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An Encounter: A Rare Tale of Love

MG is an air warrior and amateur painter and well-known writer.



Every story has a beginning and an ending. This is the essence of the story and all of them follow the beaten path. The ending can be bittersweet, ironic, or open up a visita to the future but this is something that is not in the hands of the protagonists and is mainly centered on the will of the Lord who stated 'not a leaf moves without my will .' it is not a literal statement but a metaphor that most things are controlled by Lord Krishna.

On the 25th I flew to Dubai. Travel is almost back to normal and all that was checked at the airport was whether I carried my vaccination certificate. I was traveling to visit the expo 20 trade fair. As part of the tourism promotion the government also give me a one GB data card free when I was leaving the airport.


The tryst

The next day I decided to visit the exhibition. I had read a lot about it and I was aware that to date 18 million visitors had made their presence at the exhibition. I was also aware that almost every country on this earth has set up stalls or pavilions at this futuristic fair.

The sun was high in the heavens and the temperature was rising. I was feeling hot and after visiting some of the stalls I thought it a good idea to have a glass of beer. I looked around and saw that I was close to the Czech pavilion. I was wondering if I could have a glass of beer at this pavilion and more important savor the unique beer made in the Czech republic. This is the beauty of Expo 20 where you can dine and wine the cuisine of a particular country.

I entered the pavilion and saw that it was crowded to the extreme. I looked around and saw a bustling beer bar on one side and I made my way toward it. I headed inside and was witness to a bustling and vibrant café. I could make out that it was crowded and there was no place to sit down. The manager an affable man from the Czech republic came up to me and said, "sorry sir, we are greatly crowded but I will look around for a single seat for you."

After a moment, he came back with a big smile on his face and motioned me to follow him. He led me to a small corner of the bar with a small table with a single chair and said," hope you will be comfortable here."

As I settled in my chair, he smiled and said, "I will be back in a moment and take your order."

I sat at my small table and looked around the bar. It was crowded and a lot of people were hanging around the bar counter. There were all types of people there with girls in mini skirts and shorts and overall it was a very gay atmosphere. The manager did not turn up for some time and I was wondering where he had gone because he said he would come back and take my order but then I thought maybe as there were a lot of people all around, he must be finding the going tough. Just then I saw him approach the table with a beautiful girl by his side. I could make out she was a Slav and was probably a citizen of the Czech republic.

He looked at me a little apologetically and said, "sir, I have a small request; this lady is alone and she needs a place to sit down and as we are very crowded would you mind if I squeeze in a chair here and she could also have a beer?"

I looked at the girl and I liked her. She was beautiful with blonde hair and blue eyes, slim and pert and I placed her age around 23/24 which would make her 25 years my junior. I just got up and smiled and motioned the young lady to sit down. A waiter brought a chair and squeezed it in front of me and we were within handshaking distance of each other. She sat down and said, "thank you, I won't take much time as I'm feeling very thirsty."

The manager now asked," may I have your orders, please."

She ordered a draft beer and I ordered a Pilsner local Czech brewed beer. The manager left leaving us both together with the crowd milling around in the bar. After a moment I thought to break the ice and introduced myself. While we waited for the beer to come, she told me that she had come from a village close to Prague for a holiday in Dubai

"Are you traveling alone?" I asked

She replied, "yes, and I will be going back tomorrow. it's been five hectic days here and I really like the place it is so infectious; all credit to the Dubai government to have created such a wonderful exhibition."

"Yes," I replied, " it's a wonderful place and I wonder if you believe in destiny because the fact that you have come and sat down opposite me is the handiwork of Lord Krishna."

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"I have never heard of this God, which you're mentioning but I presume you have faith in him but obviously I do not know why both of us should be sitting in this crowded room within handshaking distance." She looked at me with a smile and said," let's shake hands now."

I shook her hand and realized it was soft and pliable.

The beer took some time to come and we began to talk about a lot of things. I came to know that she was married but her husband had left her and I couldn't help wondering how he could've left such a beautiful girl. I told her about myself that I was single but somehow I've never come across the right woman in real life. Our conversation was interrupted by the waiter who brought the beer. Spontaneously we picked up our mugs and clinked 'cheers' together.

The ice was now broken and we began to talk animatedly. We had a number of refills I really lost count of them in any case I had decided that whatever the bill I will pay for it. In between, she mentioned that she wanted to get up and go because she didn't want to spend more money on beer and I restrained her with the words, "don't worry you're my guest now."


The enigma of the Lord

There was now a degree of intimacy between us; obviously, if you sit and drink in the company of a beautiful girl something is going to happen. We were both sozzled when we got up from the table and then something inexplicable happened, she clutched my shoulder and buried her face in the nook, and begins to cry.

"Hold it," I said, as my hands involuntarily caressed the back of her head. " I am lonely, " she said, " Don't leave me."

Today I cannot wonder what happened but something in my mind told me that the lord has his plan; an enigma that a human cannot solve.

I took her to the Holiday Inn where was staying and as I carried her inside, I was thankful to my drillmaster Sgt Thevar who had hardened me physically.

I laid her on the bed and my fingers caressed her cheeks, her brow, her temple as I gently pushed the golden hairs away from her forehead. These were little soft touches and I soon realized I had strength and power over her body. I wanted to crush her but chose to be gentle. The lust now spread over us as she began to respond to my soft caresses.

I now kissed her and I whispered, " Oh Lord, give me the strength of Rustom like he had seduced the princess Tahmina."

I was winning as she arched upward and opened her mouth. I kissed her with all the passion I could muster as I traced an exotic pattern on her body down to the most esoteric part. It was like reaching an inner meaning of the ancient Greek mysteries of life. Much later I had completely filled her and I wondered what was happening.

We slept, but with the excesses of the night, I awoke a little late to see my Slav girl ready and leaving. She kissed me lightly on the lips and handed me a small piece of paper and before I could react she had left.

I was taken a little by surprise at the turn of events and did not immediately read her note. It was at breakfast, much later, that I pulled the note from my pocket and read it. It read," thanks for the lesson of love, I do not know whether your God Krishna is going to lead us further, oh, but I cannot let you into a secret and in case something does bear fruit, it will be up to you to come to my village. My address is....."

Is it Ripley's believe it or not? What happened next? That's another tale.

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