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Baby Shower Thank You Poems from Unborn Baby

Free Baby Shower Thank You Poems

family and friends for coming to your recently born or unborn baby shower.

On this page you will read some cute and innovative thank you poems for baby shower, use this poetry on printable cards or on your Facebook statuses. You may also make little changes to these sample baby shower thank you poems and add names of your guest or add your baby name as well. If you are planning to post it on Facebook, there is no need of any change but if you want to send these poems individually to each guest, better you mention their gifts, surprises and cash money in the poems as well.

The baby shower is a great event to have fun, play games, and sing songs on the arrival of a new life with your family members and close friends, so there are many hearts touching terms that people wish to put into words. There is no doubt that Poetry is the best way of conveying your sentiments and attentions into words.

Funny Thanks from Unborn Baby Girl

A started a journey nine months ago

Still I have few days to catch you guys

Still I am planning how to say thanks

For the gifts and diapers you bring for me

The happiness on your faces to welcome me

Don’t you worry; I will be there very soon

My parents are there for the baby announcement

The baby is on her way to watch the videos

Captured on her baby shower day

I will watch the pre happy moments of my arrival

And pay gratitude once again for showering your gifts

A short baby shower thank you poem

A short baby shower thank you poem

Thank you everyone

I want to thank everyone

Who was able to take time out!

Of their busy day to come celebrate

My baby shower yesterday

It truly means a lot

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God bless you and your family

With all His love and blessing

May you and your family receive!

The abundance of success

Good health and happiness

We love you and thank you all so much

For being in our lives and celebrating

This new beautiful day with us!


Thank you for participating in my baby shower game

First of all thank you aunty

For a cool baby shower game idea

This game was too damn funny

These ladies had to pass a cucumber to each other

Using their legs only while the song "Push It"

By Salt n Pepa played,

When the music stopped if you had the cucumber

In your legs you were out!

I love all of you for being so crazy and participating

The faces and sounds you all made while playing

This game made it that much more hilarious

It's good to have friends as crazy as you are


A thank from unborn

I am not born yet

Living in the paradise

Of unborn babies

Watching your unconditional

Love and care for me

Thank you for bringing

Flexible toys and diapers

Little cash and cupcakes

Crazy games and songs

I owe you a smiley face

For all these gifts

Wait for me

I am just coming

Roses and violets

Roses are red

Violets are blue

You join my party

Very thanks you


An advance thank you poem

Thanks for all the lovely gifts

Greetings and wishes to my family

Aunts and friends for my baby shower

I really cannot believe

That I am so blessed in life

Thanks everyone, believe me

It really means a lot

Thanks for all the lovely wishes and gifts

Without you guys, I wouldn’t have enjoyed so much

Thanks a lot

To all my friends, thank you so much!

Tummy time

I had a very good day!

I spend an awesome time in tummy with my mom

I got early baby shower gifts for my arrival

It makes me happy to have good people in my life

That want to make sure I have what I need

Thank you to all that have looked out for me,

I am already grateful for that

I think God stands with me during these moments

I might get down, but He finds a way to bring me back up

Thanks you all!

Choose your favorite baby shower thank you poem and paste it on your personally designed cards.

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