the death cruise brought to you by DeSantis & the GOP.

Cruise lines should have the right to require passengers & staff to be vaccinated.

Is let them die the new let them eat cake? “


Yes. The point is to kill people off. Especially democrats, right Jared?

You don’t believe me, do you? But you do believe the pharma companies and Biden will kill you, don’t you?

One of us is right, and it’s not you.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 28, 2021:

“Poll found that 15 % say they think that the levers of power are controlled by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles & that “American patriots may have to resort to violence” to depose the pedophiles & restore the country’s rightful order.”

QAnon Now as Popular in U.S. as Some Major Religions, Poll Suggests


“This is exactly what America's actual ruling class wants; keep the bewildered herd bewildered by keeping them focused on bogus conspiracy theories so that they remain unaware of the true oligarchy that is exploiting them.“


Maga blames democrats. The actual wrongdoers are the GOP and Russian/Israeli mob.

Who do you think qanon is?

And why do they have such a hold on you?

Brainwashing is a science.

If you actually believe trump is so innocent, why not investigate Jan 6?

Isn’t that what you say about the voting machines?

But of course, you are immune to the truth at this point. Like you think 600,000 dead in one year is nothing. And why should you do anything about it?

How debased is that thinking?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 08, 2021:

Smh.....I used to say, “This is not the United States of Republicans!”


“Trump has emerged from his Florida hibernation — refashioning himself as the president of the Republican States of America and reshaping the party in ways both micro and macro.”





Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 03, 2021:


What happened to us?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 24, 2021:

Is trump working for the feds?????

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 14, 2021:

“Taser on your non-dominant hand and it weighs 8 ounces. Lethal weapon on your dominant hand and weighs 2.6 pounds. Both require you to turn the safety off before firing. That is more than an accidental discharge.“


Like, murder? That’s what it looks like to me.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 13, 2021:

So, we are to believe a 25 yr police veteran doesn’t know the difference between a taser and a gun?

Let me explain what I was told;

They keep the gun on their dominant hand side. So, they are trained to grab the gun with that hand, the taser is kept on the other side, grabbed with the weaker hand.

Wasn’t she a trainer, too? She trained people how to shoot. So, after 25 years, you would think grabbing the gun would be automatic....instinctual. Gun, this hand, taser, that one.You would think it would come as natural as breathing.

But, not this 25 yr vet. No, she drew the gun as she was yelling taser.


I don’t buy it. Ive been a cleaner for 40 years....I would never spray bleach on a mirror...even in a panic.

Instinct, experience, professionalism.

I don’t believe her. Period.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 11, 2021:

Dumbing down.....to the ground.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 08, 2021:

“A hospital janitor paid so little he can't afford rent worked extra hard in the pandemic and won employee of the month. He was awarded a $6 coupon to the hospital cafeteria.

The hospital CEO got a 13% raise, to $30 million.”


We have got to examine what has lead us to this point......

When I was a kid, this would have been UNacceptable!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 07, 2021:

I would like to remind Manchin and Sinema that there was bi-partisan support to impeach and remove trump from office. What did republicans in the senate do? They did not even hold a trial! They just did what they wanted, and gave him a pass.

Same with their tax cut bills.....all of them.....going back to W. They don’t care what democrats think. At all!

So please tell me, unless you’re a secret Republican, why do you vote with them?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 31, 2021:

The fools broadcasted all of it.....


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 26, 2021:

"It was zero threat, right from the start," Trump claimed of the riots that resulted in the deaths of five people. “Some of them went in, and they are hugging and kissing the police and the guards... a lot of the people were waved in, and then they walked in and they walked out."


Still say he’s not a liar?

If so, then you are.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 22, 2021:

Well well well.....it was all just a dream....

“Sidney Powell has moved to dismiss Dominion's defamation lawsuit. She argues that when she accused Dominion of being part of an election-rigging scheme with ties to Venezuela, "no reasonable person would conclude" those "were truly statements of fact"


But you all believed her! You all did! And people stormed the capital because of it! And people died. And People were hurt. And People committed suicide.

And you, Sidney, must pay. Along with Giuliani and Trump. And Stone and the rich traitors who paid for it all.

And Trump is on Fox psy op bashing Biden.

