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Another planet like earth

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Could there be another planet like Earth? Can we get there? Read this story and get away from the world of reality.

It was 2202 AD. Large space projects were being implemented. The work of sending a manned spacecraft to Jupiter had already begun. Hundreds of astronauts were given rigorous training to travel in a spacecraft called 'Printer'. They were ordered to bring the smallest part of everything found on Jupiter. The International Association of Astronomers was optimistic about the astronauts. The organization was convinced that objects collected from Jupiter would be able to extract fine particles of metal and describe the metal crisis that was hitting the earth.

After a certain time interval, the printer successfully landed on the mountain of Jupiter. Soon the astronauts began to collect objects. Unfortunately, the area where their vehicle landed was a single rock, many kilometers long. So they decided to use some of the smaller spacecraft in the printer's emergency room. These small spacecraft could be used to travel around Jupiter. So there were five astronauts in a small spacecraft. Named the Eagle, the spacecraft included John, Susan, Tom, Kalpana, and Nelson. They set out in the same direction to visit the northern region. Their shoe was being successfully implemented and they were able to collect pieces of rock of various natures. Suddenly a high mountain came in front of them. Tom flew the eagle above an altitude of 2,500 meters. When he saw what he saw while praying like this, his heart began to tremble with fear. There was another spacecraft on the same 2500 meter high mountain. Absolutely confused, curious and terrified, Tom and his friends landed the eagle at a certain distance from that strange vehicle. They reached an agreement. Jon, Nelson and Kalpana took their laser guns and headed for the unique vehicle, while Tom and Susan defended the eagle. The group of three searched the outside of the vehicle but could not find anything significant. They entered the vehicle through an entrance. There were innumerable computer-like devices and screens inside. There were six skulls in it and their group was examining the main skull. Nelson saw a shiny object shaped like the gear of a car and could not restrain his curiosity and pushed the object to the left. Suddenly they realized they were going upstairs. Kalpana ran to the windshield and looked out the window, and she was startled by the fact that she was actually moving away from Jupiter. Frightened and terrified, everyone started running around. When they tried to open the entrance door, it was closed. It was hard for them to believe that their 'eagle' was getting smaller than an ant and that they were farther away from Jupiter.

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In a few moments, the spacecraft had reached far beyond the Earth's solar system. All three seemed to be on the verge of death. It was felt that they were going to meet Yamaraj. They closed their eyes and thanked God for the happy life they have had so far and wished success to 'Printer'. Waiting for death, they were sitting in a corner trembling with fear. With the passage of time, the vehicle was moving towards its definite destination. After crossing two solar systems, the spacecraft landed in its own place, on a planet in your solar system.

Nelson was the first to wake up. He was overjoyed to find himself alive after a deep sleep. He shook Kalpana and John hard. They started walking around again. They saw something like the gear of a car shining like before. Tom said, "Don't make the mistake of touching it, friends. Do you know what kind of disaster is going to happen again?" Kalpana pushed Tom a little farther and pulled the gear to the right. Suddenly, a strange sound began to come. But they could not feel anything. Everyone started panicking again. Kalpana was terrified because John and Nelson stared at her in anger. But suddenly the door opened and the rays of the sun began to kiss his face. Hope was planted in their hearts. "I'm always right," said Kalpana, gritting her teeth.
When they came out the door, they couldn't believe what they saw. There was earth, there were rocks, there were rivers, there were clouds and most importantly there was the sun god sitting in the sky. The trees were shaking with the speed of the wind, the birds were fluttering. Seeing all this, John wanted to take off his space suit. He took off his space suit and indulged in the lust of fresh air. Kalpana and Jon also released. Surprising but true, they have come to the second earth. They still can't believe it. Kalpana tied her hair and said to John, "Pinch Mr." John pinched the flesh of Kalpana's hand. "Aiya mare ni ba!" Imagined John and Nelson laughed heartily.

Now the three of them happily started dancing like crazy. They drank water from a nearby river and picked fruits from the trees. After traveling for about an hour, they saw some human skeletons on the ground in front of them. They speculated that the spacecraft sent to Jupiter by the people of this planet, which was hit by a comet attack on a planet like Earth, must have escaped their control and remained in Jupiter. They had already returned to the vehicle.

The sun was already reddish orange on the horizon. They were checking the spacecraft with full vigilance to find any necessary signals. But the hand felt zero. Nelson was once again inside the main skull. The crisis he caused was a great crisis. As he came out of the main skull (room / compartment), his foot hit the gear-like object again. Suddenly the door slammed shut and the spacecraft began to move away from the new earth. Again, terror was planted in their minds. The three of them came to a window and looked down. He was able to interview planets, satellites, stars, comets, darkness, light, etc. with his eyes. They landed at the same place from where they had flown earlier.Jon, Nelson and Kalpana were overjoyed when they returned to Jupiter. When they opened the door and came out, they saw an eagle, but they were terrified again as they could not find Susan and Tom. He yelled at Tom and Susan but got no answer. After hours of searching, they returned to the eagle in despair. The three of them entered the eagle with their bodies covered with inferiority complex and self-pity. Awesome Awesome ........! What? Bottom and Susan are watching Nepal-Brazil football final at Nepal Sports. Nelson, Kalpana and John looked at each other's faces and shouted, "Goal …… ...."


Shekhar (author) from Kathmandu,Nepal on January 31, 2021:

Thanks for suggestion, underline work is by mistake i m sorry.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 22, 2021:

An enjoyable sci-fi story, Shekhar. Just a few tips.. I like the images but if you have three or more together it is best to combine them under “thumbnails” (see the drop down menu in the photo capsule), also your images need to show the source or be accredited.

I know you used it to highlight a different scene, but I am not sure underlining makes it unattractive for the reader. This site doesn’t like the overuse of italics but maybe that is another option.

Oh and you mention “skulls” a few times seemingly as part of a spaceship...did you mean “hulls?”

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