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Assignment Writing Services: Right or Wrong?


Assignment writing services offer to help or write students’ assignments for a fee. A Magazine Sea article about students’ problems suggests, “Institutes should provide some experts to the students that can provide them with affordable assignment writing services, affordable essay writing services, or any type of academic assistance.”[i] The article claims many students use online writing services to meet the additional high school work and expectations of college. Six Dollar Essay, an assignment writing service, claims “their motive is to help students that are stressed out due to severe study pressure.”[ii]

Students in many countries use essay writing services. Essay Writing Services is based in Dubai and caters to students in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).[iii] Six Dollar Essay boasts clients in the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia.[iv] In Australia it’s a criminal offence to provide or advertise a commercial “academic cheating service”.[v]

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How Much Does It Cost

Six Dollar Essay claims the lowest price. Prices range from 6 dollars for a high school standard essay with a 15-day deadline to 29 dollars for a post graduate paper with a six-hour deadline.[i] The better-known sites have price ranges from $9-$12 with deadlines from 1 to 6 hours.[ii] Six Dollar Essay has a free blog with useful information for students.[iii]

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How Rampant, How To Stop It, and How Not To Get Caught

In surveys from 2014-2018, 15.7% of students admitted to paying someone else to do their assignments.[i] PaperHelp, the most popular essay writing service, boasts over 700,000 finished papers.[ii] Assignment writing services tend to boast their products are plagiarism free. The authors give consent for others to use their writing without credit. Ghost writers do the same for their clients. In both cases the customers are passing off someone else’s writing as their own. LegitWritingServices[iii] points out passing off someone else’s work as your own is academic dishonesty. Writing service companies normally have disclaimers stating their papers are for research purposes only and students should use them as examples.[iv] A student acquiring papers to use as examples may have a hard time convincing their school they used the paper only for legitimate purposes.

Turnitin boasts software that will help teachers detect “contract cheating”. Turnitin claims its software, among other things, checks for originality and text manipulations.[v] LegitWritingServices gives tips on how to avoid being caught. The paragraph heading reads, “Don’t Submit Essays That Look Much Better Than Your Previous Work”.[vi] The paragraph recommends intentionally adding errors on the paper. The paragraph suggests sending an example of your writing so the writing service can mimic your writing style. It’s often easy to spot an English as a second language (ESL) writer from a native English language speaker. Using a service that uses ESL writers might be advisable for ESL students. There is also the issue of what kind of English the writer speaks. The professor of a UK student who hands in a paper that mentions an “elevator” rather than a “lift” may get suspicious. LegitWritingService gives the obvious advice of reading the paper before handing it in.[vii]

LegitWritingServices recommends you don’t order the services on the school’s WiFi network or order using your school’s email. Using your own name, or online nickname, when writing a review is another way to get caught.

LegitWritingServices recommends reading a service’s reviews. The site points out a site with all glowing reviews probably has many fake reviews. A real client giving a review risks discovery. Some sites are willing to ask friends and acquaintances, who never used the site, for reviews.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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