I thought former presidents weren’t supposed to do that?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 18, 2021:

“The ODNI's report implicates Devin Nunes, John Ratcliffe, Bill Barr, Ron Johnson, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Manafort, Louie Gohmert and others in a Russian-led effort to interfere with the 2020 election.”

Any questions? Like, really......ANY?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 12, 2021:

This is what you call “fuzzy math”

1. Cyrus Vance is retiring

2. Cuomo is up for re-election next year

3. 2 of Trump’s friends are running for Cuomo’s seat

4. Sudden rash of sexual assault allegations against Cuomo

All of these together = Trump’s want to stay out of prison

Please please dems......not again. Do not allow Cuomo to be Frankened

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 09, 2021:


“This administration, which has dodged and slow-walked public-records requests that would help the public determine risk during the pandemic, insists on treating the vaccine program as political capital rather than life-saving medicine. It’s clear the governor prefers to continue his cross-state personal appearances to announce new rounds of vaccines to select communities as he plans for his reelection campaign next year and a potential bid for the White House in 2024.”

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/editorials/art...


Ok, so he’s running for president, but Cuomo should resign? We just had a president that was accused by 27 women of sexual assault, and rape.....

But Cuomo should resign?

If you can’t see the bias against democrats in American politics, you need to.

And, it needs to stop. Pick a standard and apply it to all, or apply it to no one at all.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 08, 2021:

“Why isn’t the Mass Media calling for Madison Cawthorn to resign?”


DeSantis lied about Covid numbers, fired, then arrested the employee who told Florida about it, and gave vaccines to his rich donors for $250 g’s.

Where is the outrage, and calls to step down?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 07, 2021:

“Russian disinformation campaign working to undermine confidence in Covid-19 vaccines used in US.”


This is no surprise. We are in an information war......cyberwar. Mind war.

Kill us. Destroy us. That’s what war is for.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 07, 2021:

The White House told you?


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 05, 2021:

People are saying that Qanon governors are removing Covid restrictions because

1. They want to sabotage Biden’s recovery.

2. They want Covid to spread, so they can blame it on immigrants being allowed to stay in America.

Hmmm, blame something on a group of people.....demonize them.....put them on camps......

Sound familiar? It better, cause it is. This is what we voted the F out.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 04, 2021:

“So Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) is planning to slow down the confirmation of Merrick Garland.”

And, Ron Johnson is demanding that HR1 be read in its entirety on the floor. (6 hrs?)


Media, and Trumpers:

“When will democrats make an effort to be bi-partisan?”


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 04, 2021:

“The Washington DC National Guard commander says he was "stunned" by the restrictions on deploying his forces on Jan 6. It had never happened in 19 years.”

Lalalalalalala.......it’s a beautiful day!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 02, 2021:

Trump and Melania got the vaccine in January......all these people dead who would have loved to have that privilege.....and the rest of us, who must wait because he didn’t bother to have a plan......

Take a back seat on our lives to a guy who called Covid a Democratic hoax.

He’s the biggest jerk to ever be born.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 28, 2021:

Oh, Yoo-hoo......god-men.....


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 27, 2021:

“I don't see the Democrats rationalizing aborting Senate rules for political gain as a small thing”

But republicans do it all the time. And they’ll do it again. Dems have to do it now, or lose the chance.

And trust me, when republicans do it, republicans say “well, they are in charge and elections have consequences”

“Dems should have done it when they had the chance. Cause we certainly will.”

One side can’t play hardball, whole demanding rules of engagement from the other.

After Garland, and Barrett.....that should be the end of expecting decency. Savagery is all republicans know.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 24, 2021:

Have you noticed, all these people who spent 4 years complaining about TDS have BDS so bad, it’s like a drug?

Always always the same: do what I say, not as I do. It’s ok for ME to complain. You? When you complain, It’s just hate.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 18, 2021:

Before anyone’s feathers ruffle.....

I was called a bigot because of my distaste for the Tea Party.

I accept the label.

So can you.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 16, 2021:

“You can't really comprehend facts well.”

Isn't that a personal attack?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 07, 2021:

“Today every major network invited on a Republican senator who spread the racist Big Lie: Lindsey Graham, Roger Wicker, Bill Cassidy and Rand Paul

None of the hosts even *mentioned* that they lied to overturn the election

CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox are erasing and rewriting history.”


Remember when the republicans were hand-wringing about getting the tax cuts passed, or their donors would leave them?

