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An Excerpt From My First Novel "Silver Gray Hair"

An Excerpt From My First Novel "Silver Gray Hair" focuses on the argument between Leona and her mother.

Slut! You're such a slut!

So what, I'm a slut! Son of a bitch..(Leona murmured to her self in silence).

It was early morning at seven, when Leona threw her restless body from her bed. The yell coming from their living room, is a thunder smashing her thin drums. Slut! You're such a slut Leona, the sun is already crawling with blazing flame and you're still asleep? God had poured long noses early this morning and you were not able to capture even one! You're so ugly bitch so different from Shania and Lisa. Get up from your bed, and get ready for your breakfast. You'll get lost in time! You, lazy, ugly, spoiled brat". Well, that's her mother Gina. Her voice is always an alarm clock early morning. Leona is the third among five sisters in the family. Being the third and the middle among five beautiful siblings, she got an enigma which her mother can't dwell on. She has the beauty of her mom and she's the black sheep of the family. Since no male in the family, Leona became her father's apple of the eye. She's boyish, but very beautiful. In her mind her mother hated her so much because of the affection given by her papa. " Leona, take a shower now, and be ready for your meal. I left a penny in your bag. Fernie, her father whispered to her. Leona go straight to the bathroom and without five minutes she's done.

Leona!!!!!!!!!! Again you're late! Mrs. Lopez, her science teacher, yelled at her..Mrs. Lopez is so strict especially when it has something to do with discipline. On the contrary, she's an amazing teacher and a friend outside the classroom. She's also her adviser when she needs someone to consult her problems. Leona tried to take her seat but a sharp disgusting look at one corner of the classroom somehow destructing her, so annoying that she raised her brows before sitting. It was Reuben, a lad living at a distance meters from their house who's very upset seeing her always coming to class late. Ting, ting, ting, the bell rings and the first period class had just ended. Leona went directly to Reuben and sat beside him. I had a big fight with my mom last night because of you idiot. If you didn't bring me to Aling Pepang's place for a karaoke, I won't be scolded by Gina. You're such a stupid scumbag! You even grabbed the last shot of "tuba", (a coconut wine so loved by Filipino), so greedy drunken master! So, what Leona? We're just having fun last night and I know you enjoyed it! Maybe next time, let's standby at Aling Pepang's karaoke bar. It would be my treat! My treat! You, asshole.

© 2022 Honeylyn Casquijo

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