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Analytical Essay of President Roosevelt Speech's The Duties of American Citizenship



The political speech entitled "The Duties of American Citizenship" expressed by the American politician and the 26th president of United States Theodore Roosevelt Jr. and delivered in Buffalo, New York on January 26th, 1883. Roosevelt explains the concept of "Citizenship" in terms of "Man duties" in his country, precisely in political process. In this well-organized speech, Roosevelt addresses his inhabitants, he intends them to adopt and take on the mentioned duties. In addition, he discusses the man obligation in real life, in political participation and he also criticizes and compares between the weak and strong businessmen in three paragraphs.


the Body of the Essay

In the first part, the American naturalist opens his speech by a list of the most important " Man duties" which are fund on fulfil life responsibilities, having a real connection with people, even with the closed ones and being a well-determined person. Additionally, Roosevelt certainly reveals the perfect inhabitant's duties that are crucial. Plus, he displays that the compulsory services are traced on sacrifices for the country, being a successful father and having a powerful race; without the latter, thus all the good manners will have no sense. Therefore, no one can be a part of his country and save it without the availability of the aforesaid duties; otherwise the country might be lost.

In the second part, the American statesman introduces the purpose behind this occasion which revolves around man' contribution in political aspect. He affirms that there is no reason can stop a citizen from the accomplishment of his "Political duties", since the latter are extremely important and impossible to be avoided. Furthermore, Roosevelt criticizes the "Young men" for being inconsiderate and irresponsible even concern their minimum duties such as "Voting". He also ensures that success is resulted from "efforts", life stages and well-improved skills that lead a person to be determined for success.

In the last part, Roosevelt uses the American poet James Russell Lowell's poem concern Civil War to examine the essence of freedom, since the latter doesn't belong to people who lack courage and strive for "Pleasure". However, the core of freedom is traced on a worthy government and hard workers who unit and work in "Organization". Moreover, the American soldier with the use of unit language "We" highly asserts on the rejection of "Businessmen" reckless, "Excuses", work insufficiency and their mess contribution in politics. He also shows how ironic to find out a faithful honest workers in politics. Eventually, Roosevelt ends his speech by a sort of a sum up of major "Duties" that each American must adopt which are centred on participation in politics.


In concluding, it is regarded that this speech is so convincing, so that encourages the citizens to complete and look up for their responsibilities. Besides, the speech is quite reasonable, it relates to how a person can perceive it; it drives the Americans to think and perform. Roosevelt brings to mind a clear vision about "Man duties". Finally, Roosevelt successfully transmit his thoughts, he conveys that a real American is the one who involves in politics.

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