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Amico - Arc Review

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About the Amico

Title : Amico

Author : Evelyn Montgomery

Publication Date :April 3rd, 2020

Page Count : 328 pages

Series : The Dominant Love Duet

Book in the series : First book of two books

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A Quick Summary :

Mia's life is wrapped up in secrets, including her mother's death. She decides to honor her mother by taking a trip to Rome like her mother kept muttering about after her father disappeared. In Rome, she finds herself instantly attracted to a man named Leo, who is also filled with secrets. Leo is a part of the mafia and his job is to take Mia to his boss, dead or alive. Except that he is in love with her at first sight and struggles to find out why his boss wants her so badly. Leo and Mia take off to find the truth, but will the truth set them free or be their demise?

Now the Good Stuff

To get us started I wanted to state I got this book for being an ARC Reader for Evelyn Montgomery and I can't even begin to describe how much I adored this book. It has been on my mind since I binge read it in preparation for the second book, which will be released April 3rd, 2022. As the quick summary suggests, it is a Mafia Romance that in my opinion is to die for. I will go ahead now and tell you it does have spice as we readers like to call it. It is not for those who don't enjoy adult situations, for sure. Or those who are minors, in this case.

It begins a few months in the past, which is super confusing at first, since chapter to jumps forward like six months. This would have annoyed me, if it hadn't been so intriguing. It explains how Mia's mother dies and gives us mystery that makes you go "Ooo. What is going on here?" I know I definitely jumped at the hope to figure out more. When she is in Rome, you can't help but fall in love with her. She isn't afraid to be pushy and stand her ground, even though it does not seem safe for a woman at times. As the story goes on, you will love her quirky ways with Leo.

Leo is the kind of guy I am sure many women drool after. I know I did. Being able to see things from his perspective as well as Mia's, kind of make you think her just some hard criminal, who ends up turning soft for a girl. I loved seeing some of his past and how he seems to make some changes throughout the whole book. Though, I do warn you, he is almost the reason the "spice" happens. I mean it doesn't help the two are attractive, but his mind seems to stay in the gutter. I can say the story line outside the "spice" is very compelling, even if there are some steamy scenes. After all, when someone goes against an oath, especially to a Mafia boss that they are under, you know accidents are bound to happen.

Leo and Mia make a good team though, once they trust each other. Even when things got dark and caused one or the other to worry about betrayal. It isn't hard to imagine these kinds of thoughts flickering through Mia, but as more information is revealed about Mia's past, watching Leo struggle with the betrayal concerns had my heart twisting. He was so easy for me to fall in love with. However, as more information is revealed to the reader, you can understand it as well, as she has secrets that she, herself, doesn't know she has.

Amico was a short novel to me. Not because I was left wanting to more and had a million and one questions, but because I found I couldn't put it down. I love a lot of different Mafia entertainment, like the Godfather Part 1 & 2. So this was up my alley as I found it had a lot of things that interest me about the Mafia. Like how a family, or Mafia organization, can be strict and how the handle their business. I think that would be my one complaint. I feel we could have used a little more action moments. This is a romance though, so it was understandable. I do still have some questions after reading and I hope the second book will explain it all and we get to keep following these two around. I would love to see more of the tough side of Mia that I couldn't help but adore. The characters were well written and they seem to grow as the book goes on. There isn't much I can complain about, that's for sure.

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I rate this five stars out of five stars. It was a truly amazing read. It had some adult content, so I don't really recommend this to minors, but to my fellow readers who love that kind of steaminess in their romance books. I would also like to add, if you are into Mafia themed stories, it is worth checking out. If you are interested, I do suggest you pick Amico up soon, as the second book is on its way on shortly. Do not worry, I will post a review for that once I get my hands on it. Well, after I read it anyways. Please at least think about it.

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