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Analytical Essay of President Johnson's Speech Great Society



The political speech entitled "Great Society" was expressed by the American politician and the 36th president of U.S Lyndon Baines Johnson and delivered in the University of Michigan on May 22nd, 1964. In this motivational speech, Johnson addresses not only the Michigan students, he also communicates to all Americans. Johnson aims to develop beneficial plans that create a prosperous America. In this speech, Johnson shares ideas and visions concern the American future, he also discussed that both "Cities", "Countryside" and "Classrooms" are the most important places where America is shaped, and as well he suggests solutions in order to make America a "Great society" in three different parts.


The Body of Essay

In the first part, Johnson opens his speech by displaying the primary subject of this occasion which revolves around the American path; he reveals that the secret behind a successful nation and the accomplishments made are based upon "People". Moreover, Johnson examines that what takes to shape a "Great society" is fund on people's contributions, beside the elimination of the dominant social problems taking inequality and injustice as examples. Demonstrably, Johnson proves that "Great society" stands for an environment where people takes care of nature, accepts each other's and seeks for meaning of life.

In the second part, the American politician explains that the overpopulation in future will require plenty of living areas; he uses the Greek philosopher Aristotle's saying to demonstrate that unity is crucial. Johnson shows that the sufferance to survive in America is resulted from the mess and lack of living spaces as well to the absence of values. Furthermore, the majority leader of U.S senate acquaints that the most place where all the beautiful things in life remain in the edge of risks due to the destruction of pollution is in the "Countryside".

In the last part, Johnson discuses that "The classrooms" play a significant role in formation of child. Since the average of students who drop schools in high, therefore Johnson highly insists of fixing the educational system, so that learning and teaching remain sufficient, as well the children ameliorate their capacities, plus to the application of new methods for a good education. More than that, Johnson singles out the role of government to solve the mentioned problems in order to reach the preferable life. Finally, the vice president values the worthy people's contribution in the country using Thomas Woodrow Wilson's quote as an illustration. Eventually, Johnson sets up questions in order to fight against "Inequality", "Poverty", as well he confirms on the abilities of American, subsequently to achieve first men's views and create a unify society.


In concluding, this speech appears as a plan, it's remarkable and has trace in the American history, since it was also delivered in the place where the 35th president John Fitzgerald Kennedy launched the Peace Corps. Johnson has a clear views in order to eradicate injustice, poverty, improve educational a system and make hand in hand, so that a brighter future raises and America remains a "Great society".

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