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An Ageless, Timeless, Man


Baby-blue eyes on a face that's seen life

Wrinkled and brown beneath hair that's snow-white,

Yet the pale blue eyes , still are the same,

Deep with emotions and memories.

Memories of pleasure and pain..

No bitterness carried in you or your eyes,

Kindness is all that shines through.

With love and acceptance of things that went wrong.

Acceptance of wrongs is what's made you strong.

And so here you are.... you and your guitar,

Drawing large crowds as ever before.

Because beauty runs deep and wrinkles don't matter.

The beauty in you still shines through your eyes.

The words that you sing? Each one is a prize.

And we are the winners who listen to you.

Long may you sing, white hair and wrinkles,

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With a heart as big as the planet.

That's the way l see you. xx


Micky Dee on January 29, 2015:

Extraordinary man and great article.

"Sunday Morning Coming Down" is one of the best songs ever written.

I listen and I'm back on streets of L.A., Charleston, SC, ...

And Sunday morning is coming down. The streets are mostly empty early in the AMs. The homeless gather around a bottle. Loneliness takes a stroll.

And as I cycle on these Sundays with Sunday morning coming down, I appear "aloof"? A fast bike is beneath me, I wear the cyclists' clothes, I seem fit?

But I am the common denominator whether I'm recognized or not.

Above it all? I'm a few threads and tires.

There's nothing quite as lonesome as Sunday morning coming down.

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on January 26, 2015:

Thank you, Dream On. I love the lyrics of some of his songs.

DREAM ON on January 23, 2015:

You see right through deep into his soul. Way to go. A lovely hub.

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on January 18, 2014:

Sunday Morning Coming Down is also one of our favourites(hubby).

Reminds of of being young.

Sundays can be awful can't they?

Micky Dee on January 18, 2014:

My favorite song that Kris ever wrote,

May not be of any literary note.

But lonely riding through any downtown,

Evokes "Sunday Morning Coming Down".

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on November 11, 2013:

Thank you, thank you, ocfireflies........

So kind of you to send me this encouragement.

ocfireflies from North Carolina on November 06, 2013:


Kris K is definitely a superstar worthy of such a beautiful tribute. He has written some of the great songs of all time. Much Enjoyed.


Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on November 03, 2013:

Thank you Minnetonka Twin.

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on November 03, 2013:

Suzetnaples. Happy to know you liked my short poem. K.K. is rather special isn't he?

Linda Rogers from Minnesota on November 02, 2013:

What a beautiful tribute poem to a worthy man. I too have always like Kris. He's such a handsome man and I do love his eyes-they give off such love.

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on November 02, 2013:

Nice to meet a fellow fan.

Thank you for the lovely comment.

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on November 02, 2013:

I have always liked Kris K. There is genuineness to him…a natural down to earth quality that is both warm and graceful, with wisdom. You have captured him well in this lovely poem, Dim. :-)

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on November 02, 2013:

Thanks mckbirdbks.

Warmly expressed since the guy makes me feel warm and tingly whenever l hear that deep Texan voice.

Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on November 01, 2013:

Sweet poem and tribute to a great artist! Enjoyed your poem and I love KK's music.

mckbirdbks from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on November 01, 2013:

Hello your words are so warmly expressed. Very nice Dim.

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on November 01, 2013:

Hi Dan!!!! Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment.

Dim Flaxenwick (author) from Great Britain on November 01, 2013:

Hi billybub. You have paid me quite a compliment by saying l never disappoint. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Dan Sanders on November 01, 2013:

Perfect put. Beautifully written

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on November 01, 2013:

He is ageless, isn't he? Talk about aging gracefully! Whatever his secret it I'd love to know it.

I always look forward to your writing; you never disappoint.

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