I suspect this runs along those same lines.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 04, 2021:

For all of you hub Trumpers who say Michelle Obama is a man.....have you TAKEN a look at Taylor Greene?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 02, 2021:

“President Donald Trump falsely linked the Black Lives Matter movement to an anti-police chant, "Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon," during the final presidential debate on Thursday.

As CNN reported in July, those words were chanted at a 2015 protest march held by a group in St. Paul, Minnesota, that was independent of, and not affiliated with, the national Black Lives Matter organization.

Rashad Turner, the organizer of the protest, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press at the time that the chant was not promoting violence against police, but to express that police who kill Black people should "fry" as other murderers do.“


Sound like they support the death penalty......doesn’t maga?

Christ......Trump and his lies still live.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 01, 2021:

Finally! A show on Fox I can watch!


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 01, 2021:



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 28, 2021:

Oh look.....she didn’t take her sugar pill...and she’s now going to make decisions that affect my kids. One of whom is special needs.....


Oh hp lecturer....your reprimand is needed! Come come......or does it only apply to democrats? Oh, I think so. I think ms sugar pill is a sourpuss.

Calling all hypocrits!!!!

Sarah Palin....Sarah Palin.......she said retard!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 27, 2021:

This is very important!

“Just a friendly reminder that if you make under $75k your taxes are going up beginning this year and will increase every two years. You can thank 45 and the GOP for this gift. They made the stepped increases part of the 2017 “tax cuts.”

“So when it happens, don’t blame Joe Biden and the democrats. This was him protecting the wealthy and using his “base” to get it done.“


“Actually it's under $40,000 in 2021

Under $30,000 have been paying more taxes since 2019...me: *I told you!*

(The least able to afford more taxes)

Under $75,000 doesn't kick in until 2027.

ALL because Corporations got PERMANENT tax cuts from a tax rate of 35% to 21%- a 40% reduction.”


This is 100% Republican policy......and it should come as no surprise to anyone.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 26, 2021:

“QAnon Thinks Trump Will Become President Again on March 4”


Qanon is a Russian psy op



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 25, 2021:

I don’t believe 70 million voted for trump. I think they cheated, as always, but this time, dems voted so much they beat the cheat. And, Covid gave mail in voting a real shot in the arm, so more people voted. I don’t Believe for a second that McConnell, Graham or Collins won. Repubs have long used ES and S machines to cheat. Subpoena Karl Rove and ask him!

That’s why repubs went after Dominion. They were hoping states would all go to ES and S, where they already have a built- in cheat trigger in them.

When do I get MY complaints resolved? When? And we have to go back to 2000. So repubs, get in line!

All 30 million of you.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 18, 2021:

So, so true


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 14, 2021:

“FBI confirms that GOP members of Congress received texts and emails threatening their lives if they voted for impeachment.”

Now, who can we blame for that?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 13, 2021:

“Matt Gaetz seeks unity by referring to the "Biden crime family"

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 12, 2021:

Yes yes, you’re always the victim...



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 12, 2021:

So, after 9/11, our determination to go after Bin Laden was vengeance?

Hmm. Remind me should a Muslim terrorist group attack our capital with intent to kill our gvt employees......your plan is

“Just let it go. Now is not the time.”

We will hold you to it.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 12, 2021:

Here’s the answer:

Cori Bush:

“I don’t want to unite with those responsible for the insurrection at our nation’s Capitol. I want us to unite in holding them accountable.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 09, 2021:

Imagine all the droplets in that room....


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 06, 2021:

“With the help of right-wing media and Russian propaganda on social media.“

Including hubpages, one of which is there at the coup attempt. This nest of far righters here spreads Russian disinfo, has liberals banned, and ruins peoples computers with malware, imo.

This nest is suspicious AF, imo.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 06, 2021:

This is what happened in 2016:


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 05, 2021:

"The Constitution gives Congress absolutely no authority to decide whether to count certain states’ electoral college votes. According to the 12th Amendment, Congress is granted no more than the power to count the Electoral College vote."


I just watched Hop-a-long Hawley try to say there was some 18th century rule allowing them to raise objections.......which is what a campaign is for. Umm, hey hoppy: you lost. We don’t want your 18th century Anything!

