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Book Review of 'Amari and the Night Brothers' by B.B.Alston

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About the Author and the Book

B.B.Alston, an American author, started writing when he was in middle school. His writings were just to entertain his classmates. At that time, he was not knowing that one day he will become one of the bestselling authors.

‘Amari and the Night Brothers’ is his debut novel which was published by the publishers HarperCollins in the year 2021. The book is the start of a series written for readers of age 8+ years. It is a girl-centered middle-grade fantasy where a young girl is trying to find her brother along with making her place among those who hate her.

The book, not only became one of the New York Times Bestsellers but also won the Barns & Noble Children’s and Young Adult Book Award in the same year.



It is the story of a black girl Amari, who lives with her mother in a low-income apartment. She goes to a prestigious school with the help of a scholarship but her life there is a struggle as most of the children in the school are from rich families. She also has a smart and intelligent brother named Quinton. He was doing some secret job from where he got missing and Amari is desperate to do anything to find him. The story twists when Quinton nominates her to a Bureau of Supernatural Affairs through a wakeful dream. This Bureau is a link between the normal world that we know and the world of imagination and magic. This is the only chance for Amari to know the whereabouts of his brother as he was working for this Bureau.

The story takes an interesting turn when Amari comes to know that she is a born magician. The Bureau doesn’t like magicians and as a result, she gets exposed to the suspicions and hatred of the trainees and staff. However, she also makes some unexpected friendships. Dylon, whose sister is also missing along with Quinton comes forward to stand with Amari in every situation. But to find her brother, Amari needs to make a place for her at the Bureau and prove to everybody that all magicians are not bad. To make things difficult, she also has to face the most horrible magicians ‘Night Brothers’.

Now, where will Amari’s resilience take her? Will she be able to gain a foothold at the Bureau? Where is her brother and will Amari be able to get him back? Who does she trust and who doesn’t? Answers to all these questions lie in this magical and engrossing book and it is for the readers to find them after reading it.

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This is a book full of emotions, twists, and magic. Alston has given us a gripping novel, full of imagination and adorable characters. The book has shown us the world beyond what we can see. It is the world of our imagination. Amari, the main character is courageous and tenacious, even though she is not perfect. The whole story revolves around her. The hatred and bitterness of others make her stronger. The book has also highlighted friendships and trust. The author has tried to accentuate that even after so many hardships, what you believe matters the most. The story tries to teach its readers to become resilient and have self-confidence.

There is also an element of mystery in the book which keeps you glued till the end, however, the story does get a bit slow at some places. Children may find it funny at times when the elevators talk and tease also.

I would recommend this book to anybody 10+ (though some younger children can also enjoy it). Those who love Harry Potter type of books may like it more as the concept is similar.

For parents : There is a bit of violence in the story.

** Next in the series is 'Amari and the Great Game' which is yet to be published.

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