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Attention All Skinny Girls - This One's For You!

For all those who are thin, slim and proud!

If you are easily offended, I don’t suggest you read this. This won’t be pretty for some of you and it may hurt a little. I will not hold back on this one and am not here to tip-toe around feelings. Be advised, I warned you!

Slender and Proud

Slender and Proud

Skinny Girls Fight Back!

Okay skinny girls; this one’s for you. Are you sick of the diatribe of attacks on us? I am. I have had it up to my scrawny little neck in fact. If one more media outlet attacks another model, celebrity or fashion designer for being thin, I might just crack. Okay, let’s face it, I am cracking! When I flip on the tube and a bunch of robust, cackling females sit around (because that’s what they are good at) in a circle and point fingers at us skinnies, I am outraged. First our nation begins with “no child left behind” and now it’s “no fatties left behind”. Disgusting

Who am I? I am just an average female who just so happens to be of slender, athletic build. If you are of average height and proportionally healthy weight wise, then perhaps you feel my angst. Aren’t you sick of the utter nerve of fat women who would rather perpetuate and celebrate obesity (they call it curves) rather than address the epidemic that is rabid in our country? Once again, I am.

Is Obesity the new "Sexy"?

Statistically Speaking...

Here are some facts. According to the CDC, between 2008-2009, 33.9% of adults over 20 yrs. Of age are obese. 34.4% of adults in the same age category are overweight, while 19.6% of children age 6-11 yrs. Are also obese! Obese, people! Do you understand what that means? It means that 68.3% of our adult population are overweight. And this is the new cool? The sad news is, not only are adults growing in size but these plump folks are all producing offspring and then stuffing their faces with the same packaged preservatives and deep fried nutrition which has escalated this problem.

According to Business Insider, obesity is the plague of the 21st century. Yet we have become so politically correct we are unable to bring it up lest we hurt someone’s feelings. When was anorexia ever talked about in sensitive hushed tones anyway? Not that I condone anorexic disorders. This is not about them. This is about those of us who are a normal average size. I am just personally tired of placating the massive masses. Next time you want to assume some small girl is “too” skinny, I hope you think about the fact that you most likely have high cholestoral, diabetes, respiratory issues, can’t run, organs failing and are on your way to a heart attack. How’s that for sickness? And the sad thing is your coffin will cost your family WAY more than mine!


How About a Thinning Out...

The irony is we think we need population control? In essence, if these giants would consume less, they would produce far less waste and therefore unclog the toilets of our nation, so to speak. Downsizing….that’s really what we need. Limit the amount of mass one person is allowed to have in order for less space to be occupied. But no, instead, restaurants are regulated and required to have “extra large seats” and everything is now being “super-sized”. Pathetic. At least those of us who are skinny would unselfishly waste away rather than allow our BMI to dinosaur across this planet, stomping on the little guy.

About Fashion and Models

Okay, let’s address the models and the fashion industry, which so often come under attack. First of all, have you ever seen a rolly polly model walk down a runway? Not attractive. Why would any fashion designer wish to shove a ton of meaty flesh into their perfectly tailored, delicate clothing? They don’t. The skinny haters will try but the fact of the matter is that clothing simply LOOKS better on women with slender figures. Why? Well, perhaps because nothing is stuffed or hanging out. There are no uneven bulges or dimples being exposed. Perhaps it is because most of us prefer NOT to watch a rhinoceros plow down the runway. I mean, if you want to get realistic about it, it simply isn’t economical for new fashion designers to purchase entire crops of cotton just to clothe one model’s rotund figure!

And on that note, what is the deal with clothing sizes getting smaller. I mean come on, size 3 is REALLY a size 6 but all you marshmallows want to pretend you are a real size 3. It’s outrageous. I can’t even find my clothing size anymore unless I visit the youth section (which is also increasing in size). It’s beginning to be a serious nuisance that our stores are being taken over by massive plus size sections and we little ones are stuck with a few puny articles to choose from. That’s all thanks to you and your whining.

Just because it has lettuce on it...doesn't make it healthy!

Just because it has lettuce on it...doesn't make it healthy!

Leave Us Skinny Girls Alone!

Do I sound angry? I am. Because if one more whale looks down on me and shakes her head with that look which assumes I have an eating disorder and then struts (full hips swaying) around expressing her acceptance of fatness, I might scream. This façade that fat is the new sexy, is a myth. It is a complete lie created by fat women who are completely dissatisfied with the rolls but rather than face THEIR eating disorder they attack us skinnies!

Yes, I realize some of you may be reading this and scoffing at my outspoken frankness but it is about time someone stuck up for the skinny girl. After all, it’s not like we have all gathered together and decided to become breathatarians. Many of us are completely normal, healthy adults. We eat what our body needs. We get off the couch once in a while. We prefer to be able to move around without sounding like we are snorkeling up the hill. There is nothing wrong with us! I’m sorry if your metabolism is a bit backlogged by cheetos, ding-dongs and soda. Not my fault.

Take a look at Europeans. They don’t have an obesity problem. Why? Because there isn’t a MCDONALDS at every street corner! They aren’t pumping their kids full of unnecessary calories, sugars and preservatives. They eat well balanced meals which consist of fresh produce…yes PRODUCE, that means veggies (no, French fries do not count). You want to know what it takes to be skinny, not much. Eat less. Exercise more. In fact, if you spent more time getting in shape, you would have less time to sit and project hatred toward our lovely figures.

Guys are off the Hook

Are you wondering why I’m not attacking the overweight men here? Well, it’s simple. You don’t see THEM on talk shows complaining about the latest actress starving herself. They also aren't cramming their over large back side into a pair of skinny jeans (and they are called that for a reason) and asking us if they are too fat! The guys have a bit more common sense than some of you gals. At least they are realistic about being overweight. They may not like it and they may not do anything about it either but they aren’t fabricating an existence where their beer gut is hot and kankles are appealing now are they? In fact, most guys know they need to diet and exercise. They also know that when you ask them if you are fat (and you are) they are programmed to say no, when in essence they would prefer to tell you your flab’s of fleshiness are becoming a hindrance. They don’t want to hurt your feelings but YES, you are fat and they don’t really like it. Luckily for you they love and accept you. Just do them a favor, clean out the fuzz balls and cookie crumbs once in awhile.



Keep it Covered!