Gawd, these retreads........do their wives still wear bloomers?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 04, 2021:

Carl Bernstein:

“In any other conceivable moment in US history, this tape would result in the leadership of both parties demanding the immediate resignation of the President of the United States.“


I agree. WHO is protecting him?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 04, 2021:

9 other states used the same methods as the ones Trump is targeting......but Trump won there, so it’s not an issue.

“Utah; Ohio; North Carolina; Kentucky; Iowa; Kansas; West Virginia; North Dakota; and Nebraska.”


Morals of a squid.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 04, 2021:

Hey America! How about some REAL election rigging?


Subpoena Karl Rove.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 02, 2021:

Isn’t it funny how the only place there was fraud is where trump lost? I mean......what are the odds?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 01, 2021:

They still haven’t explained why democrats rigged the machines for Trump to lose, but McConnell to win.

Really......they should do recounts for the senate races. Oh wait.....if republicans won, there’s no need! Right!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 31, 2020:

The new world order:


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 26, 2020:

Hey Joe Rogan......Alex Jones......how come you never mention this?


Lol. Geeeeeee. Take a wild guess.

Choke no joke, Hassan Campbell, ice cube......you too. We see you, and we know.

Kompromat......comes is all shapes and forms.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 22, 2020:

“By wall, you mean Trump’s pocket?”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 21, 2020:


And websites, stores, your job, your home.....it was called the Patriot Act. Remember? You said we were unAmerican if we didn’t like it. “If you’ve got nothing to hide, what’s the problem?”


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 16, 2020:

Houston, we have a problem.

“2020 exit & pre-election polls had US Senate controlled by Democrats. Unverified computer counts gave Republicans a 2-seat advantage. Either exit & pre-election polls are improperly, election after election, conducted or the vote counts corrupt.” https://bit.ly/2020SenateElections

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 10, 2020:

“GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy still won't accept the results of November election and declare Joe Biden the winner.

So does that mean the handful of races in California where GOP beat Democratic incumbents don't count either?”


Cool! That means Graham and McConnell wins are void! Yessssssss

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 07, 2020:

“Should the South Carolina Senate race that Lindsey Graham won be investigated?”

Why yes, I think it should.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 07, 2020:


“Brexit, like the Trump regime, has been a lucrative proposition for plutocrats-“

But of course. Rightwingaling.....


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 03, 2020:

“The last 9 tweets by @realDonaldTrump have been flagged for pushing bogus claims about the election. I’m pretty sure that if any of us had 9 tweets in a row flagged, @Twitter would’ve suspended our accounts.”


And this is his personal account, not POTUS.

And yet, trump wants to make sure his critics are silenced.

“On Tuesday, President Donald Trump threatened to veto an annual defense bill authorizing billions of dollars in military spending unless Congress agreed to strip away a pivotal internet law that provides Facebook, Google, and Twitter with legal immunity over content posted by their users.“

He wants to punish twitter for anything anti trump, so nothing anti trump is allowed.

He wants to be able to sue his detractors, while he gets such special treatment, it’s maddening.

He is the face of hypocrisy, anti-freedom, anti-decency. He’s a big fat crybaby bully. And he will never grow up.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 18, 2020:

Can someone ask maga why they are not recounting the senate and house votes that were on the same ballot as the presidential votes?

Are they saying only presidential votes were messed with, not house or senate?

And, do they think we were all born yesterday? What a huge pile of malarkey.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 16, 2020:

Donald Trump is a Hollywood production.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 02, 2020:

“Facebook has repeatedly let President Donald Trump's family members and allies off the hook for breaking its policies, the Washington Post reports.

Current and former Facebook employees said the company held off taking action because it feared accusations of anti-conservative bias.

Two company sources told the Post that Facebook removed a strike from Donald Trump Jr's Instagram account, which if upheld could have resulted in penalties.

Facebook has been battling allegations of anti-conservative bias from Trump and Republican lawmakers.“



Dont they remember, tramp told Lesley stahl he calls them fake news so no one will believe them when they tell the truth about him?

So, now they’ve been crying bias for the same reason! Truth is not bias.......

And LIES are not truth. Stop acting like it’s all the same. Either people are just stupid, or the $$$$$$ is too strong.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 13, 2020:

Someone taught him some dance moves


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 05, 2020:

“The U.S. still underwrites a lot of the world order that we know.”

