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An Afternoon Turned into a Nightmare!

Benazir Marjan has completed her second Masters in English Language and Linguistics from University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh.


An Afternoon Turned into a Nightmare!

Ella was walking beside a park in a lovely mood. The weather was really nice. A gentle breeze was blowing. Her hair was covering her face due to wind. She was enjoying the afternoon walking around. Sweet fragrances of flower were coming from the garden. Along with the green view of the park, the total scenario was very charming for her. She was feeling overwhelmed inside and keep walking around the park.

After sometimes, she entered into the park. She joined with the kids to their games. It seemed to her if she would become a kid. Ella laughed inside. She looked at the blue sky and thought how wonderful the world really is! “Is it only for me? Or everyone thinks like me?” she asked herself. Ella, a lover of nature replied herself “May be it’s only for me.”

The afternoon was passing slowly. She bought some nuts inside the park, sat on a bench and started peeling the cover of nuts. She went absent minded and some of her peeled nuts had fallen down. Some kids came to her and shouted “Oh, you are leaving your nuts down. Please be careful.” Ella got her sense. She thanked to those kids and offered some peeled nuts to them. They were so excited to play their game that they refused to take nuts from Ella. Ella whispered “Oh, no! How can they refuse to take nuts from me?” She smiled inside to think that once she was also a kid like them. “I am grown up now”.

It became dark with time. Ella thought to get return to home but she didn’t. She wanted to spend more time around there. Ella used to make this kind of sight visiting most often. In fact, it was her hobby to enjoy the beauty of lovely nature that almighty gifted to human being.

Suddenly, strong wind started to blow. Ella was thinking, perhaps it was her wrong decision not to get return to home. Heavy storm was started. It seemed the wind was just taking her away from one place to another. It became hard for her to stand on her feet. Leaves and branches of the trees were moving. It was creating huge babble. Ella got afraid if those trees broke and fell on her. It was for the first time Ella was struggling to save her life.

Leaves were touching her face. Ella was removing those leaves and her hairs from her face after little intervals. Her vision became hazy. She felt hard to see all things around her. She had fallen on the road for several times and got hurt on her knees. Ella lost her purse and glass. Now she realized why her eye sight became hazy. She was in a dangerous situation that she never even imagined before, in her whole life. “How will I safe myself?” she asked herself. She cried loudly but it seemed, due to the sound of heavy wind nobody could listen to her. Holding a street light stand, Ella sat down on the floor.

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After sometimes, the wind stopped blowing but it started raining. It was huge rainfall. Ella stood up and started walking. As she lost her glasses, she felt hard to walk on slippery road. But still she was walking. She lost her way to home. “What will I do now?” asked herself.

Slowly she realized someone was following her. “Is it my illusion or truth? Ella ignored her thought. But slowly she got confirmed that one person was really following her. “Oh! What should I do now?”

Ella was running to safe her. She realized that the stranger was also running after her. Ella was falling down again and again. But still she kept trying to save her from the stranger.

She was running and running. Suddenly, she got bashed with a tree. Blood came out from her forehead. She fell down over the street. The stranger reached to her and gave a clumsy smile. “Now I will see how you can extricate yourself from me” he said to Ella.

Ella shouted loudly. She woke up from sleep with goose bumps. After sometimes, she realized it was not real. “Oh! It was a dream. I can’t believe.” She saw it was 2 pm at night. She was sweating to remember the face of that stranger. Ella took some water. It took her whole night to forget the effect of her dream. Finally, she slept after the sun rose, with a scary feeling of her nightmare.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Benazir Marjan


Lorna Lamon on August 18, 2020:

I enjoyed this story Benazir and the way you have described the scene. I am glad it was a dream, however, your writing made it feel so real.

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