Furthermore, when it comes to apparel, if it isn’t too much to ask, would you mind please PUTTING SOME CLOTHES ON! You don’t look good in spandex when it looks like it was poured around you. You also shouldn’t wear short shorts or skirts when your thigh dimples are crevices bigger than my eye sockets. And while you may enjoy showing off what you call voluptuous breasts please note that is not cleavage....that is the Grand Canyon and it is NOT a natural wonder so keep it covered. Cellulite is about as attractive as leprosy. Yes, we all get it, even us skinny girls. The difference is we don’t embrace it, flaunt it and pretend our men love it. So, although it may take a herd of sheep to create your attire, it is well worth the investment in my opinion.

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Obesity in America

If you can't see it, it's probably not clean!

Let's discuss hygiene now for a moment shall we? Basically, it all boils down to this...if you can't see it, reach it or touch it, it's most likely not too clean. I mean seriously, I know if you can't touch those toes, you most likely haven't cleaned between them in awhile. I certainly know you aren't able to balance yourself on one leg in order to shave your legs so I have to bring it up. Being obese is not only affecting you but those who are around you. If you haven't seen below the gut in awhile, it's time to make a change...don't you think?

Need Help Losing Weight?

Skinny and Proud!

Look, I'm not here to offend women (after all I am one of you). Nor am I lacking in compassion. I understand many of you are out there taking one step forward and two steps back, struggling to overcome weight issues and maintain optimal health. This is not meant to discount your efforts. Rather,I am simply addressing the current societal trends which are becoming inherent in our media to promote and advocate for obesity rather than disintegrate it. This idea that it is okay to be obese is bogus. It is not sexy, not healthy and not setting an example for our children. It will never be okay in my book to see people eat themselves to death or be hoisted out of bed or shut in because they are too large to experience life. It's simply NOT an okay and "cool" thing and while curves can be sexy, fat is not. It kills and it shouldn't be glamorized any more than anorexia.

Just think if you were skinny, you could save money, breathe better and wouldn’t harass the person next to you on the airplane just by sitting down. If you really want to talk about the girl who’s looking a little ribby, I suggest you look in the mirror at the potbelly ready for roasting and save your judgments for someone who’s fatter. I personally have had it with your insulting lack of self control. Stop perpetuating this epidemic in our media and among our children. Fat is not okay, obese is worse. If this categorizes you, do something about it or keep your scoffs to yourself. I refuse to allow another double stuff to cause me to recalculate my metabolic intake. I am skinny and I am proud!

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Kayla on November 28, 2016:

Amen! Skinny and proud. Everyone should be happy with themselves, but no one should make unhealthy a new "sexy trend"

Holly on May 07, 2016:

Yet another stupid article about someone that needs to put others down to make herself feel better. Must be nice to round us all up like cattle and stamp fat on are foreheads. Mean while men are wondering what are they fighting about now. Every person is different so the first thing you need to learn is stop comparing this person to that person. We are all human beings and all of are feelings need to be regarded. Whither your the tall slim girl or your the big round girl you are both women. We need to stop putting each other down. We need to be nice to one another and respect each others differences. Everyone is body obsessed and it's so dumb, insecurity it what is most unattractive. People need to left each other up not drag each other down.

William on March 28, 2016:

Please.. You arent really angry about people calling you skinny. This has to be a joke. And calling people whales and other hurtful names is not tough love or helping anyone. You say your trying get people to think... But really all theyre going to think is that you are a hateful person. Maybe you're the one who needs to think.

Mtg on March 27, 2016:

You showed that your head isnt in reality, so sad.

Im curvy AND healthy(so are many other curvy ladies), and men do like thick and curvy women, my friends and I get asked out all of the time by men, very attractive ones at that.

So please.. Dont make generalizations, thanks hon!

sneha yadav on March 10, 2016:

thank you for the post. i am skinny and i love it :) but some ppl will never understand.

vivian on March 08, 2016:

hey i am a skinny asian girl. i am 5"2 tall and weigh around 95-98lbs mostly when i age over 22.

i am naturally skinny and i love it.

When i was a child i got attacked with disgusting words coz i was much thinner at that time but when i grew up i got admiration. Seems asian are more accepting people with different body types.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on August 24, 2015:

Every single one of you who commented, Thank You. You have just proven the reason I have written in this way. It is important I have caused you to think or feel something, even if it is anger. At least you will remember.

ace on September 07, 2014:

I'm slim (not super-skinny, but athletic) and honestly I don't care if anyone is overweight as long as they're healthy and happy with who they are. I do, however, definitely get tired of being told to "eat a sandwich" or "eww you're so skinny you aren't a real woman!" or "you're just a bony stick insect" when I am actually NOT very thin at all. I have muscles, I run and lift weights, and my bones are not especially visible. It disturbs me that the perception of what is healthy has gotten SO skewed that people think there is something wrong with being able to see a woman's vertebrae or collarbone or a hint of abdominal definition. THIS IS NORMAL. My ex's mother, who weighed well over 300 pounds, used to worry that I was "anorexic" because my backbone wasn't covered with fat and I didn't usually go back for seconds after a meal. That is seriously, seriously messed up. I'm worried that this fat acceptance movement is doing more harm than good if it's skewing people's perception of what a healthy person looks like and eats like. I keep being told it's all about helping larger girls have better self-esteem, and I'm fine with that. But if larger women feel good about themselves why are they attacking me? Why are they so invested in tearing me down for having an athletic body?

colbeyfreddie on September 05, 2014:

It's awesome to read an article that stands up for us skinnies.

Thank You.


I hope you're to upset that a guy has read this.

Chicks on August 28, 2014:

I am a bit on the heavy side (but not obese) and my mom is very skinny. I hear all the time that I eat too much and that I should watch my food and she hears that she eats to little and should try to eat more. It doesn't matter which end of the scale you are, you're gonna hear something anyway. So live as healthy as you can and that's all...

Tiredofhatefulfatchicks on August 20, 2014:

Best article I have ever read in my life - thank you so much!! I am so tired of how it is ok for 'big' girls to make jokes to me about how I need to eat something cause I am just soooooo tiny. Um, ok, so I can walk up to you at lunch and say ' damn, fatty, you really think you need that'? No, it's a double standard cause the whole world is getting fat and trying to make us feel bad for being skinny.

I also totally feel your pain on clothes shopping - plenty of XL and XXL and XXXXXXXLLLLLLLLLL, but how about a nice small? So much harder to find. Why are we turning being unaturally large into a 'culture' thing?

