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Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 10

Nikki Khan loves to weave words into sentences and those become stories. Fiction is her favourite genre which she always adores to explore.

Beware!  Dark woods can be dangerous

Beware! Dark woods can be dangerous


This is totally a fiction work. Any resemblance to any character, place, business, or any other story is merely a coincidence. Not intended to.


Life is getting so hard with Thompsons, by each day. Adam is facing the most difficult part of his life, his dearest daughter is missing. Something is broken in him, inside. He’s got to pick up the scattered pieces of his inner self. He has to be strong, to find his daughter. At the same time, he has to bend the pointing fingers down, which are trying to name him as ‘a kidnapper of her own daughter’.
Let’s move to the next chapter to find out, whats’s up with Thompsons house next.

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Adam starts cracking his knuckles, very first stage of fear and nervousness. He looks around, Sophia’s voice reverberates in his mind.

“You get me Daddy!”

“So, can I get your statement Mr Adam?” Detective Simon leans forward on the big glass table, put his elbow over it, and stares into Adam’s eyes.
Adam feels a lurch in his stomach when his eyes meet with Simon’s, a sense of getting caught in some hidden camera. He pulls back at his office chair, throws his head onto the back of it, to get some comfort. He tells all his story whatever he saw and felt the day Sophie went missing.

"So, did you had a deal with that Demon?" Detective Simon pulls his mouth forward.

"No, not at all. I just saw that guy long ago in a bar. We had some beer together. We chatted on few things. But there was no way of any deal. He never talked about any deal, as far as I can remember. It's been good long years now, all seems faded now. Can't remember the exact conversation."

“Is this the whole truth?”

“Oh yes! This is all. TRUTH.” Adam narrows his eyes.

"Look, Adam, please don't hide anything from me. Would be difficult for me to protect you and your daughter otherwise, you see."

"Of course, not. I want my daughter back." Takes a deep breath to get some fresh air.

"Okay, I would leave now." Detective Simon stands up. He turns his recorder off on his mobile.

"I would let you know as this investigation progresses. You'll have to make up your mind for any worse upshot. Not very easy to catch a demon, especially when he is the king of Demons. I would also have to consult with one of my colleagues. He's got much experience of them. I am hoping to get some positive out-turn though."

"But remember, keep it away from police. My wife is already much distressed. We can't handle their pressure, and question answers. And then, if media gets a wind. We are gonna be totally dead."

"I will try my best. Not promise. If I'll have to approach police, I would. You want your daughter back, or not?" Simon insists and looks into Adam's eyes.

"Yes, yes. Sure. Why wouldn't I." Adam assures back with his eyes stare.

"Let me do it my way then, please sir." Detective Simon Edwards steps forward towards the white door.

"Okay, as you do it." Adam follows to see him going out.

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"Okey Doke! See you then." He leaves, gives a very brief smile.

Adam nods his head.



He should have told him all the conversation, happened with that Devil. Adam feels much guilty now. But this detective department, you can never trust. He draws the blind, looks down from his 10th floor. All looks so small on the ground. He can still see Detective Simon Edwards taking fast steps towards the underground station.

Pulls the blind back. What if Simon finds out. He would be at worse place. He has’t done anything wrong to cause bad to his own daughter. Adam shakes his head. Why would he be guilty then? Hiding? You can’t tell everyone. News flies fast. Some things are to hide, deep inside the holes. He sighs. They sting you to death, if they come out.

Yes, his daughter was so sick. Had no other. CHOICE. But, to deal with that monster. No, no. He covers his head with his hands. He hasn’t done anything bad though. Adam falls himself on settee. Sophia’s pale face swirls around in his mind. She had some rare virus in her body which wasn’t letting her, be alive.

Sarah was frowned, exhausted, and grieved of Sophia’s pain. Their little Sophia didn’t see the sunshine for two years. They had to keep drawn all those black curtains over the windows. Dark, thick blinds on all the doors, opening outside. Sophia was kinda allergic to sunlight. She could die in fifteen minutes max, after catching the light. Sun was her enemy in a sense.

