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Are We Friends Or Enemies

Im a creative poet. I love everyone who enjoys this type of art. Its never easy to express your feelings.

Friends or Eniemies


Are we friends or enemies

You throw salt on my name and show me no respect in the game

Are we friends or enemies?

You beat me down with the rest of the world

but call me your girl

Are we friends or enemies?

I will cross oceans '

you won`t step over a puddle for me

Are friends or enemies?

You challenge me and put us through war

We should be united because Im your my boy and Im your girl

Are we friends or enemies

because you stab me in the back with the knife

I gave you

The picture of us being enemies because so much more is true

Can you please let me know, if you are my friend or are we enemies?

Do you find me attractive?

Are you really even into me ?

Friends or foe?

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Is all I need to know

Do you want me to stay ?

or are you afraid to ask me to just go?

Are we friends or are we enemies?

Its hard to tell when you let other people be mean to me

Are we friends or enemies?

I Will never be what you want me to be

How come you wont just let me be me ?

I hope one day we can be friends like the bright future I see,

because right now you and I are enemies

Written by, Sadera Sortor

What in inspired you to write this poem?

Forrest Jarrell singh

Friends or Eniemies


Friends or Eniemies


© 2021 Agustina Garza Arellano


Misbah Sheikh on August 26, 2021:

Very complicated. I believe, human love is like that. Sometimes good friends can turn into enemies and sometimes enemies can turn into best partners. You never know what comes next.

Blessings and Peace

manatita44 from london on August 26, 2021:

This information is generally enough to know the score. We cannot change each other and struggle is unique to all. What is the inner voice asking you to do? Listen ...

Well written and very expressive. Yet another approach at expressing human love. If we are fortunate, we accept the candle being offered to the Heart and move on. Peace.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 26, 2021:

An interesting poem. Thanks for sharing.

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