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Are You for Coronavirus

Let this vision of this poem i wrote to spread truth, love and thoughts.


Are you for coronavirus?

Are you for coronavirus?

I am part of the mess in Coronavirus?

No, I am not part of this mess at all

Mind speaks; Please do not be in any mess especially when is negative.

Are you for coronavirus?

If you are being disobedience to the company you work for

No, I am being obedience to the company I work for

Mind speaks; Please obey when you are at work, all the time.

Are you for coronavirus?

That you continue with the crowd

No, I surely limit the crowd

Mind speaks; Avoid the crowd, when there is a health issue like coronavirus.

Are you for coronavirus?

Never social distancing at all

No, I continue social distancing until further notice

Mind speaks; Stay at least 6 feet apart.

Are you for coronavirus?

Leaving birds abandoned till they die

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No, I do not leave species outside especially when is cold

Mind speaks; Protect all species on earth.

Are you for coronavirus?

You never listen to anyone your neighborhood

No, I listen to understand what they're saying

Mind speaks; If they are tell the truth to you, please listen and understand.

Are you for coronavirus?

You never get quarantine when i am diagnosed with this virus

No, I get quarantine if I feel extremely sick

Mind speaks; Please stay home when you are sick.

Are you for coronavirus?

You never pray, so coronavirus will end

I pray daily to change especially to limit all virus on earth.

Mind speaks; Please pray to the Almighty Father. It is for your own good.

Are you for coronavirus?

You never clean your mess, after finishing work

No, I clean my mess after finishing work

Mind speaks; Please start and finish your task

Are you for coronavirus?



Mind speaks; you are not taking action what the pandemic is rising all day, all night, all the time.

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