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Approaching Doomsday

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Prediction of the doomsday

Scriptures are filled with vivid descriptions of an all swallowing doomsday and warning man to be prepared to face his ultimate fate. Prophet after prophet have appeared on the earth to preach man the obvious truth that he is a mortal being and so he shouldn't behave like an immortal one. They teach him to follow the path of righteousness. But man is inherently ignorant. He never pays a hid at these moral lessons and give a free rein to his base instincts.


Scientists observes...

Now new scientific research has found that our universe had come into existence as an infinitesimal spot which has been expanding since to the present state. Will this expansion continue indefinitely or will it start to collapse that is a debatable issue. But in either case the fate of man is dark. Because either way it means the beginning of the end. In other words it predicts that the doomsday is approaching. Earlier the prophets had predicted it and now the scientists are hinting at the same.


Shouldn't we ...... now?

If thus is the dark future of ours, why not make our present brighter? Then why there are strife and struggles? Instead shouldn't we work together for peace and removing hunger? Now shouldn't each one get his equal share? Why there be the national and international borders? Shouldn't all the people come together? Will it destroy all our hatred and anger? Will it quench all our evil passions? Could it kill our jealousy forever? Or at least will it succeed in ending the never ending struggle between in-laws?

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Will we do?

It is a golden opportunity to avail of. We should learn from the past mistakes and make a new beginning. Already we have disgraced our race a great deal. Shouldn't we take a step towards the amendment now? Shouldn't we imbibe on our minds that we are here not forever and so our every deed be greater one? Shouldn't we rise above our animal instincts and adopt to the human values preached by the scriptures?


Who cares?

But alas! no more daydreaming! The reality is otherwise. Human beings are bound to their inherent gross nature. It not easy for him to get rid of his narrow vision. Although the doomsday is near he will continue to make the same mistakes forever. Earlier he has ignored the prophets and it is the scientists whom he will ignore. And who cares if the doomsday is near!

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