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An Equal Justice, by Chad Zunker

Maria is a book reviewer, editor, and proofreader, as well as a master of public health, master gardener, photographer, artist, and writer.


The literary marketing firm, Little Bird Publicity, provided a free copy of An Equal Justice, by Chad Zunker, in exchange for an honest review. The book is a legal mystery / thriller that explores the plight of the homeless, especially homeless veterans, as well as political corruption in huge law firms.

In reading Zunker's book I learned that, while some homelessness is due to mental illness and chronic disability, the single greatest cause of homelessness is due to the catastrophic loss of family.

A Rookie Lawyer Is Easy Picking For A Corrupt Law Firm

Fresh out of law school, David Adams takes a position at the large and prestigious firm of Hunter & Kellerman in Austin, Texas. On David’s first day, Nick, a junior associate tells him to get out while he can. The next day Nick is found dead in an apparent suicide -- but was it suicide? On the surface, An Equal Justice, is reminiscent of the movie, The Firm, and while it does expose systemic criminal behavior in large legal firms, it examines so much more.

Soon David finds himself entangled in a maze of power, greed, murder, and political ambition. Growing up poor, David, his sister, and their mother had a brief period of homelessness, and David vows never to be hungry again. While fighting against corruption, he struggles to help his family.

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Do The Homeless Veterans Know What Hunter & Kellerman Have Planned?

After Benny, a homeless man saves his life, David gives him clothes and food. They becomes friends, and Benny, a former Naval intelligence officer, introduces David to his friends at The Camp, a tent enclave built by and for homeless men. It is the men’s faith that keeps them going, and when one of them is murdered, it gradually becomes apparent that the men at The Camp may hold a key to solving the conspiracy that has led to several recent murders and a conspiracy that could reach all the way to the top of our government.

This Book Forces The Reader To Face Some Uncomfortable Truths

Although this compelling story examines some painful truths, and forces us to face them, I thoroughly enjoyed this suspenseful tale with all its twists and turns. Mystery lovers everywhere will enjoy An Equal Justice, and will be happy to know that, although at the time I first wrote this review a couple of years ago, this was a stand-alone book, it is now book one of a David Adams trilogy.

What Made The Grumpy Book Reviewer Grumpy?

  • Incorrect word usage: “real” vs. “really”, “whom” vs. “who”;
  • Foreign language words not italicized;
  • A minor syntax problem;
  • Beginning sentences with conjunctions;
  • A large number of split infinitives.

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