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Amante by Evelyn Montgomery - a Personal Review

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It's only the beginning

Title : Amante

Author: Evelyn Montgomery

Publication Date : April 3, 2022

Page count :350 page

Series : Dominant Love Duet (book 2)


Secrets should never be kept between two lovers, unless they are life and death. Maria believes Leo is still keeping secrets which slightly destroys her faith in them working out. Even is the secrets are meant to protect her, Leo finds himself wishing he didn't have to keep her in the dark. Maria learns more about being a Mafia wife and how to handle herself, even if it means putting everything she loves on the line.

"I made a promise to a girl a long time ago..."

— Leo

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The Juicy information


Amante is the second book in The Dominant Love Duet. It does well in following where Amico left off. Picking up just a bit later and leaving us dying to get deeper into this love story. As it was, Amico lefts us questioning what happened to these two love birds and where the story was going to take us. However, it does wrap it up nicely and even leaves us to wonder will there be more to stem off this duet or no.

Let me start with, if you are into the spicy side of things, you definitely will love this as well. It does have scene in a very adult club, which can leave you drooling to see more happen between our lovers. However, I felt it was just a tease and could have been more, but I did enjoy it all the same. There are, what I feel, less spicy, adult scenes than Amico, but it was made up for in the story telling. Last we knew, Leo and Maria were at a wedding, one I would have loved to bear witness to right away. However, Amante tore the wedding from me and I was devastated. Apparently though, so was Maria. After all she had wedding crashers come through and destroy it by taking the man she loved away as well as the family she was just learning she had.

Though Leo does make an appearance, explaining his side of things through the beginning, when they are separated, you can't help but wonder what really is going on. It gets worse as the story goes on. The secrets that are hiding in everything he does, not only bothers him and puts strain on his relationship, but bothers us, because even though Maria has grown and become a tougher version of herself, there is concern she will leave Leo. Although, I wouldn't mind being Leo's new pet, they just are so cute together. To see things from both perspective helped a lot as we get to know there are secrets that do eat Leo alive as he tries to finish one last job to protect his childhood love.

Throughout Amante, the feelings cut through deep as you could side with Maria and her thinking and you want to see her grow and be the strong woman we know she can be. However, you can't help but wonder how you would respond to the situations she is in and the decisions she has to make. It is clear she still has a soft spot for people and wants to help, but we do get to see her grow a backbone for dangerous situations that could very well get her killed. We got a taste of in Amico, but in this final installment, we see even if she struggles with her own emotional states, she is still willing to keep herself together and carry on, if need be.

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Rating and Recommendations

Amante, in my opinion, is the better of the two books. Not because Amico was weak or lacking anything, but because we can see Maria develop into her own in the Mafia and stop acting like a lovesick puppy all over the place. Not to mention the secrets kept in this one seems more dangerous than in the first. I would rate this book four point five stars out of five stars. It left me deep in thought and was a short read but it gave me a lot to think about. It is spicy without taking from the story and is definitely a wonderful read. The only reasons it is half a star less than five, is that ending. I now crave more and hope to get answers to that as well in the future possible.

And so it was rated

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