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Always The Bridesmaid


Always the Bridesmaid

When Maddie`s best friend Lauren told her she was getting married in three months time, Maddie was really happy for her. Then came the bombshell, Lauren wanted Maddie to organise her whole wedding event for her.

On the same day, Maddie`s other best friend , Sarah, told Maddie and Lauren that her husband of ten years had asked her for a divorce. So poor Maddie was stuck in the middle with one friend getting married and the other getting divorced.

As well as everything else, Lauren wanted both Maddie and Sarah to be her bridesmaids. She gave them both a Bridesmaid`s Journal to fill in each day so that they could look back on this experience in years to come.

`Always the Bridesmaid' is written in the form of the journal and takes us from May the fourteenth to the day of the wedding on the first of August. The journal is written by Maddie.


The main character in this story is a thirty one year old woman named Maddie who works as an Events Organiser. She works for a company who organises weddings and other events. She is an assistant to a very nasty lady named Shona who never gives her any encouragement and does not want Maddie to do well at work. So when Maddie is given the chance of promotion, Shona tells her she is not good enough, but Maddie applies for the promotion without Shona`s support.

To get her promotion Maddie has to prove that she is good enough, and she is given a very difficult event to organise to show that she will be able to cope with the new job. She has to organise a baby naming ceremony for two very fussy customers.

This all comes at the same time as Lauren has asked Maddie to organise her wedding ( for free) and Maddie finds that Lauren and her family are just as difficult to please as her work clients. So poor Maddie is having to cope with two jobs at the same time.

Poor Maddie is not having a very good time in her personal life . She has been split up from her long term boyfriend, Seb, for some time now and she is living alone. Through social media, she has recently found out that Seb has become a father. This makes poor Maddie feel sad because she loved Seb and she had not wanted to split up with him.

Maddie`s love life

Since splitting up with Seb, Maddies love life had been more or less non existent, but that is about to change.

While helping Shona with a client`s wedding Maddie had to do some waitressing , and while doing this she came to the notice of two young men. One was the best man , Will, the other was an usher, Tom. She started a romance withWill and she took Tom on as a new client when he wanted her company to organise a tea party for his mother.

These two young men both go on to become a large part in Maddie`s life and in her story.

My first impression

My first impression of `Always the Bridesmaid' was how lovely the colours and design on the book cover looked. There is a lovely lime green background with a vivid orange bridesmaid dress on the front of the book and this design is repeated on the back with a slightly smaller dress and more writing telling the reader a bit more information on the story. I certainly found it eye catching .

I managed to pick this book up at a car boot sale where I found it in a box full of other paperbacks. It stood out from the other books and caught my interest.

I enjoyed reading this book

I did enjoy reading this book right from the start to the end, I found it very hard to put down once I began to read it. The main character, Maddie, had me laughing all the way through the book but I did not have a good impression of Lauren. This is because she came across as being a very spoiled and selfish person. In fact I did feel sorry for poor Maddie because she was the sort of person who went the extra mile to help everyone , but they all took her for granted and blamed her when things went wrong through no fault of her own.

This book was written in a light hearted way and I will look out for other books written by the author, Lindsey Kelk, in the future.

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Useful Information

Always the Bridesmaid , written by Lindsey Kelk, was published in 2015 by HarperCollins

It is a work of Fiction written in English

ISBN; 978-0007582334

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Lady Dazy (author) from UK on May 02, 2021:

Thank you for reading it.

Constant Juma Wanjala on May 01, 2021:

This is an amazing story from the synopsis in your article, it creates interest.

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