It's not culture - you are fat.

LOVE IT!!!!!! Rant over.

Sarah on August 19, 2014:

Completely agreed, great article - thanks for it! - though it was sad to use terms like hippo! You could have just gone with overweight, thick, obese etc.

The conversation needs to be about expanding body diversity, without putting anyone down and with a focus on health - that tends to be 'smaller and skinnier'. Even for those with bigger builds, healthy doesn't include excess rolls or fat.

It pains me to see overweight and obese women using 'real women have curves. men love curves' etc as their motto and trying to base their self worth on their 'curves' and bashing other body types and feeling proud of how many stares they get from men.

It's just pathetic to put so much of their 'confidence' into their excess fat- which is essentially what boobs and bum are. Super skinny girls can have really curvy builds as well - more defined usually too, anyone of any size showing heaps of cleavage or a tight skirt will get stares - and the majority of guys who stare at an obese lady displaying cleavage are probably not thinking 'damn, she's hotter than my skinny gf!' but thinking 'wow, that's obviously unhealthy.' This is something that all those thicker ladies who love to boast about how they 'get checked out' by other girl's bfs- need to get told- and straight up. I'm sure most of these ladies already know this- but they are so sadly insecure they need to rant about how they are just this sexual object of desire and better than 'boring typical skinny girls' - problematic in so many ways...

It's a gross double standard that because skinny people are perceptively privileged and 'the standard', it's socially acceptable to call them sticks, anorexic, 12 year old boys... etc. All of this is just so nonsensical, it is crazy that these are even normalised insult terms. I've had to bite my tongue so many times to stop myself from just retaliating just as offensively but the more it happens, the more I feel it's just important that we don't bother to hold back.

Even with push for body diversity, 'fat acceptance' can only go so far. You can call all skinny girls anorexic but it's not the same as calling all people over a certain size overweight - unless you wanna ignore real facts. Anorexia being a mental illness and overweight/obese being recognised as legit health status terms. Anorexia and pressure to be skinny is undeniably a huge issue but stats still show that obesity is a leading epidemic and can be labeled a form of slow suicide.

To be pro-body diversity, you can't shame out 1 body type to 'lift' another. If you gotta insult someone else in the process to feel good about yourself- that's not real confidence. Just insulting to everyone. I know a few thicker ladies with real confidence who completely agree- why would you want to be complimented based on someone else getting bagged out? It just implies a bitterness, jealousy and isn't a solid, legit form of compliment at all.

Such common sense stuff but sadly, so many are deluded!

Ok, rant over!

Brooke on August 19, 2014:

Best article out.

Also men do not like fat over weight scum and do NOT check fat people out @curvy & I love it. They think you are the fat whale-like tubs of lard that you are. Also you're probably some super obese cow and not in the slightest bit "curvy." That goes for the rest of you who are too lazy to get your arses into gear.

Skinny people pride!

straight_talk on August 10, 2014:

Yeeeessssss!!!:) wow you are very insightful and true! I'm super skinny and some hippo sitting behind a keyboard will always give me crap on ASK.FM to ain weight. (Wtf?? What is wrong with you..?)

To all you haters:

****The poor girl clearly stated "this is straight forward and might offend some of you" you OBVIOUSLY new who you were and kept reading anyway.

****you apes have never heard anything like this so quit acting like it hurts "every time you hear it"

**** she was VERY discretionitive in most of her words.

****jesus.. SHUT UP. Your nasty people have the gull to act like being skinny is bad or a disease. Sorry we don't don't want to have type 2 diabetes at age 12 then die of a stroke at 45

gigi_bones on August 01, 2014:

Although I completely understand your anger and frustration, I don't believe it is necessary to use such offensive words to make your point. Sure, rhinoceros is no cuss word but you are using it with the means of being offensive.

I am 5'2 (27 years old) and have weight 85 lbs ever since middle school. Even after bearing children my weight goes right back done.

Yes it infuriates me when some asshole tells me to eat a burger or asks if I am anorexic. And a lot of times i ask myself why it is okay to tell a petite person to eat something but when a petite person tells a big person to lay off the food it is NOT OKAY.

One person's ignorance isn't everybody else's wrong doing. Just because an over weight person tried to put you doing by criticizing your slim body doesn't make it okay for you to bash down everyone else who isn't thin.

Every bodies body are different, and let's face is, some women look way better chubby than what they do thin && vice versa.

♡♡one love♡♡

Kaitlin on July 31, 2014:

Actually, skinny people can be show offs as much as fat people. Like in schools (i am saying this cuz it has happened to me), they are just like "Oh if you became skinny like me, you would be pretty" Although being fat isn't attractive, that is still showing off.

Morgan Drish on July 29, 2014:

I loved this article, even though it's a little bit older it's become more relevant then ever. I am naturally skinny, and I grew up being asked if I had an eating disorder as a kid. I still get called things like "bean pole" and I'm in college. I don't think that over women especially ones that are alittle bit bigger realize what naturally skinny women go through too. It's hard. Being skinny doesn't automatically give you this huge amount of self confidence. It took me 7 years to be comfortable enough to wear a bikini to the pool because you could see my hip bones. I tried to gain weight. Drinking extra protein shakes, more sweets or trying to lift weights and bulk up. Because that's what I was being told from my peers was what pretty was. That being skinny was pretty but that I was past that point. And now it's starting all over again online. I see Instagram posts and blog posts that talk lift up girls that aren't skinny (which I think is wonderful because everyone should be confident in who they are and everyone should feel pretty) but while lifting up other girls they target and attack girls like me. Even though I'm skinny don't I deserve to feel confident? Don't I deserve to feel pretty? It's hard to when I read things like those posts. This life is hard enough! Do we really need to target and bully each other based on our body types to feel better about our own? Certainly not! Build yourself up, don't tear others down. And this goes for everyone of every shape and size.

Curvy & I love it on July 22, 2014:

Just so as you know you skinny girls don't have it all, just cos you carry a bottle of water & think you're going to live forever, you're still going to look stupid lying on a hospital bed dying of something.

I can be out somewhere shopping & 'your' husbands still check out my curvy figure & natural big bust, go figure that out. . . . .

