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Attention All Skinny Girls - This One's For You!

For all those who are thin, slim and proud!

If you are easily offended, I don’t suggest you read this. This won’t be pretty for some of you and it may hurt a little. I will not hold back on this one and am not here to tip-toe around feelings. Be advised, I warned you!

Slender and Proud

Slender and Proud

Skinny Girls Fight Back!

Okay skinny girls; this one’s for you. Are you sick of the diatribe of attacks on us? I am. I have had it up to my scrawny little neck in fact. If one more media outlet attacks another model, celebrity or fashion designer for being thin, I might just crack. Okay, let’s face it, I am cracking! When I flip on the tube and a bunch of robust, cackling females sit around (because that’s what they are good at) in a circle and point fingers at us skinnies, I am outraged. First our nation begins with “no child left behind” and now it’s “no fatties left behind”. Disgusting

Who am I? I am just an average female who just so happens to be of slender, athletic build. If you are of average height and proportionally healthy weight wise, then perhaps you feel my angst. Aren’t you sick of the utter nerve of fat women who would rather perpetuate and celebrate obesity (they call it curves) rather than address the epidemic that is rabid in our country? Once again, I am.

Is Obesity the new "Sexy"?

Statistically Speaking...

Here are some facts. According to the CDC, between 2008-2009, 33.9% of adults over 20 yrs. Of age are obese. 34.4% of adults in the same age category are overweight, while 19.6% of children age 6-11 yrs. Are also obese! Obese, people! Do you understand what that means? It means that 68.3% of our adult population are overweight. And this is the new cool? The sad news is, not only are adults growing in size but these plump folks are all producing offspring and then stuffing their faces with the same packaged preservatives and deep fried nutrition which has escalated this problem.

According to Business Insider, obesity is the plague of the 21st century. Yet we have become so politically correct we are unable to bring it up lest we hurt someone’s feelings. When was anorexia ever talked about in sensitive hushed tones anyway? Not that I condone anorexic disorders. This is not about them. This is about those of us who are a normal average size. I am just personally tired of placating the massive masses. Next time you want to assume some small girl is “too” skinny, I hope you think about the fact that you most likely have high cholestoral, diabetes, respiratory issues, can’t run, organs failing and are on your way to a heart attack. How’s that for sickness? And the sad thing is your coffin will cost your family WAY more than mine!


How About a Thinning Out...

The irony is we think we need population control? In essence, if these giants would consume less, they would produce far less waste and therefore unclog the toilets of our nation, so to speak. Downsizing….that’s really what we need. Limit the amount of mass one person is allowed to have in order for less space to be occupied. But no, instead, restaurants are regulated and required to have “extra large seats” and everything is now being “super-sized”. Pathetic. At least those of us who are skinny would unselfishly waste away rather than allow our BMI to dinosaur across this planet, stomping on the little guy.

About Fashion and Models

Okay, let’s address the models and the fashion industry, which so often come under attack. First of all, have you ever seen a rolly polly model walk down a runway? Not attractive. Why would any fashion designer wish to shove a ton of meaty flesh into their perfectly tailored, delicate clothing? They don’t. The skinny haters will try but the fact of the matter is that clothing simply LOOKS better on women with slender figures. Why? Well, perhaps because nothing is stuffed or hanging out. There are no uneven bulges or dimples being exposed. Perhaps it is because most of us prefer NOT to watch a rhinoceros plow down the runway. I mean, if you want to get realistic about it, it simply isn’t economical for new fashion designers to purchase entire crops of cotton just to clothe one model’s rotund figure!

And on that note, what is the deal with clothing sizes getting smaller. I mean come on, size 3 is REALLY a size 6 but all you marshmallows want to pretend you are a real size 3. It’s outrageous. I can’t even find my clothing size anymore unless I visit the youth section (which is also increasing in size). It’s beginning to be a serious nuisance that our stores are being taken over by massive plus size sections and we little ones are stuck with a few puny articles to choose from. That’s all thanks to you and your whining.

Just because it has lettuce on it...doesn't make it healthy!

Just because it has lettuce on it...doesn't make it healthy!

Leave Us Skinny Girls Alone!

Do I sound angry? I am. Because if one more whale looks down on me and shakes her head with that look which assumes I have an eating disorder and then struts (full hips swaying) around expressing her acceptance of fatness, I might scream. This façade that fat is the new sexy, is a myth. It is a complete lie created by fat women who are completely dissatisfied with the rolls but rather than face THEIR eating disorder they attack us skinnies!

Yes, I realize some of you may be reading this and scoffing at my outspoken frankness but it is about time someone stuck up for the skinny girl. After all, it’s not like we have all gathered together and decided to become breathatarians. Many of us are completely normal, healthy adults. We eat what our body needs. We get off the couch once in a while. We prefer to be able to move around without sounding like we are snorkeling up the hill. There is nothing wrong with us! I’m sorry if your metabolism is a bit backlogged by cheetos, ding-dongs and soda. Not my fault.