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Analytical Essay of President Abraham Lincoln Speech’s The Gettysburg Address



The Gettysburg address is a short powerful speech expressed by the American lawyer and the 16th president of United States Abraham Lincoln and delivered at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on November 19, 1863. Lincoln conveys commemoration to the men who fight courageously in the battle of Gettysburg that takes a part during the period of American Civil War. Moreover, he examines the strength of his country; Lincoln also indicates that the soldiers' sincerity is incomparable in two main parts.


The Body of the Essay

In the first part, the 16th president of U.S opens up his speech by a date remainder in which the U.S takes its independence from the colony, Lincoln clears that the main concept of the Declaration of Independence is based on "Equality". The latter plays an important role, as it's the ground of this country. Furthermore, Lincoln displays whether the defy that United States faced can another "nation" deal with, thus to show the power of U.S and its acceptance of challenges.

In the second part, Lincoln switches into negative form, he uses worthy expressions linked by plural pronoun "we" to demonstrate that all are concerned and to emphasis on the idea of lack of "dedication". In addition, Lincoln commemorates the soldiers for pure commitment they offered, as he confirms that their accomplishment is unique. Eventually, Lincoln enriches his ending with meaningful phrases such as "honored dead ", "new birth of freedom" and so on to call the descent to maintain in the same path and get inspired by death soldiers' loyalty.


To conclude, this speech is quite significant, since Lincoln didn't address only the Americans, however he speaks to the whole world to acknowledge; remember the soldiers' actions. Lincoln brings to people mind a full awareness of the men' "devotion", plus recognizes their sacrifices for the sake of their country. Finally, Lincoln transmits a message and invites the coming generation to continue on the soldiers' strain, in order to achieve "Freedom".

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