CURVY & HOOOOOTTT on July 19, 2014:

go eat a burrgr bich

CURVY & HOOOOOTTT on July 19, 2014:

ur such a h8r! if i wuz a boyy i wuld b prod to d8 a curvvy ladie

FU anurexxic

Ex-fatgirl rant on June 23, 2014:

I used to be fat. My family is fat. I have PCOS, suffered from depression (the clinical one, not the "i'm bored" type), I wasted 8 years of my life in an abusive relationship with an alcoholic. My metabolism is crap because I was never healthily fed as a child and learnt to eat garbage as an adult. I was a miserable, judgemental obese person who claimed that everyone thinner than me was anorexic, and I actually felt better about myself bashing people like that. Did I mention that I also suffered from insomnia and was always too tired and out of breath to play with my child? Oh, and I was also a smoker, mind you. And then...

Hello, Breast Cancer!

I had to change my eating habits and I had to work out because I needed to lose weight in order to get surgery. Suddenly, the imminent threat of dying in the short term "magically" made me thin and removed the long term blurry threat of obesity with all its silent symptoms and slow-crawling consequences.

Of course "magically" stands for discipline, healthy eating, and changing several things in my life.

I'm now 28, cancer free, and trying hard at getting a six pack... because I can. (And, yes, I have to put up with comments such as "you're anorexic. Have a cheeseburger" Oh, the irony...)

So... I had ALL of the excuses. And I mean ALL OF THEM, to be obese. Turns out, none of them were stronger than the determination to save myself from cancer .

I understand what you say. I was like that. I was obese, miserable, jealous, and I suffered from so many medical conditions that tend to put weight on people.

I still have PCOS, I still suffer from depression and insomnia because my brain chemistry is f***ed up (although I've managed to cut on the medication) and my metabolism is still ruined and probably will ever be. That's my genetic/biologic/upbringing baggage. The extra weight, the attitude, and everything else, gone. What changed? I did.

I look back on how I was then and I realise that I had become a Queen of Justifications and Priestess of Double Standards. I was able to think "Fat is not unhealthy" and "I'm fat because I'm ill" at the same time. "That model is anorexic" and "That actress is getting sooo fat". "I'm beautiful the way I am. I embrace my curves" and "I'm going to try these potentially dangerous pills to slim down". Completely delusional.

My point in all this rant is:

I understand addiction, I understand emotional eating.

See how this so called "fat acceptance movement" is always trying to say "love yourself because you are better than other women and men prefer you to other women" instead of saying "love yourself and take good care of yourself"?

All these arguments and excuses come from a person who is feeling miserable.

Should we condone this sad state of mind and call it the new normal allowing people to bash on other people just to feel better about themselves? No. That's overcompensating. It's wrong and it is even unhealthier than being obese.

People who truly love themselves and are happy, whatever the size they are, (whatever their economical situation, whatever anything, for that matter) are too busy being happy and don't have time to put someone else down.

I can't stress it enough. This is overcompensation: "Being healthy at a normal weight (medically normal) is too difficult (it actually is for some of us), so I'll just be aggressive towards other people who have never wronged me and repeat to boredom that I love the way I am. Also, I'll put the skinny girls who used to bully me in school in the same bag with all the other thin people in the world, and use a serious eating disorder as an insult. But beware: I will be ready to start a war if anyone dares to say my rolls are not the curves that men crave. All this, while I eat my way into a somewhat early grave"

Change the mind set, and we will be much healthier as a society. Even if we aren't all that thin.

Fat is not a bad word. It is a symptom that can have so many causes. It's a symptom we shouldn't be ashamed of because not all of us were born lucky. Should we embrace that symptom and its causes? Should my ex embrace the fact he is an alcoholic and that is very difficult for him to quit because some humans are genetically more prone to have an addiction? No.

We should embrace ourselves by addressing our manageable health issues without being mean to others.

Not easy at all, but doable. I'm living proof.

So, yeah... let's cut the crap with the "I have the right to bully you because I've been bullied" and the "I'll try to convince the world I like how I look, although I secretly hate myself". You're not all that happy if you are constantly repeating that you are not only happy, but even more happy than those "sticks". Unhappiness is your main problem. Deal with it. There's plenty of good people out there willing to help with that.

Love to all.

(Disclaimer: English is not my native language. I'm sorry for any mistakes in this horrible long rant.... and, yes... sorry for the long rant)

Brandy on June 19, 2014:

I feel you alright a lot of girls look at me like I'm anorexic and I'm not I just can't gain weight like am I a nasty skinny? Like I can't help it if I can't gain weight I hate it so much like some chubby girl looked at me and said "I'm sorry we all can't have the perfect body" like I don't even know you... It was weird but yeah I think it is stupid for guys to like a curvy girl like what about us skinnies are we to skinny for you? But I don't mind seeing chubby or fat girls wear like short shorts or clothes a skinny girl would wear because that girl is confident with her body it's just that maybe you shouldn't wear that... I just don't understand why some girls have to like call you too skinny or tell you to gain weight like can you not see that I try I eat a lot! And no matter what I do I just can not gain weight I don't know if that's bad or what but a lot of girls tell me to gain weight and I just can't no matter what I'm fine with my body like I think it looks good but I wish that people didn't have to tell me those things

me on May 28, 2014:

*fat not day

Me on May 28, 2014:

This really upsets me that you felt the need to post something like this, and the fact that so many people are supporting it. Obesity is a serious issue, and your right that it shouldn't be glorified. Even though, nowhere have I seen anything that says being fast is attractive. Almost all of the media and everything else is saying that in order to be pretty you have too be thin as a twig. I don't know where you got the idea that "day is the new sexy", because that's not at all what society is saying. In actuality we are being told the opposite.

And honestly, if anything, this entire post is quite mean and disrespectful. Being skinny is totally fine, I happen to be as well, and of course being fit and healthy is great, but this is no way to promote that. I am absolutely horrified by some of things that you said in this post. The names that you were using were quite offensive. I really don't think that it's necessary to call ANYBODY a whale, a rhinoceros, or a fatty.

Also, the part about why models should be skinny, is absolutely outrageous. What you wrote was very mean and completely unnecessary. The section about how models have to tiny so that the clothes look good is so wrong. Many of the models on the runways suffer from some type of disorder because of the insane expectations for their bodies to be unhealthily small, and their bodies are completely unrealistic for most women. By only showing models this way, you are basically telling women and girls that you have to look that way in order to look beautiful, and that all other body types are not. This in itself causes so many problems, especially for young girls, as the tiny women that you see as models are usually so unhealthy.