—Barack Obama

Yes.....in 1991, HW Bush announced a new one. Trump is desperately trying to make sure it happens.

He and the new world order crew.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 05, 2020:

“Trump up and tweeting this morning from Walter Reed, quoting Fox and Friends and attacking Democrats - and sending multiple all caps tweets“


Dear Joe Biden, you don’t owe him any courtesy. Render onto Ceasar, and all that.....

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 18, 2020:


Someone who claimed “no one she knows has it, no one in her community has it, why should they wear masks”....

Turns out her daughter had Covid? What is going on, here?

What kind of place IS this?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 12, 2020:

Craig Spencer MD MPH:

“A radiologist with ZERO credentials for this role who was denounced by his colleagues for his “falsehoods and misrepresentations of science” is helping guide our COVID19 response.

This isn’t parody.

This is exactly why the US has completely failed in our response to COVID19.“


And this:


I’m not going to dog him for his views......having been ridiculed for 19 years for mine.

I still say wear a mask. If you’re right, what’s the harm? But if you’re wrong, you will help prevent this airborne Killer.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 09, 2020:

Lol! In my email......


Your Trump Platinum Card is printed with your name on it and ready to go.”

Obviously, this isn’t the research wing of the trump campaign.

See what i mean? It’s cheap. Like, learn who people are before you try to buy them.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 05, 2020:

Putins Revenge...


Watching when I get home

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on August 12, 2020:

“Let this sink in. The President of the United States has been mandated to provide a DNA sample because he is being accused, civil trial, of rape and it is not even a headline.

Remind me again, how many years did we spend on a consensual BJ?”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on August 03, 2020:

Man of God. (Smirk)


You should read the stuff he was up to.......


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 27, 2020:

Tom Cotton said slavery was necessary evil.....huge supporter of Netanyahu....above and beyond our own gvt.

Khazars they are....it’s why they hate Iran. Persians defeated them 700 ad...



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 24, 2020:

'Enemy of democracy': Oligarch says Putin wants to harm UK’


Flashback: Trump and Nigel Farage in the golden elevator at Trump Tower......

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 09, 2020:


“Dr. Phil received $7M in PPP loans”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 07, 2020:

“McConnell's wife's family business appears on Trump admin's list of companies that received most PPP money“

Jared Kushners family got.

Trump family got.

If we could see the whole thing, I bet we’d puke.

These felons have NO shame. NO conscience. Only protection by order of the mob.

This......you hold up as Something worthy to look up to.

What a sorry state of affairs.

Oh my......how you gloated that “Hillary is so corrupt”.........

History will POUND you.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 04, 2020:

Mannnnnnnnnnnn. Even the ones I thought had sense.....

No, arresting Ghislaine Maxwell is not proof of “trump getting the paedophiles.”

Trump is one of them! He’s in the club! He and Barr will do their best to keep her quite.

Let’s hope there are enough patriots in gvt to stop them.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 13, 2020:

I think I get it.....it’s a new way to protect wingnuts.

Now, if i speak against them, I’m being racist. Yes, that’s right. A white person being racist against another white.

Is 2020 over yet?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 11, 2020:


“Kinda surreal when the President starts accusing your 75 yr old friend of being an agent of ANTIFA.

My friend Martin Gugino is an old man with cancer who is now in the hospital with brain damage after being pushed to the ground by a police officer he was trying to talk to.”


Boogaloo boys more like it. But since Trump and Barr are members, imo......boys will go free.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 08, 2020:

Look at this hoodlum slashing tires!


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 04, 2020:

What’s the difference?


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 29, 2020:

Catching on?


Meanwhile, $500 billion corporate cash goes to who knows who? Trump knows. “I’m the overseer”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 25, 2020:

AstroTurf protests!

“real Californians do not say "Cali", they are imposters.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 02, 2020:

Palmer Report:

“Trump’s properties have only been shut down for like two weeks, and he’s already unable to make payments on his Deutsche Bank loans. I told you all along that he was broke.“

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 01, 2020:


“FUN FACT: Durin’ the time Trump was “preoccupied with impeachment and couldn’t focus on the pandemic” he held 9 MAGA rallies and played six rounds of golf.“

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 29, 2020:

It’s over. Covid is over


My question is.....if you have the power of god, why do you need a vaccine?

But you know what? If we all keep saying this, it cant hurt. Visualization.