They were so shaken inside out. Tried their best to get her illness treated. They consulted all the best physicians in London. They even took her to China, in search of some spiritual remedy. It could work, might be. They did everything, as parents, they could. But no luck. Life was hard for them those days.
And then, little Sophia’s questions. Why couldn’t she go out and play in lawn? Why there was dark in their house, even during daytime? Why was this? Why was that? The wheel was stuck in a deep sludge. Getting more down and down.

Sarah started forgetting things. Was some sort of dementia. Her face was all freckled at once. No color, all white and black. It was very bad phase, for their family. And it all started after visiting South Africa.

Yes, at granny’s house. Adam gets stuck on this. Why didn’t he think about it before. At granny’s. What if now too? She doesn’t want us lived happily. There is some connection in between. He can figure out some, but not the whole story.
This Devil has some roots with granny’s house. For sure. And blame game is all on him. Adam nods. No way. Not again. He won’t let this happen, not this time. He gets up with this thought. Pulls his coat from tiny cupboard inside the office wall, behind the mirror.

Cold is getting more freezing in this month of November. Sarah is brushing up in her lawn, getting the fallen leaves out of grass. The orange, yellow and red leaves are scattered everywhere, on wet green floor of grass. She wants to clean it. She is bit of squeaky cleaner type. Always hovering and ordering things in perfect way. Not an inch on the wrong side. Just perfect.

We should start shopping for Christmas now. It's already mid November. Need to get some winter clothing too. This swing is getting rusted, needs to get it sorted. She can picture her little Sophia sitting on it. Swinging up and down.

"Higher Mommy. Higher."

Tears roll over her cheeks bones. Wetting her lips. She can taste the salt of them. The swing was a surprise gift for Sophia, after she finished up her charity project in her school. Gave a good speech in school hall about managing food for needy children. There was a huge round of applause for Sophia. Adam was so proud of her that day.

Got this swing fixed in the night for her when she was sleeping. He wanted to give her a surprise. Sophie was flashing with joy when she spotted it, very next morning.

"Thank you Daddy, I love you." She kissed him on both cheeks.



She wipes her tears with cold hand. Suddenly, she feels anger and hatred. Why Adam? Why you forgot me when Sophia came into your life? It was only about you and your daughter. No space for me even. None left for me whom you loved so much, more than anything. But then, all changed. Sophia became your only attention. And I don't like being ignored. Not at any cost. There is no way around. You made me do this. All is happening because of you.

Life‘s got too tough. I want you back at any cost, Adam. All is fair in love and war. And I am on war, my dear husband. As you sow, so shall you reap. I have sacrificed my dearest part for you. I won't step back now. Too late. I’ll make you repent it.

And this is best one to make you cry, to get closer to you, and to get hold of our love.
I never forgive anything. Sarah smiles. A vicious smile.

© 2019 Nikki Khan


Nikki Khan (author) from London on December 02, 2019:

I didn't think this end too. Just did hit the floor from nowhere. But there are mothers who sacrifice even their own children over worldly love. Feel so pity for them.

Thanks, for coming along Sean Brother.

Blessings as always!

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on December 01, 2019:

You've got me, sister! I never thought of this aspect! An excellent work of mistery! Thank you for the opportunity to read it! Love is the only choice; the ego is a demanding and deceiving master.



Nikki Khan (author) from London on November 17, 2019:

Thanks Bill for visiting and for your comment. The ending would be totally unexpected. That’s what a thriller amend to be. I am glad that my novel writing is getting better. Not too far now to write a good suspense thriller.

William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on November 16, 2019:

Wow, Nikki. The ending is really something. Again, your description really shines. it's very detailed and life-like. Thank you for another good read.

Nikki Khan (author) from London on November 15, 2019:

Thanks Manatita ji for the encouragement.

Blessings to you!

manatita44 from london on November 14, 2019:

I think I have said it before. Your story is awesome! You are also improving all the time and your plot as well as the way you set up the descriptions and conversations are brilliant! Continue … continue.

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