And on the subject of clothing sizes, only less than 10% of all women could ever possibly be a size zero, due to their bone structure. Most people are not built that way. If you are, then good for you, and if that makes you happy, then awesome! But you have no right to slam other women for not being that way. Things like anorexia and other serious problems come from thoughts and perspectives like this. These too kill many people. You wrote about children having health complications because of obesity, but you failed to mention those which come from eating disorders and other similar problems, which by the way, are contributed to by articles like this one.

It's this type of thing that makes people feel bad about themselves, start to lose their confidence, and lose their self esteem. If you have negative feelings about people with a certain body type, you should really just keep them to yourself. You had no right to post something this judgemental. And by the way, the whole reason you said that you wrote this was because you were sick of people looking down on you and judging you for being thin. But in what you wrote you did the exact same thing, but towards larger women.You don't know what people's stories are, so you shouldn't make pre-judgements and stereotypes about entire groups of people, just because of their physical appearance, or anything else for that matter.

Instead of trying to tear each other down, we should be supportive of one another and encourage others. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. It doesn't matter what size you are, or how you look, you are wonderful and have so much to give to the world. It's not what's on the outside that matters, but what's on the inside. No matter if you're skinny, or not, your beautiful the way you are. Of course it's best to be fit and healthy, but everyone's healthy looks different. We shouldn't make other people feel bad about their bodies. Your body is YOURS, and nobody else's. Love yourself, but help others to do so in the process.

Val on May 17, 2014:

Wow! Finally someone is sticking up for us skinny girls. I'm tired of the heavier girls looking at me and criticizing my body. I don't want to be overweight. I understand the enormous complications that might arise from it and honestly I like not putting any effort at all into my movements. I have no extra baggage at all to carry around. I really appreciate this article. This country has spent too long justifying obesity. It is not okay.

Awesomeness on May 06, 2014:

That was pretty awesome. I, too, am skinny and yes, I am tired of fat people making fun of me, when really they should shut their yap. This has boosted my confidence, thanks for sticking up for the skinny girls!

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on April 21, 2014:

Actual Curves & Rose:

I could have wrote a much sweeter, more positive focused article…I know this. Instead I was extremely raw and pushy…I know this. I am not obese, I do not know what it is like. I know what addiction is like. I know what depression is like. I know what it's like to feel so ugly and so overlooked or embarrassed. I understand self pain. I understand the need to be loved and accepted. I didn't write it to relate to anyone, I wrote it to spark change…even pissed off change is good. Obesity is truly a problem that is causing an alarming increase in deaths. Childhood obesity is even worse. So if I hurt a young girls feelings or anyone else's, I am sorry…I know it's mean. Acceptance is making it worse.

Rose on April 13, 2014:

I agree with you for the most part, although I can't say I agree with your methods. Calling someone a "whale" or referring to anyone as "giant" or "fatty" is NOT tough love. It's mean. And hurtful and catty. And you're a grown woman, with lots of young impressionable girls who read this and either feel awful about themselves or think that it's now okay to go call someone who's body they deem unattractive or too large hurtful, derogatory names like those. With influence comes responsibility and telling these girls that it's okay to be hateful and call it "truth" and "tough love" is an

incredibly damaging message to send. Honestly, if someone wants to live an unhealthy lifestyle, it's their decision and if they want to be proud of it, it's their choice too. They can be proud of whatever they want to because it's THEIR pride and THEIR body. Does that make it okay for them to be mean and hurtful to anyone who's skinny? Absolutely not. Skinny people should be proud of what they want to be proud of, but they don't have to do it in a way that's going to hurt someone else. This article is promoting vindictiveness and spite which in my opinion, is worse than obesity anyway. I'm healthy but if I had to choose between being obese and having a kind, loving heart and the ability to empathize OR sympathize, and being in incredible shape but not being able to ACTUALLY love and want to help someone, or being cruel and catty, I would choose being fat any day. My heart aches for ANYONE that has gone home crying or spent hours bemoaning their body, especially because of something someone else said, whether fat or skinny. It's not okay for anyone to shame someone for their body or their health level, no matter what it is. I have a personal motto of "Be nice to everyone. Period. Even if they're mean to you." Because honestly, if someone's mean to me, that's their decision and no ones says they have to be nice, but my decision isn't to reciprocate hate and cruelty, it's to be kind and to remember that I don't know they're journey or what makes them like they are, and being mean back isn't going to help anyone, it's just going to hurt both of us. There was a way to say all of these things, and to encourage fellow thin women, WHILE encouraging overweight women, out of love, but this wasn't it.

Actual Curves on March 31, 2014:

Hello here is someone with a 22" waist and 40" hips and bust who is very annoyed at your generalising women who call themselves curvy as an excuse for being obese. It isn't ALL women. And hate does not trump hate. I think your post is ignorant, superficial and very narrow-minded. This is just another slate at your fellow woman-kind - who may I add are all part of the fight for equality that's been happening for every bit of our lives. I find it disgusting that another woman would so easily make a complaint about being slated for being slim whilst insulting those larger women.

A more positive way to write an article like this is to put more energy on yourself and how you've overcome these issues through positivity. Not furthermore go on to slate the obese girls (who with a little understanding you'd probably figure out are just stemming their nasty comments from jealousy and insecurity). Your ability to override these issues with compassion and acceptance is what makes you a strong woman. To be compassionate of these women that are clearly struggling with their weight so who would you think is made the bigger fool when they say comments like you're too skinny?? Come on, you're really just speaking from anger and when has anger ever solved anything??

Second is acceptance, accept that these people do not have your figure and may dislike you for it, but who cares? Your body is your body and how you treat it is your choice and if you find it difficult to put on weight even if you can cram a medium pizza and a tub of Ben&Jerry's into your mouth, think of those obese chicks who would put on 3lbs after a meal like that. Accept and embrace who you are. And screw the people saying nasty comments. But don't for one second be hateful towards other women. You just make it easier for us to be divided.

