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Amazonia: An Exciting Adventure into the Amazon

Amazonia By James Rollins

Yes. I have returned to read another ridiculous archeological Indiana Jones like adventure from James Rollins. This time around, it is a book called Amazonia.

So what is it about? Well it starts off with a famous botanist, an Amazon explorer named Carl Rand. He works for Tellux pharmaceutical discovering rare plants and practical medical purposes. Much of it is learned from shamans of native tribes as well. When he and his team learn the location of supposedly mythical tribe Ban-Ali, he can not keep from investigating. And that is the last of team is ever heard from again. His son Nate Rand had a team hunting for any clue of the missing team but only came up with no clues at all and assumes the worst; that they all died. Then four years later a man stumbles across a small missionary. It turns out he was one of those missing team members. Nate and Tellux are immediately notified. But the soldier has died before arrival from multiple internal cancerous tumors. And even odder than that, he was a man who lost a arm in battle prior to the expedition, as he had two arms when he stumbled out of the jungle. Seeing this as a possible medical gold mine of creating a drug with regenerative possibilities, Tellux reopens the case and assigns Nate as the leader. Though Nate had accepted the fact that his father must be dead, he accepts the job regardless of his lost of faith. With him are two of his closest friends, Tellux employees and mercenaries to aid him. But the dangers of the dark corners of the Amazon are much more bizarre than they ever imagined.

So now its time for the good and the bad. Lets start with the good. The characters are fine and diverse, as well as layered. The two bad guy leads are a very interesting pair that stands out greatly from other villains. There is action and its fun. And even though it is not all that plausible of story, Rollins did do some research on eco systems, DNA, and botany in an attempt to support what is happening in the novel. And I appreciate that. If I know why something is happening engages me so much more than the “just go with it” style some authors have.

The bad? Well there is nothing terribly bad here. But after reading other works of Rollins I must say he tends to stick to a particular formula. And I cant blame him, being a New York times bestseller. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? But point is he tends to hit the same story notes each time making it just a tad predictable. It is a shame, because he is such a great author. But I began I predict things before it happened and that is never a good thing.

Overall, it is still good. Its not amazing but incredibly fun. I recommend this to anyone. But like I said, if you been reading a lot of Rollins lately it might feel like a rehash of what you already read.

Overall rating : A exciting adventure into the Amazon

3 1/2 Smoothies out of four

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Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on December 04, 2020:

A crisp review. Thanks.

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