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Does Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Actually Suck??


He loves consuming Japanese 2d culture, been 5 years now and still going strong.


Yes, and it has been quite bizarre 20 chapters in into the manga.

The first thing that caught my eye was the realistic art style which made some scenes quite graphic and revolting(though truth be told i am loving the gore and blood).



But the realism only stretches that far. In some panels(mostly the fight scenes) the art gets deformed and the characters look unproportioned and downright strange.



The excessive use of dark tones is not easy on the eyes and makes the scenes really hard to follow or make sense of. Like this scene below where everything is a dark blotch making it hard to clearly understand what the scene is trying to portray.


Third Person Narrative

One funny thing you can notice is how the author uses some of the observing characters as narrators and they suddenly start speaking in third person. In the scene below Speed Wagon describes JoJo’s escape from a burning mansion.


I feel like this was a result for the need to highlight some key moments. But maybe the author could have done it in a more refined way. No?


This part where Baron Zeppeli describes Sendo is outright hilarious.


And then he’s just like, “cells” equals “Body”!! That’s it! No one argue!


An interesting thing i found out while researching this manga before actually starting my read, was the fact that Part 1 to 6 of the series was in the Shounen demography and Part 7 to the present publications are under Seinen.

Considering the fact that with all its gore in the early parts (which would normally be not found in today’s Shounen tag) the series was still under the Shounen demography. Goes to say alot about what was and was not tolerated and regulated before the pre-moe era. Maybe I’ll write more on that next time.

With all said and done I realise I shouldn’t be too quick to make a hasty judgement, after all, I’m only 20 chapters in on the Manliest Manga ever written.

These are just a few things and oddities i noticed when i started reading the series. Of course i indent to write more along the way and give it the fair judgement it deserves.

So excuse me while I go back to join JoJo on his Bizzare Adventures and grow some chest hair in the process.

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