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Am I a Good Enough Writer? It’s Hard Chasing Away the Doubts.


I enjoy writing. I like how it allows me to organize my thoughts and build on many of my ideas, but the thought of sharing my work and having online strangers read it, let alone asking people to pay me to write for them, is a little terrifying.

I should have the same faith in my abilities as other authors do.

As much as I want to say I’m a freelance writer, I just don’t have enough writing experience or the confidence in my abilities to offer my services on any of the freelancing websites. Instead, I just use Medium and Hubpage to publish. In that sense, I suppose I’m a freelancer, but only for myself.

Many experienced writers make a decent livelihood through freelancing. I admire them, if a little enviously. After all, they’ve worked hard on their craft and are good at it, so it’s no surprise they’re confident in their abilities and know that people are willing to pay for their services.

If I hope to achieve some sort of success with my writing eventually, I must first silence the tiny voice in my head that tells me I’ll never be good enough.

It is said that you should never write for the sake of success. As a writer, I love the written word, but if I don’t aspire to be recognized for it eventually, then I’m not being honest with myself. In any event, the most important thing I’m looking forward to achieving is just being able to write without constantly worrying about grammatical standards.

If I hope to achieve some sort of success with my writing eventually, I must first silence the tiny voice in my head that tells me I’ll never be good enough.It’s scary to put myself out there as an aspiring writer, and that fear stems from my belief that I am not a good enough writer. This, and other reasons that I’m working on, prevent me from advertising myself as a freelance writer.If I hope to achieve some sort of success with my writing eventually, I must first silence the tiny voice in my head that tells me I’ll never be good enough.

I’ve read a lot of freelance writers’ bios to see where I stand with other word wizards,

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Even if I worked up the courage to offer to write for individuals for a fee now, what would I even write in my bio on these freelance sites? Should I write something witty or should I be honest? Something along the lines of, “I lack the writing skills, but if you want an OK-written essay or a blog post that will most certainly have some grammar issues, then I’m the writer you need to hire.” Or should I lie and list all my fake accomplishments? In any case, no one would know anyway.


Many of the freelance writers’ bios I’ve read seem like dating profiles, while the remainder read like job applications, which kind of makes sense since they want someone to hire them as a writer. At the end of the day, they’ve earned the right to list all their accomplishments. I have a few, but none of them have anything to do with writing. I simply enjoy writing.

It’s unhealthy to measure one’s self against someone else’s talent, because everyone has their own voice and a distinct style in how they create sentences and communicate information. Regardless, with the thousands of wordsmiths out there, where do I place myself among them? I’m still currently searching for that voice that’s unique to me.

I am aware of my writing flaws and am actively attempting to correct them.

Although I’m a native English speaker, my command of English grammar is just intermediate, which is why I frequently rely on grammar checkers (free versions, obviously). I decided not to upgrade to premium until I earned a total of one dollar from writing.

One of the few advantages of being stuck at home for several months has been the opportunity for many of us to learn new skills or try to improve on those we already have. I used that time to hone my writing skills. I took a couple of Coursera courses that were really helpful not just in improving my writing, but also in showing me how far I still have to go.

It’s hard chasing the doubts away

My writing is a little better now that I’ve learned about effective story-telling and sentence organization from Coursera. Despite that, even after putting my writing through a grammar checker, I sometimes wonder after posting it if it’s grammatically correct enough and whether the ideas are properly ordered and concise. I keep telling myself not to worry about it too much, but it’s difficult at times.

Regardless of my doubtful feelings, I’ll keep writing for myself on topics that interest me, post them on Medium, and try to increase my views and followers so I can earn that one dollar and get the premium version of a grammar checker.

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