And equipment and ppe!

And here is real good news: something which was pushed by Trump, when a lot of doctors said no:


Me, I say stomp the virus out


It is sad beyond belief.....we all have different ways of coping

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 09, 2020:

You all make me laugh......corporate media loves men. Always has, always will. The worse, the better. *ratings*

Of course, when used against Hillary Clinton, you all loved it. Now that Warren had a touch, why, it hurts, Dunn it?

“During 2015, major news outlets covered Donald Trump in an unusual way given his low initial polling numbers—a high volume of media coverage preceded Trump’s rise in polls.

Trump’s coverage was positive in tone—he received far more “good press” than “bad press,” largely in the context of the “horserace,” centering on his growing crowds and momentum. The coverage helped propel Trump to the top of Republican polls.

The Democratic race in 2015 received less than half the coverage of the Republican race, partly as a result of journalists’ focus on Trump.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign was largely ignored in the early months but, as he began to get coverage, it was overwhelmingly positive in tone. Sanders’ coverage in 2015 was the most favorable of any of the top candidates, Republican or Democratic.

Hillary Clinton had by far the most negative coverage of any candidate. In 11 of the 12 months, her “bad news” outpaced her “good news,” usually by a wide margin, contributing to her increasingly unfavorable poll ratings in 2015.“



Just like you all loved that Putin hacked.....so you could have your narrative that Hillary rigged....including Warren, btw!

They are uniting again against Biden.....and If people cannot see what is going on, it’s too late for you.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 26, 2020:

Cheat to win.....

Joe Walsh:

“A reminder that Donald Trump cancelled the Republican Primary in South Carolina (GOP primaries were cancelled in ten states) and State Party bosses there are pushing Republicans to vote in the Democratic Primary for Bernie Sanders.“


trumpers and sanderites:

“Who cares, as long as we beat the moderates”

End justifies means. Nihilism.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 15, 2020:

Omg....when I think of all the smears and jeers aimed at “the establishment”, this is just maddening!!

“If you want to attend President Trump's Saturday night fundraiser in Palm Beach, you'd better sell that old Renoir on the wall, quickly marry an oligarch, sell a kidney to a despot who really needs it, or ask Mike Bloomberg for a loan.

The $580,600-per-couple event will be held at the beachfront home of billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, and it's Trump's most expensive fundraising event since he took office, The Washington Post reports. The invitation promises dinner and a photo with Trump, the Post reports, and a Republican National Committee official said 30 or so guests are expected. This event will bring in more than $10 million for Trump's re-election efforts.”


Populist, huh?


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 13, 2020:

Lol, Bloomberg the nanny state!

Is he going to force women to give birth against their will?

Or throw them in prison for having an abortion?


Gee, poor you. No 80 oz cokes. Boohooooo

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 09, 2020:



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 06, 2020:

Which is Jesus, which is Satan?


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 06, 2020:

“Trump's proposed cuts to food stamps would affect:

- 400,000 people in Texas

- 328,000 in Florida

- 225,000 in Pennsylvania

- 176,000 in Washington State

- 165,000 in Michigan

- 118,000 in Wisconsin

- 97,000 in Georgia”

And he wants to block grant Medicaid.........good luck.

I’m just glad I live in a blue state......we care for each other.

And I just saw Pelosi....oh, ahahahaha! Love it.

“He’s talking about something he knows little about....faith and prayer.”

You can say that again. What did Coulter call liberals, Godless?

Look whose talking!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 05, 2020:

“U.S. farm bankruptcies hit an eight-year high: court data”

Don’t believe the hype.


America is dying. Don’t them them kill her off.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 03, 2020:

America is Trump, inc

Anna Massoglia


“New FEC filing: Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign paid $194,247.57 to Trump family members, properties & businesses in the final quarter of last year alone—steering over $1.8 MILLION in donations from presidential campaign donors to Donald Trump’s private interests.”


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 29, 2020:

Trump paid Cohen six months into the presidency.....$35,000 paying him back for paying off his mistress.


Hey Edwards......you were robbed. No way should you have been indicted, gone to trial and lost your bid for president.

Can he get retribution somehow?

And Clinton as well. He never should have been forced to take the stand in his trial.....

He deserves retribution as well.

If we have new rules, those burdened by the old ones should have recompense.

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