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Bad Day for a Cheap Hanging.

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.


Life is far too precious, to just exit it breathless and leave only a departed soul filled with deep regrets.

Bad Day for a Cheap Hanging. |

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It was bad enough that he wanted to end his life, but he was also stuck in the middle of nowhere, fleeing his persistent demons across steaming asphalt. with his car low on gas, and only two bucks in his pocket. The culmination of his total despair caught up with him in Bum-fiddle U.S.A. somewhere just past Iowa. a dismal place far from home to allevaite the shame in a empty place that was a whole lot just like his life filled with of debts unpaid. Even worse it was a dinky tree, with sharp prickers and his rope was a couple of last minute tools knotted out of sheer neccessity. Some soup stained ties, that he used to wear proudly from back when he used to have a job. Most unfortunate as well were the numerous bleeding scratches he acquired trying to string his noose. Nothing blissful or peaceful was found in his demise, even a couple of stray tie-tacks cut deeply into his Adams apple, from the fruits of hs final labor Sadly his neck failed to break. and that left him only inches from the ground, where he suffocated slowly He spent way too much time trying hard not to tippy-toe back to life. He gargled strangled curses and wished as he was dying that he could have found a bigger tree to crucify himself on. The birds discovered him quite a while before the police did, and his socket-less stare would haunt them long after he turned into the bones he had chosen to become. That tree still stands marking his exit from a life grown weary in the middle of a field of dreams left unrealized Think twice before you digest the final slice of your life making an adam's apple pie that is tasteless and cold in a world full of flavors that you will nevermore get to savor.

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


Jen on April 02, 2010:

gruesome! this is what would likely happen to

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