Oh in case you were wondering I look after myself go to the gym 5 times a week, eat healthily and don't turn around to retaliate if someone has a negative comment. I just wanted to turn your negativity into positivity because heck there's too many 'curvy' girls being negative about slender girls as it is. We don't need more negativity in this world. Especially amongst women.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on February 07, 2014:

Melissa - "compulsive overeating" is also a mental health issue. Obesity is an epidemic (not a stigma). People telling people obesity is bad for them and wrong for society is EXACTLY what will help solve the problem. Between that and less fast and processed foods. I agree, people deserve respect. Just as a skinny person deserves respect and not told they are "privileged". As far as the Bill Gates comparison I am trying to say that just because someone is "thin" doesn't mean they haven't worked for it. Just because Bill Gates is "rich" doesn't mean he didn't work for it. Your article relating to "thin privilege" basically undermines anyones determination to be a healthy weight. It takes work to better yourself. If you want to call this "privilege" fine but I disagree. I understand that many people just want to be accepted as they are but in reality, this is perpetuating more and more accepted "obese" people. Loving and caring about people are completely different from enabling and accepting poor choices and health risks.

Melissa A Smith from New York on January 29, 2014:

Dagny roth-- Anorexia is a mental illness. Obesity doesn't exist because of people not telling people it's wrong. The stigma against obesity, particularly with females, is thriving and strong. It doesn't solve the problem, it just creates new ones. I think all people deserve respect regardless of our perceptions of their health. I can't say I understand your Bill Gates comparison.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on January 29, 2014:

First of all....

Thank you Gracie. People could learn a lot from you and you obviously got what I was trying to say.

Melissa - People who are skinny do not have "thin privilege". That is no different than saying Bill Gates has "rich privilege" when in reality he was a brilliant person who worked hard to create something profound. I don't feel sorry for people who jeopardize their health and then tell me to feel sorry for them or pretend like they aren't going to die if they don't stop. I will write the same article for anorexic people as I feel equally strong about that. In a nutshell, many people need to wake up! If we continue to placate obesity, things will not change. If we give a little tough love - maybe obese people would take a second look and become more determined to make healthier change. I want to inspire. In the way of a drill sergeant. To have people laugh at my obvious sarcasm and boldness but in the end realize that it's true, though we would never say any of those things I wrote to anyone, obesity is also a problem and growing...

Lucy - Read above.

Lucy on January 28, 2014:

I understand it can be hurtful having these words thrown at you, but isn't it just the same for overweight people? They get bullied and teased and what's more, more than skinny people do, because society has changed the way a girl should be; even being just the average size for your age can get cat calls of "oi! You're fat!". When really? They're not at all. And you just proved, and I quote, that there are worse things about being overweight than being skinny "those whales". I mean, what right do you get to call overweight people whales? Maybe a skinny person may be compared to 'a stick' but never have I actually seen them be bullied. I have not long left school, so I have been around people of various sizes and ages, not once have I ever encountered someone being mean towards someone else about the fact they're skinny. While being overweight? Yes, that I have seen before me many times. You may be offended by some of the things media says, but do you get bullied like an overweight person? Are you called anything like a whale? Society not only have seemed to somehow made it as if having bones protruding from your body is ok, but to put it into young peoples minds that anything other than skinny or average isn't beautiful. I'm not saying that you can't be very skinny, because I'm not the one who chooses the size you are, but now young people seem to think its good for them to become this size - which, if you're not naturally skinny, can make you turn into this person who is very weak, smells funny etc (well, from what I read on the internet about trying to become anorexic). May be it will go overtime, but who knows. Models are usually/mostly people that are naturally skinny - they have always been skinny from when they're born. I never judge someone on the weight they're, whether its skinny, average, overweight or anything in between, all I look for is a nice personality. The phrase 'if you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you' is probably my motto. Maybe some skinny girls are judged against, but that doesn't give you the right to go around making cat calls to overweight people. 'thick' girls are curvy, not overweight girls - there's a difference between curvy and having fat. But that doesn't mean they still aren't beautiful. Being overweight may not be healthy, but neither is being very skinny. There's no winner, so I don't see why you are complaining about it. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, the sooner society realises that, the better.

Melissa A Smith from New York on January 21, 2014:

The 'But Thin People Get Shammed Too' section here is something you should take a look at.

Gracie1984UK on January 21, 2014:

This article has made my day. FYI, I'm 5ft 4, and a UK size 12 which I think is a US 8. I've recently lost a stone and a half and have battled weight issues since childhood. I have deep rooted issues with food, which I have to learn to keep under control. Ive just reached an NHS recommended 'healthy weight' yet am still quite curvy and a little bit wobbly round certain areas but don't believe I'm still fat. Another stone off would be nice. Anyway, I have to say I love this article and have to say I whole heartedly agree with you. Obesity is not cool or sexy, no more than than anorexia is. Whilst I've never been 'skinny' and doubt I ever will be, I'm sick of the constant attack on slim people just because they don't have the urge to overeat, stay active and eat the right foods. Fat is be moong normal and it's dangerous. Well done for addressing it so well. Elizabeth. England UK

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on January 18, 2014:

Hi Cath! I just love hearing from people like you who GET what I am talking about. I was nicknamed "runt" in school and after two kids am STILL a size 2....Bad me as well lol. Thanks for sharing and I hope you can feel empowered to eat healthy regardless of the naysayers. Skinny & Proud Sister!

Cath on January 15, 2014:

I LOVE this!! As someone who is thin (us size 2), I get so sick of feeling guilty for being naturally skinny! I cop abuse left, right and centre, and even had my best friend call me anorexic in some form of sick joke . It's not funny, it hurts just as much, but for some reason it's fine to mock my body shape, but if I did the same to someone who was overweight Im horrifically rude.

Yes, I can eat a piece of cake and not have to worry about it going to my butt. I get that people who can't do that would get jealous. But it's no reason to beat my esteem down for it . I have just as much trouble gaining weight as they do losing it. Both are hard work!

I agree that we are becoming so forgiving, that it's ok to be obese. Why aren't we ,as a society, focusing on being healthy ? it drives me nuts when I go into a store where I used to fit a 2 and it is now too big. I know I have not lost weight, so the sizing is getting bigger. Where are the stores for skinny, healthy people !

I recently started focusing on eating healthier food now that I'm 25, but my goodness the crap my friends dish out! Apparently it's only commendable to eat healthily if you are overweight. Im not doing it to lose weight, I just want to nourish myself with good food. Bad me..

I have one friend who is in the same boat as me, so it's nice to hear others in the same situation and not get abused for saying anything.

