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Aspirational Attainment Can Change YOUR Life and Make a Difference

A Team of Aspirer's Who Made a Difference in 1987

Mile of Smiles are achievable with Teamwork

Mile of Smiles are achievable with Teamwork

You are the Change

It is possible in life to be the change you want to see in the World, as Gandhi once said and Humanity Needs this attitude

All too often kindness is seen as weakness yet that is not so as it is a great strength as is the dissemination of Knowledge which when given away does not diminish but helps others grow.

That is the True Power of Knowledge not knowledge is power which is for the selfish and weak whose only strength comes from holding on to knowledge.

In the 1980's I saw what Aspirational Attainment can do and a team of people got together and over a 10 year period raised over £1million for Sunshine Coaches for Handicapped and Underprivileged Children. We also created the slogan "Miles of Smiles" that you see on the doors of every Sunshine Coach in the last 25 years.

The day came when £163,000 was raised in a one day Charity Golf Event with the Variety Club of Great Britain Golfing Society in conjunction with Gatwick Airport Managers Association Golfing Society aspiring together to create a great day with a fantastic end result.

Please read Aspirational Attainment at http:/www.aspirationalattainment.co.uk as this is dedicated to the man who made it all happen, John Hayward, a man everyone should have met because he just did it.


Alan Bowman (author) from The World on October 19, 2012:

Thanks Nyamache for your comment and please feel free to download a copy of the book for FREE from the website http://www.aspirationalattainment.co.uk

Kind regards


Joshua Nyamache from Kenya on October 19, 2012:

I agree with that I am the change. A change begins with an individual.

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