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Attitude affects how everything will play out

I like literature. Poetry opens my mind. Lyrics are a rhythm for me to move along to during the day. I'm a lyricist for Gudda Boi Classics.

The things we pay attention affects our attitude



On a cloudy day, I'm sure you'll think twice before leaving behind your hoody.

Anything that appears dreary tends to impact the attitude in a discouraging way. Typically clear skies and sunshine may cause a more nonchalant attitude towards the day. Clouds tend to discourage the strength of a person's confidence and speed of movement because their thinking about whether or not it will rain.

People that don't pay attention to clouds won't think twice about what will affect their movement and they'll move readily without thought of lightning or a raindrop.

A person's attitude is affected as much as that person allows which all boils down to that person's level of consciousness and self control.

Your attitude dictates the flow of your natural response time to nature therefore control your attitude or nature will control you as it so pleases.

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