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At the Eleventh Hour


At the eleventh hour

No matter the worst you face in life,

Do not be dismayed.

Failure might have been to you,

Like a pest to the host.

Yet do not be dismayed I say.

For at the eleventh hour,

Your situation will change.

Like a surprise on a birthday,

Unlike the troubles on a doomsday.

Even so, do not be afraid!

For your savior might be near.

To bind you up from your fear,

And totally wipe away every tear.

Right at the eleventh hour.

Like a wrecking vessel; On a stormy sea.

Your sickness may worsen,

And your problems may increase.

Though the pain may seem everlasting.

Yet anticipate for joy unending.

For at the eleventh hour,

Shall your mouth be wide opened;

And your smiles spread abroad.

At the eleventh hour,

Shall your redeemer appear,

Drying out from your face every tear.

And as the sun rise from the East,

So shall your smiles beam through several feasts.

Recovering all your wasted years.

And from your stressed journey to the West;

Would you finally meet your rest.

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