Thank you

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on January 07, 2014:

Thank you for sharing your experience and comment minions1234. I feel guilty sometimes for this article as I certainly am not trying to attack people larger than myself....I am glad you could read between those lines!

minions1234 on December 09, 2013:

I admit I laughed and identified so much with this article. The thing is, I get attacked by girls who are not even overweight and who I think are beautiful as they are. But they still feel they have to put me down as if they think that I secretly believe my skinny frame to be superior. I exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but don't need to to maintain my figure. I believe in focusing on HEALTH, and not just body size even though that may be a general but not exact indicator. I recognize I am fortunate, and can imagine how frustrating it must be for people who genuinely work that much harder for imperceptible differences. On the other hand, there are others who are obese because they do nothing and eat way too much junk. These ppl have no right to glorify their own obesity and certainly no right to trash skinny ppl and definitely deserve this good bonk on the head :)

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on December 06, 2013:

Hi Leticia. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I am not unhappy with my body. I also agree there is a difference between healthy curves, big bones, etc. However, I think society suggests that obesity = curves in many cases. That it is sexy and attractive. We tip toe around this issue in an effort to avoid hurt feelings while allowing these people to think there is nothing wrong with their obvious weight/healthy issues. A good sound thump on the head (or rather blatantly sarcastic and truthful article) is my way of tough love.

leticia. on November 22, 2013:

This article is bullshit. People don't make fun of skinny people. There IS a difference between having curves and being obese. Don't justify you being unhappy with your body by putting down anyone's body type that isn't yours. Get off your high horse. Pathetic.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on August 02, 2013:

Hi Lavenderholly...I am not fighting with hatred, merely a sarcastic yet truthful expression of a widely problematic epidemic. In my opinion, beating around the bush hasn't seemed to change our increasingly growing obesity problem. While I realize my article was written with severity, can you honestly tell me you would like to see more spandex wearing, overweight individuals? No. You would not. So, let's just be honest and this article is just that. Honest.

Victoria Raquel from Tejas on June 20, 2013:

As a girl who has never hit anything over 105 pounds (and trust me, 105 was quite enough for me), I think I'm qualified as a "skinny girl". As a child, I was so extremely skinny and petite that people would oftentimes ask if I had an eating disorder (hint: I didn't know that I did, but I was anorexic) and until a few years ago people would ask me that question ALL of the time. Therefore, I completely understand your frustration.

But to fight hatred with hatred is certainly not the way to go about things. I embrace all body types completely, and who is to say that any of us skinny girls are inherently superior--physically or morally--to our larger female counterparts? When has tearing other women down in society led to any good in the female empowerment movement? This serves to only make one look bigoted rather than mature.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on June 12, 2013:

Love it! Thanks for the shout out Thin!

Thin on May 29, 2013:

LAMO. I love you girl! Took it out of my mouth.

I'm a 95 lb thin, SUPER healthy athlete. Fatties need to suck up their jealousy!

There is no such thing as "too" skinny as long as you're eating.

Skinny Pride!

. on May 29, 2013:


dagny roth (author) from Neverland on April 11, 2013:

I understand where you are coming from BUT this message is meant to empower those women who are naturally thin. I realize the point of view is harsh but tiptoeing around the epidemic and celebrating it only enables.

no on April 03, 2013:

Fat shaming is not the answer to stopping thin shaming.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on January 24, 2013:

Thanks for stopping by Kmichelle!

Kmichelle311 on January 08, 2013:

All I can say is THANK YOU for this post!

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on October 03, 2012:

Thanks Oceansider for commenting. Although this was a lash out at those who tend to attack thinner girls, I give anyone credit who is trying hard to lose weight and find their optimal size. It's not something I've had to struggle with but there are many other areas in my life where I have had to work on myself. I appreciate your open minded support.

Anine - :-)

anine123456789 on October 01, 2012:

You said it sistah!! ;D

oceansider on September 29, 2012:

Hi Dagny,

I agree with you, that being slender is the best thing, especially health wise, but also, being trim and petitte is great.....I am not petite, and have been trying to shed unwanted pounds by changing the way I eat and exercising every day & it is slowly working.....However, I am not huge or anything like that, just over weight and want to be back into a size 7 like I used to be years back!

I really do understand how you feel, probably because my youngest daughter, who is 23 now, is just like you.....petitte and healthy.....she wears a size 3 or size small or extra small, depending upon the cut of the clothing.....And, everyone says to are so tiny....and she says : I am just a normal weight.....She weighs between 105 & 110 has been her highest weight ever.....She is lovely, slender and adorable.......

Thanks for this article & am voting it Up & interesting, useful too!


dagny roth (author) from Neverland on August 17, 2012:

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for sharing your experiences! I can certainly relate having been skinny my whole life as well. Appreciate you stopping by!

Amanda R on August 16, 2012:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this! I have been skinny my whole life & have actually had to deal with random bitter people approaching me & yelling in my face to "please just eat something"! It's hurtful! Why should we have to apologize for the fact that we take care of ourselves? I'm proud of how I look & work to keep myself this way. I have a thin frame, there's no denying that... but my body is proportionate and I do not look unhealthy. You made me feel so much better!

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on August 15, 2012:

Hi Lima! Thank you for commenting. I also relate. I find that the older I get the more people assume I must either do drugs or have an eating disorder because Yes- I am STILL skinny. I appreciate you sharing!

Lima-6 from NY on August 13, 2012:

I agree with this hub wholeheartedly. I was super skinny all my life, and until I was about 25 I still was. Then I gained 20 pounds but drinking soda. After that I realized why most of America is Obese. The sugar intake in everything is ridiculous. Corn Syrup is cheap but fatty. Fake sugar is in everything. I have been call anorexic my whole life just because I'm slim. I'm not even that skinny. But Yes most people will think that you are sick because you don't camp out at the buffet table. I feel like no matter what out society is based on ridicule and pointing out the differences in people whether good our bad.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on May 28, 2012:

Will do Anna.

Anna Kathleen on May 27, 2012:

Sure thing! Loved this piece. Now following :) Follow my blog at

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on May 26, 2012:

True enough Melissa.

Melissa A Smith from New York on May 26, 2012:

You should make a hub on our acceptance of obsessions with a skinny body type (eating disorders), the glorification of promiscuous sex (HIV/AIDS) and our society's celebration of marijuana and alcohol consumption (drug addiction).

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on May 26, 2012:

Melissa...I understand dieting and weight issues are a are eating disorders, drug addiction and aids! An epidemic is an epidemic and if the "roll" models get bigger and tout its acceptable then no one will try and the cycle comtinues to get worse.

Anna: I'm glad you stopped by for a read and that I'm not the only one.

