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Alternative History -- or What?: Prose in Rhymes

Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


Following to come is some rhymed prose

something I have done many times before

lines being too long for a poem, I suppose

with words merely piling up more and more.

This is nothing like a quiz -- or a history test

just matching one with other historical story

so pick an explanation that you like the best

everyone else has done it -- so not to worry.

Some say that Lincoln is credited for end of slaving

but Abe wrote he didn't care if slaves went free

it was only the Union he saw worth saving

with other solution he'd let slavery be.

Some say Hiroshima was bombed to end the War

but it was months following Germany's capitulation

so others ask what did those innocent folks die for

hinting that was merely for Pearl Harbor retaliation.

Giza Sphinx is officially the ancient Egyptians' pride

but those water marks talk about millennia back in time

so, like many other historical tales this one has its other side

pharaohs couldn't have done it even at their technological prime.

Also, Columbus discovered America -- by history books

while some fossils say long before him came Chinese

so that historical event was not really what it looks

but again, anyone will believe what they please.

How about those vikings' helmets shown with horns or wings

and truth be told, we can't even picture them any other way

but that's a fictional detail, just like so many other things

with the only question left, why such lies get to stay.

These are just few of many historical lies

history is his-story so you be the judge

to each their own as always applies

I didn't write this to start a grudge.

© 2021 Val Karas

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