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Artistic Creative Explosion

At A Young Age, I Fell In Love With God, Christ And The Holy Universe. This Started From Childhood In Which I Felt I Was Dancing With Angles



An Artistic Explosion Burst Of Creativity

The Artist Gets Out His Paint Brush

And Canvas.

A Holy Spirit Kiss Of Excitement

Stirs In The Artist Entire Essence.

The Artist Silently Thanks God For

This Creativity Burst.

So Thankful And Honoring God's Gift

Of Creativity Given To His Spirit.

He Hears A Cosmic Melody Play

In His Mind.

Paint Colors Splashes In His Mind.

A Holy Union Explosions Happens

Between The Artist, God,

Paint, Colors, Sketching Pencil,

And The Holy Cosmic Plane Melody.

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The Creative Dimensional Portal

Opens Wide Welcoming The Artist.

The Paint Canvas Fabric Welcomes

The Paint Brush And Colors.

Thirsty And Penetrating The Paint

Right In The Pencil Sketches.

The Colors Do Not Bleed And Run

Into Each Other.

It Is As Though An Angel Is Standing

Next To The Artist As They Both

Experience The Creative Artist Explosion.

And The First To See The Complete

Artistic Creation Will Be God.

It's A Creative Artistic Explosion

Burst Of Creativity.

The Guitarist Gets Out His Guitar And Pick

And Turns On His Amplifier And Turns

On His Guitarist Effects Pedal.

A Melody Has Been Stirring In

His Mind All Day.

As He Creates A Song He Can

Hear A Symphony Playing The

Melody With Him.

The Guitarist Smiles Because

He Is Familiar With The Cosmic

Universe Musicans.

He Looks Up To The Heavens

And Says, "Open Up That Holy

Dimensional Portal And Lets Jam

And Create A Song For God.

The Photographer She Feels

Creative And Wants To Take Pictures

Of God's Creation Of Nature.

She Prepares Her Dark Room For

The Arrival As She Dances In A

Field Of Wild Flowers.

She Wants To Capture All

The Beauty Of God's Artistic

Creation Of Nature.

A Gift He Gave To All Humans

In This World.

She Puts On Her Camera's

Special Lens Made Just For Taking

Pictures Of Nature.

The Angels Chatter In The Cosmic

Dimensions Increases.

They Gather Around Her

And Join Her In The Excitement

Of Her Creative Artistic Trinity


Fireworks Of Artistic Explosion

Throughout The World Is Felt

In The Holy Cosmic Universe.

And Every Artist Knows It

Is A Gift Given To Them

By God.

*** This Poem Is Dedicated To All Artist

And The Holy Cosmic Universe.***



OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on January 14, 2021:

Love reading your articles. Thank God you are safe.

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