Anna Kathleen on May 25, 2012:

I cannot believe I didn't discover this Hub sooner! I totally relate to this. I come from a long line of petite women who like to shovel the food in; which makes it hurtful when people just assume you have an eating problem when you very well just engulfed a massive cheeseburger. I'm notorious for asking all of my friends at dinner "are you gonna eat that?" I love food! So glad someone covered this issue! Thanks for the skinny girl shout out!

Melissa A Smith from New York on May 24, 2012:

For your general information, obesity is a tremendously complex issue. In the USA, we all have many backgrounds and as a result, a rich diversity of genetics. Some people -can't- gain weight (yet this does not mean they are healthy). Others can't keep it off without severe restrictions that you may take for granted (look up insulin resistance). Sometimes it's a combination of genetics and nutrition. Some are more sensitive toward carbohydrates. Sugar is everywhere, as well as foods being corn-based, and this is the biggest issue. Then, there's hormones, and also a lifestyle that generally promotes lack of exercise. Again, genetics will determine how it affects your body. Mental ailments such as depression may affect weight gain, as well as insomnia. And all of these things may contribute to an uncontrollable appetite, and sometimes even your mother's diet (not to mention how you are raised) can influence how your body reacts to our modern diet while you're in the womb. Losing weight is possible for most people but may be akin to swimming upstream a turbulent river. On top of that, they must deal with how society sees them and the images in the media (such as your first picture). Be thankful you do not suffer from this. It is a vicious, painful cycle.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on May 24, 2012:

Hi Melissa...while I realize I chose to take an extreme stance on this topic I do believe we have an epidemic in our country and the resulting pattern in children is even more sad. All the tiptoeing we do around this issue, to save feelings is part of the problem. It used to be that overweight people were mocked but as my own witness, MANY overweight individuals have suggested I should eat more and gain weight! As the norm continues to grow larger, I think a few harsh truths need to be said in order for those on the brink to stop "accepting" an unhealthy lifestyle and do something about it. We don't accept other forms of addiction and obesity kills just as regularly.

Melissa A Smith from New York on May 24, 2012:

I've seen articles/posts/sentiment like this dozens of times. They are baffling. The 'threat' that you speak of (malicious people trying to make fat sexy) is a figment of your imagination, unless you feel as though a few movies and statements made by a small number of individuals means there's an impending assault on your body type.

You are incorrect in many of your assumptions on what is 'healthy' and why the obesity problem exists, and why some remain thin.

Maybe this will make you less angry: 'fat' people, and sometimes even non-fat people who are not skinny, are still heavily criticized, often to the point of dehumanization. It affects children negatively. Many people in this so-called anti-skinny movement are just trying to teach people to value themselves, which is often the very first step toward encouraging people to go through the obstacles of fixing their health issues. Everyone has problems. Aesthetic problems are no reason to lash out at and insult people. I'd rather gain weight than lose this perspective which is easy for me to see.

Don't let the opinions of a few cause you to question your glorified status, you're going to be OK.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on April 23, 2012:

Lol awesome Jordan! I'm happy to give them a little "talking to" :-)

Also they say guys who like big breasted women have lower IQ's so perhaps there is some relation? Like u may be brilliant!?! Just a thought.

Jordanwalker39 from NC on April 23, 2012:

Good hub, I really enjoyed reading it. I am going to point girls I know to this page when they get on my case for going out with skinny woman.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on April 19, 2012:

Thank Om. I know!! I am amused when people pile food on my kids plate and then expect them to "finish their dinner". I think it's the root of Obesity - stuffing the mouths of babes! Thanks for the comment! (jealous that you lived in Thailand btw-so cool!)

Om Paramapoonya on April 19, 2012:

Haha I LOVE this hub! To assume all skinny girls must be anorexic or suffer from some sort of eating disorder is asinine. I actually have a friend who often criticizes me for "not eating enough." The truth is I grew up in Thailand, and the regular portion sizes served in restaurants over there are much smaller than here in the U.S. That's why I'm used to eating smaller portions of food. It's not that I try to starve myself or anything.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on April 18, 2012:

Jade...butter huh? Wow. Ideally with bread or just strait butter?

Thank you for sharing...that. :-)

Jade on April 18, 2012:

I hear ya sis! You just said what we all think but can't say out loud. Except for the people with unconteolled diseases i have no symphathy. I remember kids making fun of me saying I was anorexic growing up and I would come home and sneak butter to try to fit in. So sad that they once made me feel so degraded for just being me.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on April 18, 2012:

Liberty - thanks sweetie!

Momto - I so feel your pain. I also feel that people are constantly trying to "feed" me! lol

Skinny - well your name speaks for itself...:-) I appreciate your words. I notice when I am around overweight people and they comment on my "thinness" I end up being self deprecating.

skinnynotalone on April 18, 2012:

Thank you so much for expressing what I (and other naturally slender-framed ladies) have thought for DECADES but never the voice to speak up against. I am always made to feel ashamed for being thin by other women and that there MUST be something wrong with me. I was born this way baby! But I also take care of myself and eat healthy foods and moderately exercise.

MomtoFour on April 18, 2012:

You don't mince words! Unfortunately for those who are trying to make obesity the new "skinny", I fear they are completely overlooking the vast amounts of health issues which come with being a "healthy-sized" individual. It is not just about appearances, but quality and longevity of life. Nothing bugs me more than being questioned at a party why I am not consuming copious amounts of cake and crap, then being accused of being anorexic because I choose not to stuff my face on the high glycemic index garbage being served.

Liberty on April 18, 2012:

Haha! Well said, Jess. Well said.

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on April 18, 2012:

I do agree IS in the eyes of the beholder. I appreciate your comment.

ipad tablet pc from UK on April 18, 2012:

beauty as is commonly stated lies in the eyes of the beholder. your point is quite clear and that's one up for you and all the 'skinny' girls/ladies. But, you should be proud of your body, your looks, and your health. This is one thing obese, overweight and fat people are going through the extremes to regain. As you would equally agree, they are no threat to 'your kind'. All the same, if this makes you feel good skinny is the way to go, girl (in designer clothing, on the beach, on dates, etc).

dagny roth (author) from Neverland on April 18, 2012:

Thanks Molly...I just thought someone had to take a stand...ya know?

Mary Strain from The Shire on April 18, 2012:

Rofl, dagny! I can't claim to be skinny but I feel your pain when you talk about overweight women in spandex. Wrong on so many inspired me to put the cheeseburger down.

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